How to Fix a Curved Penis
the 3 Most Effective Methods

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editorial Team

how to fix a curved penis
fix a curved penis

“Can you tell us how to fix a curved penis?”

Yes! That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

First, I must tell you, there are a few proven ways to successfully fix a curved penis. Some methods work better than others. The idea is to choose the one that is right for you.

So, let’s take a look at what is available. And, at what has been proven to work best.

Quality of Life

Having a penis that was once straight and now curves or bends hideously can cause severe psychological problems. As well as the obvious problems with intercourse. Obviously, learning how to fix a curved penis can eliminate those problems.

Learning how to fix a curved penis can greatly increase your happiness and the quality of your sexual relationships.

Does a Penis Bend?

There are just two main reasons why a penis bends.

1)  Congenital Curvature - this is something you’re born with.

2)  Peyronie's Disease - This is almost always the result of a trauma (injury) that caused an internal scar. Even though you may not remember having the injury. (We'll explain that in a moment.)

So, let’s take a look at both of these conditions and learn how to fix a curved penis:

Congenital Penis Curvature

Congenital penis curvature (a curve you are born with) is extremely common. In fact over half of all men have some slight penile curvature. So, you’re not alone.

not all curved penises need to be fixed

This type of small curvature causes no problems in the bedroom. In fact it causes no real problems at all if you’re not obsessed with it. It’s normal.

Did you know that over 50% of men have some small bend in their erection?

Now, some women even prefer a bit of penis curvature. Some say it “looks sexy”. Others say a slight upward curve stimulates their G-Spot more intensely and gives a stronger quicker orgasm.

Same thing if the curve is downward and the position is doggie style.

The main point to remember with penis curvature is this:

If the curvature in your penis is not interfering with intercourse, don’t worry about it. Don’t let it become an issue that doesn’t really exist. If you have a small curve erect, you’re normal. And, there is no need to learn how to fix a curved penis. Just enjoy what you have.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a whole different issue.

how to fix a curved penis that is useless
how to fix a bent penis
how to fix a curved down penis

The possibly severe bending from Peyronie's Disease can cause:

  • Extremely Bent and/or Twisted Erections

  • Painful Erections

  • Difficulty Achieving or Maintaining and Erection

  • Impotence

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

A Peyronie’s bend is not something you are born with. It is a curved penis that develops later in life. It is something that develops from a scar/plaque formation inside the penis on one or more of the erectile chambers.

the penis erectile chambers
what's inside the penis?
inside the penis

Peyronies Disease is not an actual “disease”. It’s a condition. Like a scar on your hand. Or, a callous on your foot. Or, a blister.

Peyronies also has very specific symptoms.

According to the Urology Care Foundation, Peyronies Disease occurs in about 4% of men.

A Peyronies Disease curved penis is caused by fibrous scar tissue inside the penis on one or more of the erectile chambers.

how to fix a curved penis caused by fibrous scar tissue

This fibrous scar tissue does not stretch like the normal tissue during erection. This causes the penis to bend in the direction of the scar(s). It may bend in one, or, multiple directions.

causes a curved penis later in life?

Although the bending can occur at any age, it usually shows up in men after the age of 40 because that is when scar tissue often starts to harden.

Then the whole bending seems to progress rather quickly. Often just in a matter of months. Before a man learns how to fix a curved penis, or why his penis is now bending, this can be very scary.

Also, the actual trauma that caused the scar may have occurred 20 or more years before the bending begins. The scar hardening only recently. That is why so many men can’t remember getting an injury here.

Certain other diseases can cause this scarring, but, that is extremely rare. Extremely rare.

Will Peyronie's Bending
Always Become Horrible?

No. Not necessarily.

It all depends on how big and/or hard the scar tissue becomes.

You might develop just a slight curvature. A small bend. A significant bending. Or, a horribly bent useless penis.

Once you learn how to fix a curved penis, and the various successful methods, you will understand why almost every curvature and bend can be nicely straightened.

how to fix a curved penis that isn't too severea small curvature

how to fix a curved penis that is severely benta horribly bent useless erection
can still be straightened 99% of the time

Unfortunately, even though some Peyronie’s penises will straighten out on their own within 18 months, MOST will never straighten out by themselves.

Is The Curvature
Causing an Intercourse Problem?

Whether your penis curvature is congenital or caused by Peyronie’s Disease, the most important point to remember is this:

“If your erections allow you to have normal sexual intercourse,
without pain to either partner,
there is no need to do anything.

Just leave your penis alone and Enjoy it.”

Is The Curvature Making You
Seriously Unhappy?

There is also the aspect of psychological suffering.

“…penile curvature is common and has a significant adverse impact on psychosexual functions.” reference: National Library of Medicine,

If a small penis curvature is causing you major psychological distress, but is not causing any impediment to intercourse, you may want to discuss the subject with your partner or even a counselor before your take any kind of drastic action.

You’re not the only man who has ever been distraught by having a curved penis. Especially if you just recently noticed it and can’t really think about much else.

Very often just discussing the whole subject with your partner, or, a counselor makes us realize, “It’s no big deal”. It’s surprising how much better our sex lives becomes once we realize this.

Just some easy honest discussion can often remedy the problem. Usually no one thinks it is as serious or terrible as we do when it is our own penis.

Now, Let’s get on to what you came here for, How to Fix a Curved Penis:

This article is for information purposes only.
Before you begin any type of treatment

always consult with your physician.

Gold Standard Treatment

If you read through the volumes of medical research and study on Peyronie’s Disease, you will quickly come to learn that the Gold Stand Treatment is surgery.


Because it is fast. And, because they can inject the penis with saline during the surgery and see what the results will be. They can see exactly how your erection should look when it all heals up.

What does “Gold Standard” mean? It means it’s the #1 method they currently have, that all the other methods are compared to and judged against.

There are a number of surgical methods being used. The most popular being the Nesbit Procedure, and variations of this technique.

Here are two VIDEOS for you so that you can see how a simple procedure may be performed and how a more complex procedure may be performed on a severely curved penis.

A Simple Procedure:

A More Complex Procedure (severe bending):

Are There
Other Answers?

Are there other options that avoid surgery?


The three other approaches:

  • Oral Drugs

  • Injectable Drugs

  • Penis Traction

Let’s take a look at each of these:

How to Fix a Curved Penis Using
Oral Drugs

Oral drugs may be helpful to men who are currently suffering a lot of pain with erection. However, there have not been enough studies to prove the correlation between these drugs and actual straightening.

Here are the oral drugs commonly tried:


POTABA is actually a vitamin! POTABA is a registered trade name for a pharmaceutically produced vitamin P-Aminobenzoate. This is a B complex vitamin. It is classified as a drug probably because of the huge amounts that are used each day.

POTABA has been found effective in stabilizingand preventing the progression of the bend. It may lessen, but, will not straighten the bend by itself.


Colchicine is an old herbal remedy. It is a poisonous plant that was commonly used as a powerful laxative and emetic (makes you vomit).

Colchicine doesn’t have any strong scientific evidence to show it’s effectiveness in Peyronie’s Disease. And, for many men this drug caused stomach problems. So, it’s use has been discontinued.


Another Vitamin!

Vitamin E can make plaques (the hard scar tissue) softer. This goes back to studies as early as 1948. It was hoped this softening would cause the penis to straighten during erection. It was not an encouraging success.


Carnitine is another antioxidant, similar to Vitamin E, that was hoped to dissolve the scar tissue and cause a curved penis to straighten. This drug has no strong scientific back ground or studies to prove it effective.


Tamoxifen is a drug used to treat Desmond tumors(non cancerous tumors in the connective tissue). Because these tumors are similar to the scar/plaque found in Peyronie’s Disease curved penis, it was hoped the scar might be dissolved also. However, there is no strong evidence the drug works for this purpose.

How to Fix a Curved Penis Using

These are injections directly into the penis.

how to fix a curved penis with injections, XIAFLEX

Understandably, many men just do not want to face a penis surgery and want to try other methods first. Most physicians agree.

Although oral drugs have been quite a disappointment, the newest FDA approved injections are now showing significant promise!

Prior to Dec 2013, the two most used injectables used for straightening were:


Verapamil was a drug originally designed for patients with high blood pressure.

Verapamil was found to soften the internal scar of Peyronies Disease and thus relieve pain. However, this drug was not shown to be effective, by itself, in straightening. But, it was helpful when straightening with a traction device.

Verapamil has not been FDA approved for Peyronie’s Disease.


Intereferon is a natural protein that the body produces itself. Interferons are substances produced by cells in the body to help fight infections and tumors. Interferon helps control swelling and the severity of our scarring.

Interferon has been tested extensively in relationship to a Peyronie’s Disease curved penis. There have been some promising results.

As with Verapamil, Interferon has not been FDA approved for Peyronie’s Disease.

how to fix a curved penis with injections, before and after


Then came December 2013:

Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum injections became the first and only injections FDA approved for Peyronies Disease. They are marketed under the brand name XIAFLEX.

Yes, they have been shown to be effective in many cases. Not full straightening. But, straight enough for good intercourse.

The big downside here is the cost: $30,000 - $50,000 for a full set. Wow!

The “Home Remedies”

It is very important to remember that the penis must not be erect when you do any kind of penis stretching.

If you attempt to bend an erection straight, even a little, you can fracture it. This is often referred to as a broken penis.

What does that mean? It means you can tear the inner chamber(s).

Is this serious?

Yes, VERY SERIOUS! If you feel a sharp pain when you bend an erection, and it discolors, you can be sure you tore something.

what does a broken penis look like?
a broken penis is a medical emergencythese are pictures of a "broken penis"

If you look anything like either of these pictures, get to an Emergency Room Immediately.

 If you don’t, you could possibly lose your penis! That’s correct. It is that serious.

You won’t run into this tearing/fracturing problem working with a flaccid (soft) penis.

The Two Manual (by hand)
Stretching Methods

There are two manual (by hand) methods that can be used to fix a curved penis.

  • Jelqing ("penis exercises")

  • Penis Traction

Let's take a look at both:


how to fix a curved penis with jelqing, penis exercises
how to fix a curved penis using jelqing techniques

The first is called Jelqing. Also called, “penis exercises”. They are the same thing.

Now, First let me tell you:  There really are no such thing as penis “exercises” because there are no muscles in the penis.

These “exercises” (jelqing exercises) are stretches. You pull on your penis. Again, always be sure the penis is flaccid.

Jelqing exercises can work, but, they take what feels like darn near forever to get results. Think in the 1 - 2 year time frame. And, you have to spend an hour a day, every day, doing them. That’s a LOT of discipline.

Jelqing (penis “exercises”) are also risky. You can damage your penis, possibly permanently, if you are too enthusiastic in your practice.

penis damage from jelqingJelqing Damage

You can learn all about this method here: “Jelqing Techniques”.


“More and more,
doctors are turning to correct penis traction

as the first line of treatment
Peyronies Disease.”
reference: Dr. Paolo Gontero

how to fix a curved penis with penis traction

Penis traction is often recommended by many of the top penis specialists in the world as the first method to try when straightening a bent penis.


Because it is:

  • Safe (when used as directed)

  • Non-Invasive (no surgery, no injections)

  • Very Inexpensive

It is also my favorite straightening method.


Because when I wanted to know how to fix a curved penis (due to my own severe bend), I was introduced to penis traction and it worked extremely well for me.

Correct penis traction is simple. It’s easy.

The only real down side I can say is this: You will need some discipline and persistence. Don’t expect complete results in a month or two.

It normally takes 6 - 12 months to get good results.

Penis traction is professionally Endorsed and Recommended

in 29 countries worldwide.

Including the USA and Canada.

Yes, penis traction is Endorsed and Recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

In fact, as you learned, many top physicians are now recommending correct penis traction as the first line of treatment for Peyronie’s Disease (the approach that should be tried first).

How Does
Penis Traction Device Work?

The entire concept of a penis traction device is entirely simple. Stretch out the shorter part(s) of the penis until they equally the normal parts. Then the erection will be straight again.

It's that simple!

Here's how to fix a curved penis using a Traction Device:

1)   Attach the device (this takes about 1 minute).

2)   Wear the device for about 6 hours each day while you go about your daily activities. No one knows you have one on.

3)   The device does all the stretching “work” for you.

4)   The stretching is painless. BUT, the constant stretch is causing micro tears between cells. These heal rapidly with new cell growth. That causes the lengthening of the short tissue.

5)   Remove the device (this takes about 15 seconds or less)

6)   Repeat this process 5 - 6 days every week until done.

That’s all there is to it. Do this 6 days a week for 4 - 9 months and you’re going to be wonderfully surprised at the the change in your erection.

how penis traction works

Here’s a short VIDEO for you. Here you will see how a penis traction device is adjusted to fit you perfectly:

What Are
The Best Penis Traction Devices?

Traction devices are very inexpensive. And, very effective. This is why many of the top penis specialists in the world recommend them as the first line of treatment for Peyronie’s Disease straightening.

The two best available devices on the market today are ProExtender and Quick Extender Pro.

We have reviewed both of these devices in detail for you in this article:  “The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in The World - Review - 2021”

How to Fix a Curved Penis

In our search for how to fix a curved penis in the best way possible, there were the only three successful medically endorsed methods.

  • Surgery

  • XIAFLEX Injections

  • Penis Traction Therapy

Penis stretching exercises, known as Jelquing, also may work for you. BUT they are risky, not  endorsed or recommended, and they take a very long time to fix a curved penis.

This article is for informational purposes only. It tells you the
results of our 3 year study on how to fix a curved penis.

Before you begin any type of curved penis treatment,

please consult with your physician(s).

Now that you know how to fix a curved penis, it’s time to go talk with your doctor and choose your straightening method!

Be Well…..

~ William

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