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Here are the Peyronies disease pictures you asked for. It’s easy to see, you are not alone.

Peyronies disease erections can, and do, go off in every direction. Up, down, or to either side. They can also bend in multiple directions. It all depends on where the hardening tissue is inside of the shaft.

And, they can bend very severely in any direction.

The cause of a curved down penis is no different than one that is bent way up. Or, way off to the side. It just depends where the hard tissue is in your shaft.

The only other difference is the sexual positions that will accommodate the different bends.

However, there is no reason why you should be limited to one or two sexual positions when straightening is so easy. Even in most of the severe cases.

Is Intercourse
Still Possible?

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I was reading a post by one author who says: “A curved penis is a great advantage...” Then he goes off to describe the special sexual position for a curved down penis, one that is bent up, one that sways way off to one side pr the other....

Well, yes, if you have a mild upward curve you can hit a woman’s G spot harder. But, you can also do this by repositioning your body while in missionary position.

Yes, a very slight downward curve may be better in doggy style sex. And, if you’re favorite position is reverse cowgirl, it will be nice here too.

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But, the reality is: A straight hard cock will work well everywhere. And, it won’t get you stuck using just one position because that is all you can comfortably do.

Sure, finding a position that works for you right now is great. But, isn’t it better to be able to choose what you want when you want it? Of course!

And, as you may already know:

If your erection is severely bent,
there is no position that will work for you

Compared to These Peyronies Disease Pictures,
How Bent
Are You?

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This is really the key question. Absolute perfect straightness is not at all necessary for perfect intercourse. You only need to be comfortably straight.

Comfortable for you and your partner. That is straight enough.

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That’s correct, you don’t have to be perfectly straight. And, here’s an interesting piece of trivia for you: Most men are not perfectly straight. Over 50% of the male population have some degree of curvature.

You didn’t know that. Did you?

So, when you consider that over half of us have a slight curve, it’s easy to see that some small curvature has never been a problem. It never will be. So, please, don’t obsess on it.

peyronies disease straighteningA perfectly normal and acceptable curvature

For The Severely Bent Penis

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Most men, like yourself, who come to this website are not slightly curved in one direction or another. They are sincerely seriously bent. And, “the special position” doesn’t even exist for them. Any kind of intercourse has become painful or impossible.

How Straight
Straight Enough?

As you now know, perfect straightening is not necessary. And, you’ll probably never get that straight with any method anyway.

So, don’t get overly concerned about it as you fix your bent penis. Comfortably straight is all that is necessary to satisfy your partner and yourself. One you reach that goal, you’re home free.

In this set of Peyronies disease pictures, I want to include what a normal, acceptable, common penis curvature can look like:

It’s Easy to Fix a Bent Penis
99.99% of The Time

fix a bent penis

What I hope you have seen in these Peyronies disease pictures is that a lot of men have very severe bends in every different direction possible.

Some of these bends are personally horrifying to their owners. And, yours may be one like that.

But, I want you to remember this:

It’s easy to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time.
Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Even very severe bends.

Even most of the severely bent ones, like in some of these Peyronies disease pictures, are easy enough to correct satisfactorily. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

What Should Be Done First?

I know you didn't just come to this web page just to gaze at some severely bent penises. Am I right? So, the three most important facts I think you will be interested in with these Peyronies disease pictures are:

 1 )  The condition known as Peyronies disease is no longer as mysterious as it used to be.

 2)  The bending comes from a condition. Some hardened tissue inside the shaft. This is a "condition". Just like any other scar on or in your body. It's not a '"disease". It was not caused by a pathology 99.99% of the time. It's a bend caused by some hardened tissue. That's all it is.

 2)  Even though it's a personally horrifying condition, it's actually a very simple condition that is very easy to correct 99% of the time.

As far as what we should consider doing first, let’s take a look at what Dr. Paolo Gontero (Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Studies of Torino, Italy and currently Vice Chairmen of the Division of Urology, San Giovanni Battista Hospital, Torino, Italy) has to say:

"Based on current evidence, we suggest that penile extenders, not surgery, should be the first-line treatment.... Surgery is characterized by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why a non-invasive technique is preferable." 

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero, 
Medical News Today,

You can get all the facts on penile extenders (also known as penis traction devices) here:

"The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in the World"

Be In Good Health,

~ William

Want to avoid surgery? It very likely that you can.

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Natural Peyronies Disease Treatment

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