The Bent Penis Disease

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Is there a bent penis disease?

"To our knowledge,
and we have been researching this topic for twelve years now,

no such thing exists."

is NOT

a Disease

Oh yes. There are millions of men with bending erections.

But, the bending is almost never from a “disease”. And, I do mean almost never.

I know, so many people talk about Peyronies as the bent penis disease. But, Peyronies is not really a disease. The name is false. Peyronies is a condition that results, usually, from an injury.

While called a “disease,” it’s actually the most common

injury of the penis.

ref:  Dr. Drogo Montague, MD
How to Protect Your Penis From Peyronie’s Disease

And, there is a huge difference between an injury and a disease.

A Condition,
NOT A Disease

A broken arm is a condition. A sunburn is a condition. Getting wet in the rain is a condition, etc... etc...

Are you getting the idea?

With a condition: You are not sick, you did not catch anything.

With Peyronies, the so called bent penis disease, 99% of the time, you simply developed a bending in your erection because something inside is not stretching enough during erection.

That is ALL there is to this so called bent penis disease.

So, with that out of the way, as being a bent penis disease, what remains?

Nothing that I have ever found.

“If it's just an injury,
Can You Please Explain
What Makes My Erections Bend Now?"

"If there is no bent penis disease, what is making my erections bend so much now?"

That is the usual question. And, it has a really simple answer once you understand what is happening.

So, here we go:

You have a few erectile chambers inside your shaft that fill with blood and expand to give you give an erection. The corpus cavernosum (two large chambers) and the corpus spongiosum (a single smaller chamber). These three chambers are wrapped in a strong thin membrane called the tunica albuginea.

is there a bent penis disease?
what is bent penis disease?

If one or more of these chambers does not expand evenly, your shaft will bend.

That is all there is to it! That is what they are calling the bent penis disease.

It’s that simple.

* As a side note:  About 50% of men have some kind of penile curvature. Some very slight. Some severe. The slight bends that men have since childhood are simply genetic and really mean nothing. And, if that’s you, you have nothing to worry about. And, you do not have a bent penis disease either.

You Can
Prove This To Yourself

To see how this “bent penis disease” bending happens, take a long balloon and fill it about one quarter full with air.

Now, put a one inch piece of very strong tape on one side. Like duct tape or a strong packing tape.

Now continue filling the balloon with air.

See how it bends?

Now look at the picture just below.

This scar and plaque in your penis acts just exactly like the tape on the balloon.

The hard part (the tape) can not stretch with the rest of the balloon, so the balloon starts bending in the direction of the tape as you add more air.

Inside your shaft, the hard part (the scar/plaque) can not stretch with the rest of the chamber, so your erection starts bending in the direction of the scar as your erectile chambers fill with blood.

Make sense?

What Causes
The Hardness Inside?

Almost always it is a scar. Not a bent penis disease. It can also be a plaque formation (strong fibrous tissue). Or a combination of both.  The bigger and harder the scar/plaque the more severe the bend.

A very hard or relatively large scar can cause such a severe bend that it hurts.

"How Did I Get This Bent Penis Disease?”

What caused the scar? “I thought a scar came from an injury or a cut and I never cut or injured my penis.”

The wound usually occurred from bending your shaft too hard during erection. Usually during rough or very excited sex when your shaft slipped out and you tried to ram it back in and missed.

Can you remember ever having done that? Most of us have.

Erections were never designed to bend. If you try too hard to bend one you will break or tear something inside.

If you felt some pain at that moment you probably tore a small section of one of your erectile chambers (the ones that fill with blood to make you hard), the tunica albuginea, and or your urethra (the tube your urine and semen come through).

Something You
Probably Never Knew Happened

If the tear was mild, you probably never even saw a bruise. And, you probably never knew you were injured.

If the tear was large, and turned your shaft purple, you had what is called a fractured or broken penis. And, you were probably in the hospital getting it fixed.

If you see blood coming out of the tip, you tore your urethra also.

With the small tears, we usually never even realized what happened inside.

If you were young, you probably just went right on doing what you were doing and only had a funny story to tell your friends later on.

But, that little tear healed up. And, when torn or cut soft body tissue heals, a scar forms.

Scars are thicker and stronger than the original tissue. That is mother Nature’s way of trying to prevent the same injury from happening in the same place again.

When you are young and scars are fresh, they may still be quite soft and pliable. So you still never knew anything was ever damaged.

It's Not
A Mystery

bent penis disease is really an injury

Now, this incident might have happened maybe 20 or 30 years ago.

That is why “they” say there is no known cause for this condition they mistakenly call a bent penis disease.

Because there is no recent injury, it is assumed it came out of nowhere. So right away it is assumed to be a bent penis disease.

That’s total nonsense. And, not true. It’s a cause and effect Universe we live in. And, this bending has a definite simple cause. You just learned what it is.

But, before you read this, when you didn’t know why something like this was happening, it became really scary. Right?

You bet! For all of us who have been there it was usually devastating to see happen!

But, it’s no mystery at all. 

And, it's a simple condition that is easy to correct 99.99% of the time.

Why Didn't The Bending
Happen Before?

Well, the reason it started bending so much later in your life is this:

As we age our bodies change. Hair turns grey. Our joints are not quite as resilient. Some people get arthritis, eyesight becomes worse, hearing is diminished,  etc...

For some of us, about 5% of us, our scars thicken and harden a bit. They may also become harder from fibrous plaque forming in them.

This is normally a genetic condition. Mal-nutrition can do it also.

Now, this hardening usually happens from about the age of 40 onward.

That is why this so called bent penis disease happens almost entirely to men over 40.

It Only Happens To
A Small Percentage Of Us

This hardening is almost always un-noticeable anywhere else in your body because no other part of our body usually has to stretch so much in normal daily life.

And, this hardening only really affects about 4% - 9% of us men according to the “authorities”.

So, if we had an internal injury in our shaft, the ones of us whose scars harden considerably are the ones who get the so called: bent penis disease. The others do not.

Not fair. Right?

It’s just part of the way things are. Like blue eyes or brown eyes. We get the bodies we get.

But, can you now understand how this is NOT a bent penis disease?

Good! (I am assuming you said yes....)

It’s Easy To Fix A Bent Penis
99.99% Of The Time!

This is the really Good News:

99.99% of the time these bending erections can be straightened safely and easily:

  • Without Surgery
  • Without Injections
  • Without Drugs

In fact:  Of those three options, surgery is the only method that will straighten you erection satisfactorily. But, this type of surgery could also possibly leave you impotent. You also have a 25% chance that your erection will bend again within 10 years.

The other two methods have only proven about 30% effective at best, in the clinical studies.

Fortunately there is a fourth method called "correct traction":

“Correct Traction has been
clinically proven
to be
 Safest and Most Effective
 penis straightening method available in the world.”

penis traction for bent penis "disease"

Correct traction is also medically endorsed
and recommended in 29 countries

What Is The Cost?

Under $300. Yes, under three hundred dollars.

Now, here it gets really good. The cost comparison:

A Penis Straightening Surgery: will cost you about $12,000 - $18,000

Straightening Drugs: will cost you about $4,000 per series

Penis Injections: the only FDA approved ones (Xiaflex), will cost you about $30,000 per set (as reported by the NY Times)

Correct Traction: under $300

Yes. That is correct and not a typo.

“ Under $300 for the clinically proven

Safest and Most Effective
 medically endorsed and recommend method."

So, to keep this article from getting too long, and to be able to give you all the necessary details on this method, I am now going to direct you to a page where you can learn all about correct penis traction for this so called bent penis disease.

Click on that link and you are on your way to experiencing the best possible straightening method available in the world.

Be Well.....

~ William

go to:

How to Straighten a Bent Penis Without Surgery

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