How To Fix A Bent Penis
Naturally, Without Surgery

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editorial Team

straighten a bent penis without surgery
straighten a bent penis without injections or surgery

“99.99% of the time,
even a severely bent penis
can be straightened with proper stretching.”
Dr. A. Lesuk, Delmar, NY

Did you know that the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and doctor recommended treatment used to fix a bent penis is also the #1 Natural Method?

That’s right. It is.

The medical community and the “all natural” community are agreeing on this specific treatment more and more.

Tell me: How often does that happen? Right? Too often, the Naturopaths and the medical community are at odds with each other. Not this time.

To fix a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease (a bend that develops later in life) or, a congenital curvature (one you are born with), BOTH communities are more and more in agreement on which straightening method should be tried first. Penis traction therapy (PTT).

“Penile traction therapy (PTT)

is increasingly being recognized as a viable nonsurgical approach
Peyronie’s disease.”

ref:  Dr. Shaan A. Setia MD,
penis traction device,

This wonderfully safe and effective approach is called: Correct Penis Traction. It has proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method to fix a bent penis.

It takes first place not only because it works, but because it is non invasive. There is no cutting. No injections. No surgical risks.

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it is
Not a "Disease"

That’s correct. No matter what the name says, Peyronies Disease (PD) is not an illness.

There’s nothing here to “cure”. It’s a condition. Like grey hair. This is the most important thing for you to remember as you read this article.

And, because of this, simple correct stretching will make much more sense to you as the best correction method.

The name (which is almost 300 years old) is unintentionally deceptive. But, it scares us and makes us feel horrible. Doesn’t it? The name “disease” is false here. And, calling it one is false. It’s just a condition. And, here you will be learning why.

Now, in order to correct this condition all you have to do is stretch out the tissue that’s too short during erection.

cause of a bent penis, peyronies disease

And, that’s normally incredibly easy. It just takes some time and dedication.

Yes, some men do require an operation. But, 99.99% don’t. And, for them, this natural remedy can be effective.

How a Bent Penis
So Wrongfully Named

If this is only a simple condition, why is it named this way? That’s a good question that I once had myself and that I hear frequently.

Francois de la Peyronie

The reason for this misnomer is this: It was named way back in the year 1743. Yes, 1743.

Back in 1743, modern medicine was just beginning to be codified. Every defective or even odd physical condition needed a name. Whoever discovered why something was happening often got it named after him.

The man who discovered the condition that was causing this kind of penile bending was a surgeon named François Gigot de la Peyronie.

So, this condition was first called: Peyronie’s disease. Later the apostrophe was dropped.

The #1 Way
Straighten a Bent Penis

As you already learned, the #1 natural straightening method in the world is called penis traction. It is medically endorsed and doctor recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

The fact is: There are only three treatments that have proven to give truly successful results. Surgery, Xiaflex injections, and Traction. You will learn about all three of these as you read on. Which one do you think ranks as #1 for Safety and Effectiveness?

Yes, many thousands of us (including myself) have nomalized our erections simply and naturally. Without any cutting. Without any injections. Just with a simple, doctor recommended, stretching device.

Penile Curvature
is a Fairly Common Problem

Did you know, a bent penis is actually a fairly common problem? About 5% of the male population will eventually suffer from this condition.

I know, it may even look really horribly bent right now. You can’t comfortably use your cock properly anymore. You may even have developed erectile dysfunction from the bend.

Intercourse is futile or miserably bad. Painful for many men. Even more painful for their partner. And, often, our erections become so weak that even terrible intercourse becomes impossible.... Does any of this sound like your situation?

That’s why you’re here. Right?

You’re not alone. Every single one of us was horrified when we saw what was happening to us.

I know. Personally. A severely bent penis is an emotionally devastating nightmare. It eats away at us daily. But, I want you to know this:

99% of the time,
it’s easy to fix a bent penis.

Without an operation, injections, or drugs.

Is Penis Surgery
Only Really Effective Choice?

“Penis traction therapy (PTT) can reduce penile deformity.

Some studies have shown that penile curvature has decreased by 25°, sexual function has improved, and the risk of surgical indications has been greatly reduced..... PTT will play a more important role in the future.”

ref:  Dr. J Ma, Dr. W Wang,
Non-Surgical Treatment of Peyronies Disease

Up until 1994 surgical correction was the only truly effective medically endorsed choice.

That is no longer the situation.

Today, you’re right where I was six years ago. And, where tens of thousands of other men before you were who all fixed their bent or curved penis naturally. Using scientifically controlled stretching.

With the simple mechanism that was originally developed by a penis reconstructive specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, it has become easy to unbend almost any penis that is bent, 99.99% of the time.

penis traction device for peyronies disease bent penis

It’s No Longer
As Bad As It Seems

This bending becomes a nightmare. Am I right? Humiliating, frustrating. And, super depressing. I know. Personally.

Having a bent penis just gets more and more depressing as time goes on. Doesn’t it?


Because this is one of those things we never learn about in sex ed in school, or, even hear about as we grow up. Or, when we are grown up.

There was never a class in school for "How to fix a penis if it starts bending". So, today, it seems to be a horrible mystery to most of us when it happens. And, an impossible situation without getting cut open and sewn back together.

It is not.

Remember: It’s just a simple condition.

And, if you’ll read this entire article, not just skim it, I know you’ll have a whole new outlook on your condition by the time you reach the end. And, I believe you’ll be starting on your way back to a normal sex life without all the current fear.

The Name
Only Makes It Seem Worse

I know. That name. It sounds really horrible when your erections bend at a severe angle and your doctor tells you that you have PD. It’s horrible to hear. A deformed penis disease! Geeze!

Before you became bent, did you ever imagine that there was a disease that would make your dick so horribly bent?

None of us did!

And, how did we catch it?.... We didn’t.

If we would have been taught about this condition any time in high school, or even college, it wouldn’t be such a shocker when it happened to us later in life.

And, the worst thing here is actually the name.

However: The fact of the matter is, this bent erection is not really a “disease” at all.

That’s right. It is not an illness.

Here’s what webmd says in the very first two sentences of their article: “What is Peyronie’s Disease”:

“Peyronie’s disease is a penis problem
caused by scar tissue, called plaque,
that forms inside the penis.
It can result in a bent, rather than straight, erect penis.”

ref: webmd
"What is Peyronies Disease?"

They don’t call it a “disease”. They call it a “problem”. We can all relate to that...

Peyronies is Not Really A “Disease”

With PD, here’s what’s happening inside your shaft:

The bending is being caused by some scar tissue on the erectile chambers that has grown hard over time and will no longer stretch like the surrounding tissues. That is all that is happening.

the cause of peyronies disease #2

Now, here’s the part that makes it seem like a “mystery”: You may have gotten the scar 20 or even 30 years ago. But, only in the past year or two has it begun to harden. That’s why the development seems like a mystery.

It is no mystery.

This later in life scar hardening only happens to about 5% of us men. The rest will never have the problem.

There Is No Pathology
Just A Hardened Scar

Here's some very good news for you: A Peyronies bent penis has no attached pathology. It is not caused by a virus, a bacteria, a pathogen, etc...

You can’t catch it from anyone. And, you can’t spread it to anyone else any more than you can spread any other scar you have on or in your body.

It’s a scar. One that can make your erections curve severely. That’s all. And, that's why it is easy to correct naturally. With simple controlled stretching.

What’s Causing the Bending?

This is where it get fun. (I know. Hard to believe.) I’m going to show you a video of what is happening inside your shaft. Why it is only bent during your erections. And, then you’ll understand why straightening really can be so easy.

As you already learned: The bending is caused by this simple hardened scar tissue inside the shaft on the erectile chambers. (The chambers that fill with blood to cause your erections.)

the erectile chambers and a bent penis

But, how does this scar tissue actually cause the problem?

I found this wonderful Dr. OZ video from December 2016 with Dr. Aaron Spitz (a board-certified urologist, American Association of Clinical Urologists, American Med Association, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, American Urological Association, The Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, Society for the Study of Male Reproduction, Pacific Coast Reproductive Society). It makes the bending very easy to understand.

In this video, using a balloon, Dr. Aaron Spitz will show you how the tough, fibrous scar tissue on your erectile chambers causes your bent erection:

Simple. Right?

Easy to understand?

Stretch that hard scar out enough, and the erections will not be bent any more. That’s the natural “cure”.

The medically endorsed and FDA approved method of penis stretching is called Penis Traction Therapy (PTT). I can be effective not only for Peyronies disease but for almost all of the 6 bent penis causes.

Can You Really Fix a Bent Penis Naturally?


No one arrives on this web page because they simply thought: “Gee, wouldn’t it be fun to see if anyone has a bent dick?”

You got here because, like me, and tens of thousands of other men before you, you want to have a normal sex life again. And, you most likely cringe or start to panic a bit inside when you think of getting long slices made in your shaft. Or, maybe doing things naturally is your first choice.

Does any of that sound right?

So, on this page I’ll be telling you how tens of thousands of us have straightened ourselves out naturally. Without any invasive procedures. For under $300. With a medically endorsed and doctor recommended method.

What A Penis Surgery Looks Like

Afraid of going under the knife?

You’re not alone.

That’s easy to understand. It is not a pretty process.

If you are unfamiliar with the procedures, here’s a video of one common procedure to correct curvature:

Avoiding Penis Surgery
Peyronies Disease

As horrifying and scary as that video above is to most of us, these operations are usually successful and have only minor side effects. Usually some loss of sensation.

But, unfortunately, did you know some men will become impotent from this? Unable to orgasm? Or, even create a decent erection?

If you’re like me, the more you read about surgical procedures the more upset and nervous you become. But, regardless of the possible serious risks, we all really want our normal erections back. And, as time goes on, we become more and more willing to face larger and larger risks.

Am I right? Is this happening to you? It did to me.

Yes, most of these surgeries are successful. And, there are usually only small side effects in most cases.

But, if you could save thousands of dollars, and, not risk any of the possible side effects of those procedures, using a medically endorsed and doctor recommended method, wouldn’t you be interested in trying that first?

“Conclusions: Penis traction therapy seems an effective treatment for the acute phase of Peyronies disease in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.”

ref: Dr. Juan I. Martinez-Salamanca, MD,
Bent Penis Traction Therapy,

Well, today you’re going to learn, in detail:

  • How most men with Peyronies can straighten their bent erection naturally

  • Why it works

  • That it can be done for under $300

That’s the road I personally took. It worked for me. And, I want to tell you all about it.

Is it An Unnecessary Surgery?

Don’t get me wrong. Surgery can be an almost miraculous healing tool.

Some people think I am against them. Not at all. One was used to save my wife’s life. Why would I be against them?

HOWEVER: I believe they should be saved for when they are absolutely necessary. I don’t think it should be used as a convenience. Or, if there is a safer natural non invasive method.

That’s my opinion. And, more and more, the opinion of many medical specialists.

“Surgery...for Peyronies disease.... is usually only recommended in severe cases for patients who fail to respond to non-surgical therapy and have curvature for longer than 12 months.” 

ref: University of California San Francisco,
Surgical Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

We are so used to hearing about surgeries that a lot of men think there are no possible unpleasant or really unfortunate after effects from them. They think you go in and you come out with your old perfectly normal cock. Until they read the papers they have to sign before the procedure.

And, these papers are a good thing. The surgeons are smart well educated men. They are well aware of what might happen that is beyond their control.

But, let me ask you this:  If, most of the time, it is possible to fix a bent penis without the surgical risk, isn’t it a good idea to examine those possibilities first?

That is something we are going to do right now.

If you are like 99% of other men
 with a penis that has become bent,

today may be the day you start straightening those erections out. Safely and Easily.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs
of any kind.

Are you ready to learn how it can be done? Safely and Easily? With the natural method that is medically endorsed and recommended?


Here’s how I did it, and how tens of thousands of other men did also.

The Extreme Benefits
Penis Traction

The number one benefit of this technique over the operations is that you have none of the possible horrible surgical risks.

penis traction device and a bent penis from peyronies disease

This scientific applied stretching is also so easy that most men don’t believe the results it can give are even possible.

The mechanism used is not some crazy idea a guy invented in his bathroom. Like using an electric tooth on it. Traction is one of the only three medically endorsed and recommended methods that really works efficiently. It was invented by a penile reconstructive specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

I’m going to explain this process, and how it works, to you in detail. I’ll also be explaining ALL the other available approaches, to you in detail in other articles on this website.

I want you to know everything necessary to make an educated decision on how you will decide to correct your own bent penis or curvature.

I want you to know:

  • Why this natural method has proven Safest AND Most Effective

  • Why, 99.99% of the time, an invasive procedure is not necessary

  • Why this simple approach works so effectively
  • Your results will be guaranteed*

  • You can do it for less than $300

*only by certain manufacturers

Do You Really Need

That’s a really great question.

And, it is a very important question. Maybe you don’t need straightening at all. Think about this:

How bad is your bent penis?

Do you have a severely bent one?

severe peyronies disease penile bending

Or, just a mildly curved penis?

a curved penis

99.99% of the time, it is simple and easy to fix a curved penis.

Even if it’s severely bent
you think it looks too far gone to fix.

Is Penis Traction Safe?

Here’s something I want you to remember: Straightening is safe if you do it correctly.

On this website you will learn that any type of bent penis can be corrected 99.99% of the time. Naturally. Without any type of invasive procedure.

Is It Recommended By Doctors?


It is recommended by some of the most prominent physicians in the field.

Here’s what Dr. Eric Chung and Dr. Gerald Brock, top Urology specialists, have to say about using PTT to fix a bent penis:

“In recent years, penile traction therapy (PTT) has gained considerable interest as a novel (new) nonsurgical treatment option for men with Peyronie’s disease (PD) and short penises.....PD may benefit from a conservative approach with PTT, resulting in increased penile length and reduction of penile deformity. It appears to be safe and well tolerated.....

ref: Dr. Eric Chung, Dr. Gerald Brock,
Penis Traction Therapy Safe and Well Tolerated

We Were Never Prepared For This

With a penis that is bent, we feel horrible. Humiliated. Embarrassed. And, worse, our erections usually aren’t even as strong as they used to be.

Our sex life is ruined. The misery seems to get worse almost daily.

Yes, it’s mid life. Our bodies seem to be playing some terribly awful and unkind tricks on us. We expect most of these.

We’re not as strong, we’re not as fast, physical exertion requires a lot more recuperation time, and leaves us more sore, we can’t drink as much, or have sex as much..... Yes. We’re usually OK with these things.

But, a horribly curved penis was nothing we were ever prepared for. Am I right? Did you ever even imagine this?

How could this be happening?

You’ve led a good life. Generally taken decent care of yourself. Right? And now...THIS.

Fortunately, a curved penis is usually one of the
easiest things to fix.

Yes, the easiest.

I know. You may be laughing at me right now. Easy? Sure. Right....

But, it’s true.

If you watched the video above, and you saw what exactly is happening, you understand why the correction can be easy 99% of the time.

And, if you’re like most of us, you’ll be anxious to begin.

Is It Really Easy To Fix?

Yes. 99.99% of the time. Really. I’m not joking. It’s easy to correct almost any penis curvature or bending. Even if it is radically bent. You just can’t do it in a day.

These erections just look so horrible, and, seem so impossible to straighten when we tried by hand. And, I know you tried too. I did. WE ALL DID. Don’t be embarrassed about it. That bend felt as strong as steel. Remember? It wouldn’t budge.

How could that be easy to fix?

Here’s How:

As you learned, if you’re only dealing with Peyronies here, all you have is some hardening tissues inside of your shaft.

what causes the peyronies disease bent penis

There’s no pathology there. No virus, no bacteria, no germs, no molecular irregularity,... causing the bending. It’s just a hardened scar.

99.99% of the time, those hardened tissues are quite easy to stretch out so that your bent erections can be naturally straight again.

But, it takes time.

And, that’s the key. You have to stretch that hard tissue just like an athlete stretches his muscles. Every day. You won’t see results immediately.

If you do it correctly, it’s painless!

You just have to do it daily for a number of months. Yes, months.

penis traction device for penis straightening

But, the whole job can be done with the simple appliance invented by the penis reconstructive specialist I just told you about: Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. And, you’ll go about your normal daily routine, wearing the unit, under your clothing. No one will ever know you’re doing it.

wearing a penis traction device
Can you tell who's wearing it?

Will your bent cock become perfectly straight? Maybe. Maybe not. But, straight enough that no one will look at it and think it is anything but normal.

Sound good?

It is.

It’s Medically Recommended

Yes, PTT for correcting a penis curvature, or, even a severely bent penis, is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

This includes:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Germany • France • Italy• Japan • Belgium • Holland • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • Switzerland • Portugal • Argentina • Philippines • Canada • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

There Are Only Three Medically Approved Treatments
Proven To Work Effectively

Did you know: There are only 3 medically endorsed and recommended methods that have proven to give meaningful results?

  • Surgery

  • Xiaflex injections

  • Correct Penis Traction

That’s it. That’s all. Everything else, clinically tried and tested, gave little or no consistent results. Or, minimal results to a small group of men.

So, if you want a doctor approved method that really works, you’re going to have to chose one of those three.

I will not be explaining any techniques that are just hearsay or experiments that a friend tried.

Now Let's Take a Look At These

So, let’s take a look at the three winners one at a time:

degloving and bent penis surgery


A very delicate and highly invasive operation for correcting the shaft was the first available medical treatment that really worked effectively. It still works. Normally very well. Although these days the procedure is far less invasive.

Unfortunately, at those times when something goes wrong, the side effects of even the modern procedure can be a real disaster.

Here are some of the possible side effects:

  • Impotence

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to maintain an erection

  • Urinary problems

  • Infection

If you are one of the unlucky, it can be tragically unlucky.

penis injections for peyronies disease

Xiaflex Injections

Injections, instead of a full out operating procedure, sound good to many men.

A lot of men will do anything to avoid going under the knife here. Did you know Xiaflex injections are the only FDA approved injection for Peyronies Disease straightening?

Xiaflex has been shown to give about 35% improvement for certain cases.

That’s not bad.

However: The cost for a full set of these injections, including doctor’s cost, is about $30,000. That’s not a typo. Thirty thousand dollars.

Xiaflex also has some of it’s own possible serious side effects.

From the Xiaflex website (

“XIAFLEX® can cause serious side effects, including:
Corporal rupture or other serious injury to the penis.”

“Hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis. Severe allergic reactions can happen in people who receive XIAFLEX®, because it contains foreign proteins.”

“The most common side effects with XIAFLEX® for the treatment of Peyronie's disease include:

 -  a small collection of blood under the skin at the injection site (hematoma)

 -  swelling at the injection site or along your penis

 -  pain or tenderness at the injection site, along your penis and above your penis

 -  penis bruising

 -  itching of your penis or scrotum (genitals)

 -  painful erection

 -  erection problems (erectile dysfunction)

 -  changes in the color of the skin of your penis

 -  blisters at the injection site

 -  pain with sex

 -  a lump at the injection site (nodule)”


traction device used to fix a bent penis

Correct Penis Traction

I’m really surprised this is not “The Gold Standard”. That’s a term physicians use to describe “the best possible current treatment” for anything.



  • It works effectively

  • It is natural and totally non-invasive

  • It is affordable by anyone in the civilized world

Once I learned all about this type of penis stretching, it became my own personal choice.

My very successful choice.

I spent $269 on what I thought was the absolute best device available.

I no longer have a bent penis problem.


Yes, this method takes a while. Usually 6 - 12 months. And, that’s probably the only down side of using it.

The process is also totally non-invasive (no cutting or injecting). Safety was the most important thing for me personally. I watched the videos like the one above. The operation scared me. The cost savings with simple controlled penis stretching was a wonderful bonus.

Avoiding An Operation

An operation, going under the knife, for curvature correction has, for the most part, become unnecessary. Only about 10% of cases will undergo the procedure.

You can still get one. There’s a number of very good surgeons out there. A number of men still like the idea. But, what’s the point?

Many doctors are at least recommending that PTT be tried first.

"Based on current evidence, we suggest that penile extenders, not surgery, should be the first-line treatment.... Surgery is characterised by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why a non-invasive technique is preferable." 

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

Now, why should a man go for a procedure that costs $8,000 - $19,000, and, comes with some terrible possible risks, when he could:

Avoid ALL the possible surgical risks

Use a medically endorse method

Pay under $300

and, Get a money back guarantee?

The Reason PTT
So Inexpensive And Easy

Is this bending really a medical problem?

Now that I’ve learned about what causes a bent penis in mid life, and what so many physicians have to say about it, I don’t think so. You may disagree.

peyronies disease scar tissue that causes the bend

But, let’s be realistic: It’s not cancer, it’s not heart disease, it’s not kidney failure, it’s not Multiple Sclerosis, it’s not diabetes, it’s not Tuberculosis, or Lyme.....

Your dick is bent. That’s all.

It’s a scar on your erectile chambers. A scar. Like on your hand or face. A scar. A simple scar. That’s all.

It’s some piece of hardened scar tissue on your tunica albuginea or your erectile chambers that’s not stretching enough during erection.

Do You Want It To Be More Serious?

Do you want your bent penis situation to be more serious? If you do, I’m going to disappoint you here. It’s not. It’s simple.

Now, if that hardened tissue could not be made longer, you’d have a real problem.

BUT, you can stretch out a piece of scar tissue

and make it more elastic as well as longer.

When you stretch it enough, it will lengthen,

the erection will become normal again.

fix a bent penis

That’s why correct regulated stretching is a natural choice to fix a bent penis. And, so effective.

Does that make sense to you?

It’s the most important piece of information you need to understand on this entire page.

When you get that, everything else will make total sense to you. And then, if you’re like most of us, you’ll be very anxious to get started.

You Aren’t Looking For
“A Cure”

Remember: You’re not trying to cure something here. Because a bent penis is nothing to “cure”. You have a hard scar on your erectile tissue that's causing a bend. You’re just naturally stretching this out. Just the way a ballet dancer or athlete stretches their legs.

The one drawback with this method is: It takes some time.

You need some patience and dedication to the process. And, I’m going explain, step by step, how easy the process is in a little while.

Sure, you can spend $8,000 - $19,000. Go into the hospital. Get some anesthesia, have a surgeon operate. Spend a few days in the hospital. Recuperate for another 6-8 weeks before you have sex again and then be back in action. If nothing goes wrong. Which is normally the case.

If that appeals to you, it’s very available.

PTT, on the other hand, will take normally 6 - 12 months.

You wear it 6 or 7 days a week. Under you clothing while you go about your normal activities.

In two weeks, you’ll see no improvement and wonder of the thing will work at all. You may even start to dislike me.

After a month or two, your erection will look a bit different. Somehow, not as bad.

After a few months you can see improvement happening. The bent erections are noticeably straighter. That’s when you start to get really excited and have good feelings about me.

AND: You will risk NONE of the possible surgical side effects. None of them. That’s what got my attention. That, to me, was the main advantage.

I did, however, really enjoy saving $8,931 of the $9,200 I was quoted on the operative procedure.

Xiaflex injections? I’m not really going to discuss these further. Who really wants to spend $30,000 to get partial results? I know. Some of you will. Most of us are just not that wealthy.

What About
Enzymes, Creams, Pills, and The Less Expensive Injections?

Are there alternative ways? Yes. A lot of them. Are any of them any good? Not really.

I get a lot of questions about these things, so, I want to answer them here for you now.
Well, there are a lot of really good ways to waste a considerable amount of your money and your time while you are deciding which of the proven approaches you will ultimately choose.

Let’s take a look:

Creams: These are fun. You rub them on morning and night and get very excited about the results you are expecting for the $200 you saved on an apparatus. Right?

Your clothes may get a little messy.

And, penis creams a place where you will really be able to measure your patience. As NOTHING happens for weeks or months. Or, years. Nothing happens.

So, depending on your patience, you sooner or later try something else.

Oral Enzyme Therapy:  Everybody loves this alternative idea. Pills! We love curing things with pills. Don’t we? So easy. So effortless.

Yes, enzymes can dissolve certain plaques. They just don’t seem to do much for straightening.

The cost of oral enzyme therapy is more than the creams. But, hey! No messy cream ruining your clothing and the advertisements for the online enzymes are great!

You’re going in the $100 - $500 range here for the stuff you can get on line.

Pills: The only thing I’m seeing for pills is prescription POTABA. The cost is about $.90 to $1 a pill. You take 4 a day. You’ll probably go through hundreds before you give up. And, you’ll be in the $1,000+ range.

The Other Injections: Not really inexpensive. You’re now looking at $1,200 and up. And, generally, poor or no real results.

I’m sorry to make light of all these things. But, there is no reference literature, or clinical study, that says: “These things are really awesome and very effective for straightening a bent...”

And, the fact is, when you puncture your shaft dozens and dozens of times in the same place with a needle, you’re setting yourself up for future scarring and future penile bending.

The #1 Safest and Most Effective
Medically Endorsed Treatment for Peyronies Disease

Are you beginning to understand why correct penis traction has become the #1 Safest and Most Effective method for curvature correction?

Super low cost. Under $300.

Totally natural non invasive treatment. No cutting and no needles being injected. And, correctly done, no pain.

Effectiveness. It  works so well that many urologists are now recommending it as “the first course of treatment” for bent penis straightening.

Guaranteed Results*. 

*by the makers I found to be the best.

How Much Time
Will I Have To Spend Each Day?

I’m now going to tell you just exactly how easy this whole process is.

The Easy Instructions:

penis traction device used to fix a bent erection

Part 1, Putting the unit on:

Always put it on when you are flaccid (soft). NEVER when you are hard.

 Step 1>  You slip your flaccid (soft) shaft through the large fixed ring at the base of the unit.

 Step 2>   For this example we’re going to be using the velcro comfort strap on the tip of the shaft. But, using the double noose straps with the memory foam pads will be very similar.

attaching a penis traction device

 Step 3>  After it's attached, you let the whole thing hang down the side of your leg. Or, lift it up against your belly.

 Step 4>   You get dressed.

 Step 5>  You go about your normal daily routine and forget about it until you take it off.

The entire process of attaching the device will take you less than one minute once you get used to doing it.

Part 2, Taking the unit off:

After about 6 hours, you remove it. Just reverse the steps above. That will take you less than 15 seconds.

“What If I Have to Pee?”

If during the time you are wearing the unit, you need to pee, forget about peeing.

No, that was joke.

If you need to use the restroom at any time, simple remove the device, do what you need to do, and then put it back on.

That’s how simple and easy the whole process is.

Does that sound like it’s better than going under the knife? Or, sets of injections?

It did to me. It’s what made me try it out. And, then, by doing it day after day, I wound up never needing the hospital procedure I had planned.

How to Keep Achieving
The Best Straightening Results

The reason one device can work for men of so many different sizes is because it is adjustable. And, with these adjustments, you will also control the pull on your shaft as you progress.

Remember how you learned that this natural controlled stretching has been found safest? Well, that’s because you are never pulling your penis too hard. The tension is controlled by the springs.

Now, over time, as your bent penis is normalizing, the curvature becomes less and less. The tension in the springs becomes less and you have to increase it again to continue getting results good results.

You do this by adding length to the device. You will always be able to make it a custom fit specifically for you.

Here’s a video on how easy it is to adjust one of these units:

What Physicians and Urologists Have To Say

“More and more,
the medical community is turning to correct penis traction
as the first line of treatment
Peyronies Disease.”

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

OK. You’ve heard a lot from me. And, I know there is a great concern these days that there are far too many people making undocumented statements on what they think would be good for anything from making apple sauce to curing the common cold and cancer.

I personally like to see real world results. I want to see what’s actually happening when someone does something. Not just what the papers and reports say should or should not happen.

The Medical Documentation:

We always back up our statements with documented medical reports. We always study these reports.

So: We have not only looked at the practical, regular guy accounts of how well the method worked for them.

We have not only received countless emails from men telling me how happy they are with results of their extenders.

We have done extensive medical research on Peyronies Disease, all the various treatment options, and the effects of correctly applied penis traction using a traction device.

If you’d like to read the research, we want you to have a list of all our medical research references that we used as a basis for this treatise.

No significant adverse events were reported....Based on preliminary results, in a cohort of PD men, PTT..... resulted in statistically significant improvements in penile length and curvature at 3 months.....

ref: Dr. Matthew Ziegelman (et al), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.
Penis Traction Device

What Is The Best Penis Traction Device Available?

That’s usually the big question once a man decides to try this method on his own bent penis.

There are a lot of choices out there. 23 by my last count.

Of course every add that you read for one of the many units available is going to tell you why theirs is the one for you. Am I right? Have you read some of the ads?

Of course every company is going to boast. Just like every car company is going to tell you why you’ll be happiest with their vehicles. It’s business.

But, not all of these are equal in quality and reliability.

A couple of the units are fine Class 1 medical grade equipment. Some of the others are pretty good also. But, they cost just as much or more than the best ones. Some others are just fair. And, some are just downright dangerous pieces of junk that are disasters waiting to happen.

Let’s take a look at some of the criteria:


First let’s talk about cost here because there is just no point in worrying about the cost differences.


Because the worst pieces of junk on the market can be had for under $90. The most expensive ones are just under $500.

The ones I found to be the very best are under $300.

So, between the worst possible choices and the best possible ones there is only about a $200 difference.

Now, are you really going to risk your entire future sex life and possible permanent penile injury just to save $100 - $200? I hope not.

Any man can afford $300 for something as important as fixing his bent penis.

So, do yourself a big favor and stick with a very high quality device. You will never regret it.

The problem for you will be this: The dangerous junk looks just like the really good products in the photographs. I will help you out with this shortly.


This is one of the two places you will see the difference between the really good instruments and the garbage.

You won’t see the difference in the pictures so much. They are professional photoshop masterpieces. You’ll see and feel the differences immediately when you hold them in your hands and examine them.

But, who is going to buy 23 different devices just to examine them? Other than me, that is.

That’s right. I have researched every available one.

There are only two manufacturers that meet all of my own personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

I’ll get to those two specific companies in a minute. Let’s continue with construction materials first.


Not only should a quality product be made well, it should be made from the best medical grade materials. Do you agree?

The two manufacturers that I found best both use this grade of materials in the construction of their units.

They are both classified as Class 1 medical devices.

Is There a Guarantee?:

Are there any penis traction devices that are guaranteed to correct a terribly bent penis?


The ones we found best are guaranteed to give you good results when used as recommended or they will give you your money back.

Do you get a guarantee with any other method?

It’s a no risk proposition with the quality equipment you see right below.

Which Penis Traction Device
Did We Find To Be Best?

Since so many of junk products look practically the same as the high quality products, a lot of men want to know what I chose for my own natural bent penis straightening.

Here’s how I made my own personal decision:

Safety and Effectiveness.

Those were my two top priorities. And, both were very important to me. So, I did a lot of actual hands on research. I looked at everything available.

Out of all the available choices, the only two companies that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness are Pro Extender, and, Quick Extender Pro.

how to fix a bent penis with the best traction device availablePro Extender

quick extender pro used to fix a bent penisQuick Extender Pro

You won’t need both. Either will do the job as well as the other. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Since both have excellent construction, it’s mostly the attachment apparatus that usually determines a man’s choice.

Please click on those two links (pictures) above. Read all about both of them. Then you decide which you think will be the best for you.

The main differences I found in these models were:

Pro Extender

Pro Extender is the leading device in the world. It doesn't have as many fancy attachments as a couple of the other devices. However, it is the device of choice by hospitals. Why? Because it is the best piece of penis traction equipment available. Europe is usually 2 to 3 years ahead of the USA in technical acceptance. Currently in Spain alone, the Pro Extender is already being used in over 60 Hospitals.

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender is simpler and a little less expensive. But, this is a top high quality system and our #2 choice. The Quick Extender secures only with a dual noose system that has memory foam padding. There is no comfort strap. The double noose is far superior to the single nose system some other companies use. With the memory foam padding we found it to be extremely comfortable. Some men like this type of attachment best because it will never pinch the way a collar can.

Can Anything Go Wrong
with Penis Straightening?


This is often the magic question and the decision maker for many men.

So, let’s talk about that here. Again, I’m only going to address the three medically endorsed methods that have proven to give truly successful straightening results.

Penis Surgery:

“About 10% of men have surgery.”

Bent Penis FAQs

Early on you read about there being some possible hideous side effects associated with bent penis surgeries.

First let me say again, the surgeries are usually successful and have limited side effects. You should wind up with nice straight erections again.

Mostly what you’ll find in the way of common side effects is some degree of numbness. Lack of sensation. This is unavoidable because you’re cutting flesh.

When you cut flesh you cut nerves. When you cut nerves you lose feeling until the nerves heal.

Nerves, unfortunately, are the slowest thing in the body to heal. This, as anyone who ever had a face lift can tell you, may take 5 to 10 years before normal sensation returns. If you lose penile sensation, it can be for a very long time.

The not so common but truly terrible possible side effects of these surgeries include and are not limited to:

  • Impotence

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to maintain an erection

  • Damage to the urethra

  • Scarring that could cause future bending

  • Infection

Is it worth the risk?

Xiaflex Injections

From what we have studied on Xiaflex, it was originally developed for Dupuytrens Contracture reference:  (a hand deformity caused by thickening tissue). Later it was applied to Peyronies disease because of the similarity of the conditions.

Xiaflex injections remove the surgical risks. That’s a very important factor for many of us.

However, Xiaflex has a list of it’s own possible not so pleasant side effects that you read about above.

Xiaflex also has the highest price tag of all the available treatments. Approximately $30,000 for a full set of injects and the associated doctor costs. Yes, that’s thirty thousand dollars. It is called the rich man’s fix.

Penis Traction

This was my own personal successful choice.

First, from a safety viewpoint, it has NONE of the possible surgical side effects and NONE of the possible injectable side effects either.

None. I really wanted to minimize any risks.

That, and cost, to me were the final deciding factor for my own personal course of action.

Is there a downside? Yes. As you already learned, this highly effective approach takes some time. Usually 6 - 12 months.

You have to be persistent. Fixing a bent erection naturally takes time. You need to use your device every day. Or, at least 6 days a week if you want to make decent progress.

You need patience and discipline.

If you just buy one and leave it in the box, you’re not going to get a straighter penis from it.


1)   A bent penis caused by Peyronies disease (or almost anything else) can be straightened 99.99% of the time without any incisions, injections, or drugs.

2)   There are only three medically endorsed and recommended treatments that have proven to give very satisfactory results.

These three methods are:

  • Penis Surgery

  • Xiaflex Injections

  • Correct Penis Traction

3)   The cost differences are considerable:

Surgery:  $8,000 - $19,000

Xiaflex Injections:  $30,000 for a full set including doctor’s fees

Penis Traction:  Under $300 (three hundred dollars)

4)   The only non-invasive medically endorsed treatment with truly effective results is correct penis traction.

5)   Side Effects. Although most procedures are without any major complications, the possible side effects of incisions and injections can be serious.

Correct penis traction comes with none of those possible side effects.

That, for me (and thousands of other men around the world), was the deciding factor when choosing the best way to fix my own bent penis.

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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Adam, Portland, OR

December 2, 2019

Dear Mr. Zmachinsky

I did what the article said. The high quality traction device. Now 8 months later I couldn't be happier. Worked exactly as you said. My penis looks real good again. Thank you. Very much.

Sincerely, Adam

Mark, Provo, UT

November 8, 2019

Dear William,

My penis was bent just enough to make me miserable. It worked. Sex was good enough. But, every time a new woman saw it, not that I had that many, her eyes would get really wide. I'm not hung like a horse. So I know it was the stupid bend. And, it's only been this way the last couple of years. Surgery was out of the question. I'm not rich and I'm not stupid. I'm not cutting up a cock that works. And one day I came across your website. I liked how you write. I could understand it and it didn't feel like a sales pitch. The stuff you said would work was guaranteed. So, I didn't feel like I was taking a real risk. I got one of the enlargement products. Now here's the news. In just 3 1/2 months most of the bend is gone. I keep expecting to see it again but it never comes back. I have a new girlfriend now and she has never once stared at my cock with that look. The $198 was definitely worth it.

You're awesome.


David, Fanwood, N

October 16, 2019

Dear Sirs,

I am a college student. In my second year now. I have had a bent penis since I was born. They called it congenital. They said it was nothing to worry about. I got to college last year and was about to have my first real sexual experience. I got hard and the girl kind of freaked out. She said it was too weird. Nothing happened and she left. She obviously told all her friends. I saw the way they looked at me the next few days. I was afriad to ask anyone else out.

I searched on line and found your website last October. I'm in school so I don't have a lot of cash. I decided to try one of the traction devices you recommend. It cost me $250. It came guaranteed to work. I kept reading on other websites that there is nothing you can do for a congenital curve except surgery. About $10,000. I don't have that kind of money to play with. Your site gave me hope.

Well, it's mid January now and my penis is not very bent anymore. Last night I had a girl over. I somehow knew she had heard about my cock. When I got hard she looked at it and said, "It's not so weird." Then we had sex. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Jeff, Springfield, IL

September 18, 2019

Hi William, At this point I have to look back and say Wow! I am amazed!

Originally, when I first talked with my doctor, he was the one who introduced me to penis traction. But the idea of wearing that the device all day really put me off. On the other hand, surgery was frightening and I didn't feel like spending $10,000 (no insurance) before I did some further investigating. Like everyone else in the world I got on the web. The advertisements really turned me off. They seemed kind of sleazy and basically cheap with their huge discount programs only if I buy right now.

So I started looking for more concrete information about traction and how it compared to the surgery. I even went to the medical journals. I had trouble understanding what they were saying because the language sure isn't normal English. I just wanted to know how to fix my bent penis the best way. So I went back to other websites. They generally seemed to salesy to me.

After a bit I came upon your website. So refreshing. The first thing I have to say is it took all the fear out of me. I got to understand the traction devices and felt very comfortable trying one out. I thought maybe I could just wear it at night after work. You explained how easy it is to wear and it is. Once you get the hang of putting it on. I also liked that you had used one yourself with great results.

After a few days practice, I tried it at work one day. It stayed on nicely. It didn't show if I wore loose pants. And it was really comfortable. That made me think it would probably do nothing. But I wore it day after day and it was actually kind of erotic in a strange way. A sexual secret. Know what's on my dick??? Ha!

Anyway, I kept at it for about a month and then gave up. Later that week I was getting an erection and I swear it looked less bent. Not a lot. But definitely less. So I started using it again. I noticed improvement every month. After month 3 I was about half way back to normal. I was excited by my progress. I did about 4 more months and then didn't feel like it anymore because I was straight enough. And tired of wearing "my friend" every day. My erections were harder like before and I tried having sex with a partner for the first time in a very long time. It was smooth as glass.

I only spent $249 on one of the devices you showed. I never had a problem with it. And, you're right. It is easy to fix a bent penis. It just takes a while.

Well, that's long enough story. I hope it will help some other guys.

Thanks William. Thanks a lot!  Jeff

Ron, Buenos Aires, Argentina

August 2, 2019

Hi William, I wanted to write to you and thank you for your informative pages.

I had been reading about straightening and the different devices for a long time. Almost a year. I just couldn’t get motivated. Most of the advertisements looked cheesy and were emphasizing a bigger cock. Not my issue.

I had been avoiding a surgery because I had a cosmetic nose procedure that made my nose mostly numb for almost two years. Yours was the only site that mentioned this could happen to my cock and that worried me.

After reading your site for about the fifth time, I decided to try one of the products you talked about. I chose the X4 Labs. The best one they have. When it arrived, I was a little overwhelmed. There are a lot of things in the box. All kinds of attachments. I’m not good mechanically. Well, I got it all put together more easily than I thought I would. Still I was a bit nervous to actually put it on my cock.

It turned out to be, as you said, painless. That made me think it probably wouldn’t do anything. And, it didn’t. The first day. Or, the 10th day. Or the 15th day. At least not that I noticed. However, by the 30th day my erection seemed different. It was still bent, but, I thought it had looked more bent before.

Now after 6 months I would say it is a good 50% better. I try getting erections randomly to see if I am just imagining that. But, they are consistently better. You know, I sleep better now too. I don’t worry about my cock and the bending so much. I have the feeling I will be done using the device soon.

Thanks so much William for your helpful lines, for your encouragement and teaching, for you easy going motivation. People like you deserve all the best in life.

Warm Regards, from Ron in Argentina

Paul, Springfield, MA

July 28, 2019

Hi William, Your articles are so positive and well written. What change from the others. It was yours that convinced me to give traction a try. It’s been 6 months and now all is well now. How can I thank you enough?


Mark, Wichita, KS

June 4, 2019

Hey William, thank you for the great information. I was very confused about what to do. I purchased one of the products you mentioned. I was having trouble attaching it with the comfort strap. The tip of my cock is kind of small. It kept slipping off. Eventually I tried a different attachment with the two loops with the padding. That stays on real nice. The padding helps a lot. I just thought I would let you know in case anyone else is having a similar problem.

Bobby, Brooklyn, NY

May 1, 2019

I’ve been trying penis traction for close to 3 months now with the x4. In the beginning I didn’t see anything happening. So, I didn’t use it every day. But kept going. Maybe 4 days a week. I’m getting a better erection now. Not quite normal yet. But not as bent and weak as before. I am excited to continue. I now am using it every day.


Harold, London, England

April 21, 2019

William, I usually don’t read non medical literature. But, this whole situation had me in a depression for over a year. For that reason I simply was refusing surgery. At the same time, my bending didn’t get a bit better. So, I started looking alternatively. Just out of curiosity.

You seemed educated and humorous without making a joke of the situation. I though, what the heck and bought one of your recommendations.

When my wife saw the contraption on my penis she nearly fainted from laughter. She’s very clever and the pleasant wisecracks were almost non-stop.

Eight months later she is no longer laughing. And, SHE is the one who asked me to send you a thank you note.

Thank you William. Thank you very much.


Harvard Grad, Tampa, FL

April 20, 2019

Hello Mr Zmachinsky,

Kudos! Your words are inspiring and easy to read. You’re also a funny guy!

Peyronies disease is a beast. Totally ruined my sex life. I’m a divorced man in my 50s and a very eligible bachelor. Guess how much serious dating I was doing? None.

A bent penis is no treasure. And, in my circle, the word would spread fast. So, I remained celibate for about 6 months and started going a little bonkers.

I have many Dr. friends. Even two high end Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. They offered me super low prices. But, I hate surgeries. The anesthesia messes up my mind and my mood for months. I’m very sensitive to drugs of any kind.

I tried the penis traction device you said was top quality. It’s a bit odd when you first see it on. But, it seemed to be practical and make sense.

I sit at a desk almost all day. So, wearing it was no problem. It’s actually quite easy. And, it was painless as you said it should be. I could always remove it before social events so it posed no problems.

Well sir, in a nut shell, my Peyronies is gone! Thanks to you and your fine easy to read writing.


Oliver, Brisbane, Australia

March 18, 2019

Is it OK to take few days off from wearing it? Sometimes I just want to have some fun.


                    reply from ~ William:

Yes, you won’t lose the progress you made so far.

Julio, Los Angeles, CA

February 5, 2019

thanks for your awesome, I started bent penis straightening about 6 week ago, it seems to be get better, but how long do I have to keep doing? Thanks to you.


                    reply from ~ William:

Hi Julio, thanks for your question. Many men ask this question. And, it is almost impossible to give a time answer because every man is different. Some men are finished in just a few months. Some men take a year. Some, even a bit longer. Being persistent, not giving up until you reach your goal, is the best advice I can give you.

Jeff, Aurora, NE

January 31, 2019

I am now a believer.

Harder and straighter than a year and a half ago. I’d been avoiding sex because my bent penis was too embarrassing and frankly my erections were so weak oral was all I was really good for. Wouldn’t have been possible without you. I mean it. At first I thought these stretchers looked like toys and would not fix any problem. Never would have tried them without you. Most medical stuff is never this inexpensive either.

Good job William!

Nat, Branson, MO

January 16, 2019

Hello William,

Thanks for the great articles on fixing a bent penis. So easy to read and understand. I really wanted to it naturally if possible. You talked me into trying the device.

When I first started with the thing, it seemed too loose and kept falling off. I wasn’t happy. I experimented with the different attachments until I found a combination that stayed on all day. After that I could really feel the soreness at night. That made me feel like it was working.

Fast forward, best part is four months later I am about to quit using it because the little bend that is left in my cock doesn’t bother me.

You know, I only tried this out because the other alternative seemed dreadful. Even my massive depression wasn’t giving me enough courage to get there. Enzyme pills hadn’t helped a bit. Neither did months of vitamin E. I got tired of trying so many things. And wasting money each time. The traction is pretty great. I’m very happy it worked. Very happy. I still keep expecting to wake up and see my cock bending again. Ha! It doesn’t.

I just want to say thank you for your articles. Very informative and well thought out.


Yoshi, Tokyo, Japan

December 2, 2018

Many thanks for your explanation and indication. It has been some time since i most began. 8 or 9 month. Works! Done. Almost like new. Thank you William San.

Yoshi, Japan

Chris, Springfield, NJ

November 22, 2018

Thank you William!

I am a new man. Or, maybe I should say, I am renewed. My cock is like new. Normal again. And it didn’t take as long as you said it might. Wonderful! $199. Ha!


Bill, Brooklyn, NY

November 10, 2018

Hi William,

My wife discovered your article one night while searching the web. I was no longer looking. Too much contradicting information. Too many products. The videos made me sick.

She surprised me and bought one of the apparatus you talk about! A bit over $200. I wasn’t pleased. She insisted. At least for a one month try. I agreed.

In a month, the pain with my erection was gone. I wasn’t getting many and thought the first time it was an accident. The next two had no pain either. After 2 months, the difference was noticeable. Far less bent. We were both kind of excited now.

It’s been six months and I just can’t bear wearing the thing another day. But, my cock is decent now. How about that? No intercourse problems. Better erections. Stronger. I wish I’d read you earlier.

Warm Regards from Bill and Tina

CJ, Peoria, IL

October 11, 2018

Dear William,

Thank you so much for the article and I really enjoy reading and learning the penis stretching method from you. Doing it naturally seemed so much nicer. It seemed easy enough and inexpensive enough to try. I’m 44. My bending was horrible and painful. It just seemed to get worse all the time.

I used the tool for the penis stretching for the first time on May 15th. It’s really easy. And you were right. No one knows I’m doing it. It is now June 11. No more pain! That alone was worth the price. But, I’ll be darned if it’s not straighter too. Not right yet. But just 6 weeks. I’ll let you know more later.

Thanks, CJ

Alfred, Atlanta, GA

October 9, 2018


I’m a bigger guy. Fat. My penis is small. And, it was bent. Really bent. Like a letter C. How attractive do you think that made me?

I’m divorced. It’s hard enough for a guy like me to get a woman to bed. Maybe once in a year. Then she saw my bent rod and it was over.

I don’t have a lot of spare cash. An operation was out of the question. Who really has $10,000 for that?

Out of desperation I tried the penis traction you talk about. I got the $200 X4 Labs one. Since I could get my money back if it didn’t work I went for it.

It worked!

I was never having sex any way any more. So, I didn’t mind using it every day.

My cock is OK now. Not perfect. Not really bent. But, last night I took a woman home for the first time in 11 months. She saw my cock and said nice cock.

Thank you william. I hope my story will help other men try it out.

God bless you.


LouAnne, Knoxville, TN

September 10, 2018

Hi William,

I’m so glad I found your posts. My boyfriend (hopefully more soon!) had a real hang up on his penis. It didn’t really bother me. It’s a little strange, but it fits OK.

He would lose his hard on when I stared at it. I was just naturally curious. But, it made him kind of mad.

I bought him one of the extenders. He wasn’t real happy with me. He said I needed to refund it. I asked him to try it. Talk about wrestling an Iguana.

He loves me. So he did. He’s getting straighter and we try to measure it each week, but it’s hard to measure that cure. The thing is he’s getting happy now. We both can feel a difference. And I can see it. It makes him smile.

Thank you William. You made us happy to have sex again.


Lou, Concord, NH
September 11, 2018

Hey William,

I have referred to your websites numerous times in 5 years to follow your instructions for prostate massage. They really help.

Well, two years ago my cock started to look curved. I never noticed that before. About 8 months ago I was like what the fuck? It was super bent and I couldn’t straighten it out? Did that happen to you? Well, I guess so. Anyway, crap, I was scared senseless. I was embarrassed to go to my doctor, but finally did. He told me it was Peyronies Disease. I asked for medicine. He said there was none. I would have to have surgery. I thought $2,000. He said 9 to 11 thousand. And, it might return.

Well, I’m an internet guy. I read a lot. So I started reading everything about the condition. Why are there so many different opinions? It is or it’s not. Then I read your stuff. It made me feel better. 99% chance of being OK with penis traction sounded good. For $200. Yeah. And I could understand what you were saying.

Well, William (ever think of calling yourself Bill?) it worked for me. Just like you said. It took a darn long time. 7 months. But, I could see a little progress even after a month. So I kept on keeping on.

Arlene my wife said to send you a thank you too.

You’re a good man. Thank you.


Mike, New York, NY

August 15, 2018

Hi William,

I’m writing to you today because it’s the day after Valentine’s Day and Valentines Day was, in a word, GREAT!

A year ago at this time my penis was very bent. So much so that sex for my wife was miserable and we had pretty much stopped having it.

I read a lot of articles on penis bending and learned about PD and stretching it in the process. It was your article that made the traction method sound legitimate. All the advertisements start out telling me how big my cock will be in 3 months. My cock is already big. But, it was bent. And, that was my only concern.

Thanks to you, and the thing, my cock now only has a curve to it. My wife was amazed. Our sex life has returned to normal. And it was only yesterday (Valentine’s night) that I realized I needed to thank you for helping us out so much.

Best Regards, Mike

David, Toronto, Canada

August 12, 2018

Firstly - great blog! I was looking for a website like this without any luck. I am totally into doing this naturally if I can. William, if you have time can you tell me the differences in the two kinds of devices you liked and seem to recommend. I want to do this, but  my budget is low. So will it make a difference if I buy the cheaper one you talk about?

                    reply from ~ William:

Hi David. My personal choice was the X4 Labs. Their best one is on sale now for just $269. But, even the $179 Quick Extender is a great unit. And, they are giving 20% off for a while still. If your cash is low, you might want to try that one out. They are both top quality products. Good Luck!

Willow, Huntsville, AL

August 5, 2018

Hey Guys,

As a female without a cock (ha ha) I wanted to offer a little encouragement to those of you who are thinking of trying the penis traction thing to straighten your bent cock.

My husband used it. And, it worked just great. He was kind of bent to the side and sex was getting not so comfortable or good for me. His bend got pretty bad after a while.

We play in other ways. But I like real sex. So he started using one of these because we liked what William had to say about them.

You can’t go wrong here. They work. Our sex life is back to normal. No it’s better than normal....

Thanks William. I hope this email helps you get the message out there.


Lionheart, Santa Monica, CA

July 22, 2018

Hi William,

  No real names here. I am somewhat famous. At least I like to think so. I don’t want to be famous for a bent cock.

  There’s nothing quite like being a sex symbol (modesty is not my game) and having a bent horrible looking penis. Yes, truly awful. Like a big hook. People began to wonder why I was not dating too much. Or, was I gay? Could you even imagine if the word got out....

  Well, thank you sir! My cock is beautiful again because of your convincing writing. I like the way you speak. I believed you. And you didn’t let me down.

  My last magazine cover, with my gorgeous date,... well look at her smile.... Thanks to you!


Joseph,  Fort Worth, TX

June 16, 2018

Dear William,

I keep reading about Peyronies disease on here. I don’t have that. I was born with a naturally curved penis. I want to straighten it. Can I use traction successfully?


                    reply from ~ William:

Hi Joseph, From all of my research, congenital curvature will also respond well to this method.

Chester, Austin, TX

June 2, 2018

Hello William!

  I’m starting the year writing to you because my goal for January 1, 2018 was to have a good penis again. And, I do! Thanks to you.

  I probably never would have tried the devices you talked about(anchor). I’m 61 years old. The advertisements for them all stress penis enlargement. What do I need a bigger penis for? If you search through you find “curvature” in small print somewhere.

  Your articles explain in detail (understandable language too) exactly how and why they work. I want everybody who reads this to know that. These are great little gadgets that don’t cost too much and they do the job real nice.

  William, I just want to say to the men out there: Read William’s articles and learn something that can really help you out.

All the best, Chester, from Austin, TX

Carl, Las Cruces, NM

May 22, 2018

William, Hey thank you. I got the X4 penis enlarger because I went to my Dr. to find out what was actually wrong with my cock. I’m only 40. Happily, my Dr. is the one who told me to try the enlarger first. He said it might work. And, I could save a lot of money if it worked. So I felt confident giving it a try. Yes, it did work for me.

You made the process easy to understand. So I trusted your recommendation on which one to buy. Like you said, I had no problems or mishaps with it.

Stay well. God bless.


Frank, Sacramento, CA

May 19, 2018

Hello William,

Thank you for your great articles. You persuaded me.

I had been reading a lot about penis traction for a bent penis. A few months ago I decided to give it a try. I ordered one of the devices you liked because your writing made sense to me. Very easy to understand. There is so much trash out there.

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear it to work. I’m in corporate law. Very snooty business. If I got found out, I’d be the laughing stock. Bent penis? OMG!

For the first month I only used it after work for a few hours before bed. But, it was doing something. My erections were getting stronger and they seemed a bit straighter. Maybe my imagination.

After two months there was a definite change.

After six months I feel done. My erections are very decent in normalcy and hardness again. Not perfectly straight like an arrow. But, my lover is pleased. And, I have no more erectile problems.

Thank you for your very normal and engaging language. Law is difficult enough to understand. I’m quite good with it. Obviously. Medical literature is an entirely different world again. Your plain English was much appreciated. Very easy to digest.

Good Evening to You,  Frank

Albert, New York, NY

April 12, 2018

Hello William, You’re quite the writer! I get so tired of reading, or trying to read, the all together boring standard text book info on health and fitness issues. Either that, or, you get some 29 year old clown who doesn’t know too much and tries to act like he’s your best friend and makes a big joke out of it.

I want to write and thank you for your very informative and understandable articles on correcting a bent penis naturally.

I’ve read numerous comments on your pages and I just wanted to assure any other educated readers that a man of intelligence, PhD, also used an extender to straighten his erections because it seemed like the most sensible and safe choice.

I’m a college professor. I give lectures almost daily in front of full audiences. Wore the darn thing every day and no one knew.

I’m also writing because I don’t need the device anymore. My “equipment” is back in excellent shape. Bent? Nope.

Kudos William! Keep up the good writing!


AG, Atlantic City, NJ

April 10, 2018

Dear William,

  Thanks! You convinced me a year ago. I just turned 50. My previously bent erections are decent again. Harder than the last year or so too.


Ben, Buffalo, NY

April 1, 2018

I’ve been reading through a lot of stuff and I’m glad to learn that it takes a little while to get results. You said it would. But after a week I was expecting to see some difference and I did not. Just a sore pecker.

I stayed with tho. After 3 months the difference was obvious. I gave it another 3 months and then just had to quit because my pec works fine now and I really just could not stand the thing anymore. But, I guess I could get it super straight if I continued.

Anyway, my wife and I are very pleased. I just wanted to thank you for making the process easy enough to understand. And know that it was legit. I can tell anyone interested it’s no quick fix but it works.


Dave, St. Cloud, MN

March 9, 2018

Hi William,

One question. The tip of my penis gets really sore some times from the attachment. Am I doing something wrong?

                    reply from ~ William:

Hi Dave, Thanks for your question. Is a common one. I’m not sure which device you are using. I am guessing the X4 with the comfort strap. Even thought it’s called the “comfort strap”, some men find it pinches and irritates the crown of their cock. Although the comfort strap usually gives a superior grip, some men find using the double noose with the soft memory foam pads much more comfortable.

May, Jacksonville, FL

February 14, 2018

Hi! Great information, thanks so much. It took me a long time to figure out the best way to show this to my boyfriend. He’s hot. But, he had a cock that was bent really badly. He thought it was very beautiful. It was very painful for me most of the time. I finally told him and after a while got him to try the machine out. He didn’t use it every day, but, most days. It took a few months, but now we have sex and it doesn’t hurt me anymore. I’m writing you this letter to thank you. And, because other women should know about this.

Best Wishes, May

Andy, Shreveport, LA

January 24, 2018

Hi William,

The first time I was introduced to penis traction was about a year ago. A friend told me he was making his cock bigger and showed me the thing he was using. He said it was supposed work for the bend in my penis too. He had been using it for about 6 months and said his cock was now 1/2 inch longer. I laughed at him. So he showed me a couple of the advertisements. I told him if he enjoyed it to keep using it. But, I had real doubts about it really working for my problem. My cock was bent and getting worse.

Well, curiosity got the better of me and I started searching those articles. You said it could fix a bent penis on almost anyone. That’s what I had. Not too bad. But my dick was definitely bending now. Downward. A curved down penis. I found out it’s actually not uncommon. It was your webpage I was reading on curved down penis that made me try it.

To make a long story short, I got one and started using it. A bigger cock wouldn’t be bad either. I just wanted mine to straighten out. Never told my friend. Now I think I will. It worked. Painlessly. I never explored anything else because what you explained seemed to make sense and it was cheap.

I have used it for about 7 months and I think my erections are acceptable now. They are not any bigger though.

Thank you William for explaining how this is a legitimate thing to do. Your article made me want to try it. And, now, I have a normal penis again.


Max, Chicago, IL

January 5, 2018

Hey William,

  Great articles. I’m 46. The problem seems like it started about 2 1/2 years ago. Small at first. It just kept getting worse. When it got noticeably bent I finally went to see a doctor. He said it was Peyronies disease. The procedure he recommended seemed scary to me. There were a lot of risks. But, he’s a good man whom I trust and I decided to do it.

  While waiting for my surgery date, I started perusing the internet to read more about this penis disaster. I came across a number of articles that were talking about alternative treatments. Injections, potaba, vitamin E, and traction. Your articles on why bent penis straightening can be easy 99% of the time were the clearest and easiest to digest and understand. I felt like you knew exactly what I was going through. I thought you sounded credible. I really wanted to avoid a hospital stay, but felt there was no real choice. Anyway, I had about 7 weeks before the procedure was to be done. So, I purchased one of the devices you said you liked best and began using it.

I had been using it for only about a month, but I could see and feel a small noticeable difference in my erection. I talked to my doctor about it and he seemed to be OK with what I was doing. He said to “see how it goes”. It was twelve days before the scheduled procedure, I cancelled.

It’s now 8 months since I began with the device. I am happy to report that I am finished with it. My erections are quite naturally straight. Not bent anymore. A little bit of curving remains. But, my wife thinks it’s sexy. And, my erections are hard again.

Your fine articles and easy to understand writing provide a great and helpful service.

Regards, Max

Pete, Jersey City, NJ

December 1, 2017

Hey William,

For any other guys out there who doubt what you say, let me tell them now, it works!

Thanks pal.


Mozi, Columbia, MO

November 3, 2017

Mr Willam,

  Thanks to you my problem is solved. I want others to know. Well, thanks to the devices you talk so much about. It’s nice to find a real people who can save me money and solve my problem. Too many scam out there. Cheaters. Not you. Thanks to you again and wishes for a happy life.


Bob, Provo, UT

October 18, 2017

Hi William,

  You saved the day for me! I’m 48. When my cock started bending I was not at all prepared. Who knows this kind of stuff can happen until it happens. The first one of those devices I bought broke. On my cock. Fortunately it didn’t damage anything but I was afraid to use another one. I had only used it for three months. It was getting harder and harder to adjust. Then one day when I sat down it split apart. Fortunately again, no one else was there. Embarrassment!! I did notice some straightening. So after a couple more months I started looking again and saw one of your articles. You talked about bad ones. I guess I had one. I tried one of the ones you said was best. No problems at all. In four months I looked good. I hope other guys will read your article before buying. It was scary. Anyway, thanks a lot William.


Michael, Portland, OR

October 8, 2017

It worked as you said. No problems. Easy to use. $200. Good deal.


Mark, West Palm Beach, FL
September 22, 2017

I knew my wife was going to laugh after I put the thing on. She called me the Bionic Man. Robo penis. And, about 10 other things. It made me laugh helped me get through the whole process. But, the thing worked. 10 months and I look as straight as ever. I can still feel a little bump where the bend used to be. And, there’s kind of a small dent there. But my hardons are basically normal again and don’t look bent. I would recommend this to anyone.


Tom, Queens, NY

September 1, 2017

It works well. Takes a long time. I’m satisfied with the results.


Carl, Atlanta, GA

August 15, 2017

William, I hate the thing. I hated it from day one. Still I used it every day. Every D------ day! About four hours was all I could stand. After 2 months I was only about half as bent. I couldn’t wait to put it back on. For 6 hours. It’s been 7 months and I’m throwing it in the garbage. I can’t stand looking at it. I’ll never wear it again. My erections look and work just great now. No more weak ones either. Please print my mail with the rest of them because I know there are other men who will hate it just as much as I did. But I want them to know it works. They should stick with it and not give up. It works very well.


Fredrick, New York, NY

July 9, 2017

Hello William, I’m a gay man. I don’t know if that makes a difference. I like sex toys. So wearing this bad boy was kind of fun. It’s also quite a problem solver. When you’re a top and giving anal, a straight rod is important. My lover is kind of wimpy and had been experiencing some pain from my cock. I didn’t think it was terribly bent. But, he’s just... fussy. Four months later. Now he never complains anymore. I hope that helps.


Marty, Norman, OK

July 5, 2017

Thanks William for making the whole thing seem OK and normal. Guys where I live don’t do weird sexual things. That they talk about. I’m 53. And, I think I was the only guy with a bent dick. I never heard of one before. So I didn’t tell anyone about what I was doing or what I was wearing underneath. But nobody knows me here and my name is not really Marty. So I can write to you and tell your readers that it worked for me. I was very unhappy and having sex was like a pity party for me. Now, I feel normal again. Sex is good and I don’t have to explain my dick anymore. Thank you for your help.

Sincerely, Marty

Sam, Mesa, AZ

June 22, 2017 

It worked. It was easy. You just have to do it every day.


Tom, St George, UT

June 1, 2017

My experience was a good one. It’s annoying to wear each day. But it beats the hell out of getting cut up. And it’s cheap. It worked for me. I would recommend it. It’s nice to have a normal cock again.


Mel, Reno, NV

May 19, 2017

Hi William, You talked me into it about a year ago. I told you I would write again in a year. Here I am. Remember me? A year seems like a long time looking forward. It’s like almost nothing looking back. It worked William. Just like you said. I’m still a touch curved but not bent anymore. Just like you said.

Thanks my friend,  Mel

Martin, Chicago, IL

May 14, 2017

Hi William, I said to myself that some day I wanted to be one of those men writing a success story on your website. Now I am! Thank you so very much for making the whole thing seem so simple. Because it was. Easy too. Have great evening!


Walter, Richmond, VA

April 2, 2017

I’m a school teacher William. I’m 55 years old. I don’t have extra money for an elective medical procedure. And, if anyone ever found out what was being operated on... And, naturally I wondered how I would wear the thing all day while teaching. So, I only wore it after work for the first two months. About 3 hours before bedtime. But, in the evenings, I just want to relax. I don’t want to wear the thing and have a constant reminder that I have a deformed penis. It never fell off at home. Finally I tried it one day at school. If it fell off and dropped out of my pants I would die on the spot. Or, if somebody noticed the cage under my pants... “Oh it’s Dr. Cage dick.” The rumors that would spread. In a school. But, I wanted my nights to myself. So I wore some baggy pants and tried it out. Put it on nice and snug. It didn’t fall off and even I couldn’t see it was there. I started wearing it more often. No mishaps. And, now my penis is very straight again. Like new. Thanks to you, William.


Ed, Sioux City, IA

March 27, 2017

Mr William! It worked. I’m 59 years old. My GP doctor said he never saw one of these things before, but, said it wouldn’t hurt to try. I did. Now he said he’ll recommend them. Nice, huh? Thanks a lot for the helpful explanations and encouragement. I didn’t have the money for the surgery and probably would have just lived with it if I hadn’t read your reports.


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