Weak Erection?
caused by
Your Bent Penis?

Got a weak erection? Here's why.

First, Peyronies disease. Now, you also have a weak erection!

Good God! What is happening???!!

It’s a nightmare!


Relax. You’re going to be OK.

At least if you are like 99% of men with your exact same problem.

The Good News

Well, the good news is, your weakness here is probably being caused by your Peyronies.

Why is that good news?

It’s great news because, if a bent or curved penis is causing your weak erection, straightening your penis will make the erectile weakness disappear “like magic” almost every time.

Weak erections and a bent penis.

What Causes
Weak Erection?

The three things that cause a weak erection

from a bent or curved penis are

psychological impotence, blood leakage, and pain.

Psychological impotence can happen when you are embarrassed or humiliated by the bend in your penis. Or, because your bend is causing you performance anxiety.

Psychological impotence
 is a very real thing. 

With very real
 physical manifestations.

This doesn’t mean there is a darn thing wrong with the functions of your sexual system.

This cause is purely mental. But, make no mistake: it results in a very weak erection and erectile dysfunction (ED).

And, it’s your own fear that causes it.

#1)  Psychological Impotence

Can Cause A Weak Erection

Fear will cause this problem in almost any circumstance.

For instance:

It’s the middle of the night. You hear the window glass break. Someone has just broken into your house. You and your family are sleeping. You’re suddenly very nervous... Do you think you are going to get, or maintain, a nice big hard erection right now? No matter what your partner does? Forget about it!

Of course not. Unless you have some very weird sexual fetish.

The same is true if you fear embarrassment from your bending penis, or your own ability to perform.

The Power Of Our Emotions

Psychological impotence is very real.

Our emotions are very powerful.

It takes certain hormones to be sent into the blood to get you nice and hard.

Usually these flow naturally and easily.

Under stress, they can shut down completely. And, quickly. That mean no erection or a weak one.

If you are excessively sad, worried, angry, depressed, anxious, embarrassed, humiliated, very tired,... you’re just not going to “bone up” very nicely.

When these emotions are deep seated, like the embarrassment you may feel or humiliation someone else caused you because of your now very curved penis, you may not be able to get a nice normal erection.

Body Memory

WORSE: Your physiology (your body) has memory and develops habits.

If you get a weak erection regularly enough, your body will begin to believe that’s all it is supposed to do. And, that’s all it will do.

Every woman knows a man just “can’t get it up” sometimes. The first time they are sympathetic.

After a couple, or, 3 or 4. They may get really frustrated.

Now, the real trouble can begin. They blame you. Or, themself. “Don’t I turn you on anymore.” Then tears. Oh, God no! Not tears....

But, each time this happens you reinforce the habit of a weak erection due to performance anxiety. See how it can snowball?

Performance anxiety is a boner killer! It is a major cause of erectile dysfunction all by itself.

Do you see what a viscous cycle this can become?

Then most men think there is something wrong with them. They want instant relief. And, unfortunately too many turn to sexual stimulants.

Don’t Even Think About
“Boner Pills”!

Pills won't fix a weak erection caused by Peyronies Disease.

After a few failures in bed, your body and mind begin to believe that is your way of functioning.

Then everyone wants you to go see a doctor. And, a shrink! (psychiatrist) Now, we can really get into trouble. And, make the problem even worse.

You are supposed to get “boner pills” for your problem. Right? WRONG! (You know what I’m talking about here.)

The ads make them seems so great. Everybody smiling. Happy again. Life is good! Quick fix! Yeah, everybody looks happy.

These ads fail to mention or show pictures of the men that went blind, or, had heart attacks and died from these pills. Yes, that can happen.

Using these pills if you really need them, and if those risks are worth it to you, is one thing.

But, not now!!!

Forget about pills for a weak erection caused by a bent penis.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Please, Stop!

If your weak erection is a direct result of embarrassment from a curved penis then these are nothing but an unnecessary highly risky “solution” to your problem that could have severe and devastating consequences for you.

And, if they do get your very curved penis hard, who really cares? It’s kind of useless anyway right now. Right?

#2)  Physical Factors

That Cause A Weak Erection

Just the bending itself can cause the erectile chambers to leak, and, leave you with a weak erection.

You can also have a softie from: pharmaceutical prescription drugs, disease, diabetes, advanced arteriosclerosis, or anything that inhibits your blood circulation...

But, if you suddenly developed a weak erection, along with the extreme bending of your penis, you can be pretty sure your chambers are leaking. Until you're straight again, you just won't get really hard.

#3)  Pain

Can Cause A Weak Erection

Why do I have a weak erection?

Now some men get so bent that they get pain during erection.

Your mind is trying to help you “survive” and avoid the pain. So you get a weak erection or none at all.

This pain happens because the bend is pulling too hard inside.

This is very easy to understand:

Grab you your lip. Pull it too hard. Yes, too hard. Does it hurt? Of, course it does.

The same thing happens inside your penis when it is expanding and part(s) of it can not stretch enough.

And, that’s all there is to it. Nothing more. No “disease”. No sick or dying tissue, etc...

Getting A Nice Hard Erection

The “miraculous remedy” to these problems is not really a remedy at all.

It is simply a matter of getting rid of the cause of your problem: Your curved penis.

And, that is possible for over 99% of men with a Peyronies condition, without using surgery!

Want Instant Results?

Too bad. You’re not going to get it without  dangerous sexual stimulant. I’m sorry to say.

We all wanted that. I am no exception.

We are all in such a hurry these days to have instant results. It’s the current education.

Fast food. Text messages. Immediate gratification on every level...

But, let’s be real here:

If you break your arm today, you can not, no matter who you see and how much money you spend, have it fixed and ready to go tomorrow.

It’s impossible. You know that. You accept it with ease. Because you know that is the situation.

You also know: if you have the broken arm set correctly and wait 6-8 weeks, if you are like 99.99%+ of the population, it will heal and be ready to go again.

The same holds true for your bent penis. And, the weak erection it may be causing you.

It Takes A Little Time

A study from PsychCentral reports that waiting is one of the most uncomfortable and unbearable situations for most people.

If you have a weak erection caused by a curved penis: Correct the bend (and, yes, it will take some time) and your weak erection caused by the bend, will also disappear 99%+ of the time.

But, that waiting time,.. if you are like me,.. is just hell.

You must go through it. That’s all there is to it.

When It Has Gone On Too Long

Some men require a little psychological counseling because their weak erection has lasted a bit long and it has become a habit. But, very few.

However, if you are one who does, do not be embarrassed about it. This is simply part of your healing process. If you need it, get it. It may help you return to normal more quickly.

And, you should be proud of yourself for being willing to take the steps and necessary actions to do it, unlike those who just sit around and whine and pity themselves about every minor misfortune.

And yes, Peyronies disease, and the sometimes grotesque bend it causes in your penis is in reality, a very minor misfortune.


Because: A curved penis is easily correctable 99.99% of the time.

It’s Usually So Easy
to Fix

A weak erection may be easy to fix.

If your erectile dysfunction, your weak erection, started after you have noticed your bending problem:

You have a very great chance that is will “disappear like magic” once you straighten yourself out.

Take the time. Do it right. And, if you are like 99%+ of us, your weak erection will disappear all by itself.

Be Well.....

~ William

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