Dupuytrens Contracture
A Bent Penis

Can the disease that causes Dupuytrens Contracture cause a bent penis?

dupuytrens contracture and a bent penis

dupuytrens contracture and a bent penis #2


It definitely can. I am one of the men who had this happen, so, from first hand experience, I will personally be authoring this article today.

A Bent Penis

When I first noticed my Dupuytrens Contracture, I didn’t think much of it.

There was a thickening of some of the connective tissue in my hand, and, it didn’t really bother me at all.

Then, as time went on, I noticed my right hand was not opening fully in the last two fingers. AND: My penis was starting to bend.

I didn’t put the two things together at all. I just figured I was getting older and weird old guy stuff was starting to happen.

Before too long, it seemed like overnight, my penis was bending at a 90 degree angle to the right. I really didn’t care about my little finger problem at this point.

My bent penis was a nightmare!

Peyronies Disease
Dupuytrens Contracture

I started web searching out “bent penis”. Peyronies disease was what came up all the time.

The thing was, I couldn’t find any little pea sized “palpable plaque” bump in my shaft that was supposed to be causing the bending.

bent penis with dupuytrens contracture, no palpable plaque, lump

I, never the less, began relentlessly researching how to fix a bent penis.

The first thing we seem to find is surgery. I saw the pictures and watched a couple videos. I was not comfortable with what I saw. OK. I was sweating and frightened by it.

Mixed in with this information came information on penis stretching, traction, and traction devices.

Penis stretching. Controlled penis stretching. It stuck in my mind. Could simple stretching really do the trick?

Along the way, I also bumped into brief sections in articles and reports that talked about Dupuytrens Contracture and effective stretching. So, what about a bent penis?


Could they both my hand and my cock be fixed the same way? With simple stretching?

Penis Surgery
Didn’t Feel Right for Me

I’m not against surgery. Don’t get me wrong. But, I also believe in saving it for when absolutely necessary. It didn’t seem like the right direction for me to take in this case.

bent penis surgery and dupuytrens contracture

Neither did poking dozens and dozens of holes in my cock and hand with a needle wasn’t appealing either (Leriche technique). Especially since the scars they leave behind could cause my problem all over again.

dupuytrens contracture, leriche technique, bent penis

The only FDA approved injections, that cost $30,000+, didn’t excite me.

But, there were a few doctors out there talking about this Penis Traction Therapy method. Stretching out the shortened tissue that was causing the bending in my cock.

Totally non invasive. And, it cost under $300.

THIS sounded interesting.

Plain, Ordinary,
Common Sense

I am not one of the people who find mainstream ideas to be gospel. The ultimate truth. The be all and end all.

I like common sense stuff. And, Stretching made sense to me. If the tissues are tight, hard, shorter, etc,... why not just stretch them out? Right? Doesn’t that seem logical?

I am a Tango dancer. And, dancers are always stretching out their legs to get longer extensions and more beautiful lines.

Athletes stretch out all the time for better extension in running.

None of them are getting surgeries, injections, etc.... for this. And, they are all getting the results they want.

I decided to try stretching first.

Medically Recommended Stretching
That Really Works

Stretching my fingers was simple. Just pull the fingers back each day for a few minutes each time.

What about my cock???

With some more in depth research into Dupuytren’s Contracture, I found more and more references to a bent penis. And, Peyronies Disease.

A number of prominent Peyronies doctors were employing Penis Traction Therapy successfully in treating a bent penis caused by Peyronies.

Well, Peyronies is only a hard tissue problem. My Dupuytrens Contracture was the same.

So, just maybe, the bend in my cock was the same.

Hell’s bells (as my mother used to say), “Go for it.” Why not? There was no adverse writing anywhere on hand stretching for Dupuytrens Contracture or for stretching for a bent penis with a traction device.

The Results

Stretching worked perfectly.

I now have normal hand/finger elongation, AND, a normal erection.

Here are some photos of my hands at this date (No, you won’t be seeing my cock......)

dupuytrens contracture and a bent penis #4notice the thickened cords

dupuytrens contracture and a bent penis #5normal elongation after months of stretching

Notice the lumps circled in my palms. These used to be hard masses. A massage therapist once asked me if they were painful. They were not. Typical in Dupuytrens Contracture. Now, they are still lumpy, BUT, they are soft and pliable. I’m guessing from the daily stretching.

Same in my shaft. It stretched out nicely over a rather short period of time (6 months).

I never found the pea sized lump in my shaft that causes a bend with Peyronies disease. There obviously never was one.

And, this frustrates many men who develop a bent penis due to Dupuytrens Contracture. Without finding the lump we always read about, many men are sure they have something terrible.

If you are like me, all yo have is Dupuytrens contracture in your hand(s), and, a bent penis.

So many men read about Peyronies, search for the lump, it doesn’t exist, and, then they think there is something seriously wrong with them. That surgery must be the answer, or needles, or......

Sanity check:

Getting Back
Simple Common Sense

Let’s cool down and get a little more basic here again. Let’s try some common sense FIRST. Doesn’t seem reasonable anymore these days?

Yes, there are a number of modern medical “miracles” being performed each day.

BUT, do we really need to resort to surgery, needles, drugs, etc.... when we want to stretch out some short hard tissue?


Personally, no. Not if I don’t have to.

I thought: "Why not try stretching first? Soft tissue stretches. If stretching doesn’t work, all the medical options will still be available."


How Do We Stretch Out a Penis

That is just the very best question when it come to fixing a bent penis.

How do we stretch out that hard pieces of tissue so that our erections are normal again?

AND, with Dupuytrens Contracture, it’s even more plain. How do we stretch out that hardening, non stretching tissue? Safely.

Safe, Effective
Penis Stretching

penis traction device, dupuytrens contracture, bent penis

There are a number of penis stretching methods.

They all work.

But, most are very dangerous because you risk serious penile damage with them.

The one penis stretching method, for Peyronies disease or men with Dupuytren’s Contracture, that is medically endorsed and doctor recommended is called Penis Traction Therapy (PTT).

PTT is becoming more and more popular in medical circles. And, many doctors now recommend it as the first line of treatment for a bent penis.

Simple stretching in a very controlled way that prevents over pulling.

penis stretching a bent penis from dupuytrens contracture

PTT is the Safest and Most Effective straightening method available in the world today.

As I stretched my fingers, I used PTT to stretch my shaft.

Today all my parts work  normally again.

No surgery. No injections. No needle piercings. Nothing invasive. Just stretching.

Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

The Safest, Effective
Penis Stretching

To get into all the specifics of PTT, this article could get a bit too long.

So, we have another article devoted to just this subject. A very detailed article where you can learn everything you need to know about PTT:

How to Fix a Bent Penis Without Surgery”

And, if you are interested in penis traction, you will find a link to the article we have on which PTT devices we think are best. And, why we think they are the best.


If the bend is from Peyronies, a congenital bend (from birth), or, a bend from Dupuytrens Contracture, that same principles apply. Stretch. In a safe way.

Personally, as I told you at the beginning of this article, my own bend was from Dupuytrens Contracture, or, whatever the condition/disease is that causes Dupuytrens contracture.

Let me just say in plain and simple terms, I like common sense approaches to everything.

My fingers were getting tight. My cock was horribly bent.

Stretching out the tissues in my hands and my cock made sense to me. This simple common sense stretching worked 100% for me.

Does stretching make sense to you?

dupuytrens contracture, bent penis straightening
penis straightening, dupuytrens contracture

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor/author)

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