The Very Best
Penis Traction Devices
in The World - Review

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editorial Team

doctor recommended penis traction devices

“PTT (penis traction therapy)
has been shown to be effective as a primary therapy
penile lengthening and curvature correction.”

reference: Sexual Medicine Reviews, International Society for Sexual Medicine
Penile Stretching as a Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease: A Review

Which Ones Are

The Best?

Finding the right traction system can get very confusing for most men.

You want to be sure to use only a high quality penis traction device. An inferior mechanism can beak while you are wearing it and cause serious, possibly permanent, injury.

So how do we find out which are best?

Common questions and answers:

1.  How do I choose a high quality device that will safely give me the results I want?

2.  "Which penis traction device did you use personally, William?”

3.  How long do I need to wear it each day?

4.  Will there be any pain?

5.  Is it easy to attach and remove?

6.  Will I need to use anything besides the device?

7.  Are there other penis stretching methods that work?

8.  Why is penis traction better than other methods?

9.  Is penis traction recommended by medical doctors?

Choosing the Right Device
can be

After a lot of personal thought, most of us decide we want to give correct traction a try. So, we go forward to purchase a penis traction device.

Then..... there are so many being advertised.

And..... they all say they are exactly what we need.

They all look about the same.

Only the prices seem to vary. From about $89 to $495.

What’s the difference?

How do we choose?

"How Do I Choose The Right One?"

We know. It's very perplexing.

There are so many different penis traction devices available on the internet. 23 different ones, by our last count. That’s a lot to sort through.

  • Are they all alike?

  • Do they all work as well as each other?

  • Are they all equally safe?

No. To all 3 of those questions. All pens traction devices are not the same. Even though they look that way in the photographs. And, that's where getting a high quality unit that you can trust becomes difficult.

So, how do you make an educated decision?

"How Do I Choose
High Quality Device?"

That's a great and important question.

If you examine the pictures very carefully, you can begin to see that some of the devices have superior construction. Others just look like a high school science project. And, are about as reliable as one.

Still, with professional quality photographs, and photo shop you can make a sows ear look like a silk purse. The same holds true for penis traction device options. This makes it very difficult to choose wisely.

Here's where we hope we can help. We've examined every one of them.

If you were able to actually hold all the units in your hands, just like we did, you would be able to disregard about 60% of them without any problem.

The remaining ones still don’t all measure up when it comes to quality.

The best ones:

  • Are made with medical grade materials

  • Are Class 1 medical devices

  • Are guaranteed to work for you or your money back

Yes, I personally examined them all when I was choosing my own. And, I will be telling you which penis traction devices I found to be best, and why, in just a moment.

I Personally
Had to Have a High Quality One

I am very demanding when it comes to quality and construction. In everything. My penis traction device was no exception.

As you probably already know, I do a huge amount of research on everything I buy. Well, everything important.

I read the the findings. And, I read about the problems and injuries that could occur. These are things that don't appear in the advertisements. Some injuries are rather tragic. I have only one penis and I was not about to ruin it while trying to fix it. Right?

I actually researched and examined everything before I got started using one. You can do the same thing if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on the process.

Here’s the bad news:

Unfortunately, at the end of my searching, I found only one manufacturer that made penis traction devices that met all of my own personal requirements for Safety, Effectiveness, and Comfort.

This is the Quick Extender Pro.

Yes, there are a few other devices that I considered almost as good, and, adequate. But, they cost just as much or more than the best ones. And, they can become quite uncomfortable to wear. If you can't wear it, it won't work for you. That's why comfort is so important.

So, if you're going to spend the same money, why not get the best there is?

“What did you use personally, William?"

My Second Choice:

Quick Extender Pro devices are my choice. Mostly because they have just a single comfortable attachment method. They have memory foam padding that takes all the pinching out of the process.

They are also a great economical choice if are serious about penis straightening.  These are high quality units.

You only get the double noose system with Quick Extender. It doesn’t look as high tech. However, with the memory foam padding they supply, I found this system to be extremely comfortable. Even when worn for 6 hours straight.

quick extender memory foam pads

The construction and materials used on Quick Extender Pros are also top notch.

“How Long Do I Need To Wear It
Each Day?”

This is a question we all have when we start out. And, the answer will be different for different men. Let me explain.

The straightening comes from softening the hardened tissue so it is more elastic (stretchable) and more so, from the way the short hard tissue is enabled to grow. Add new cells. Stretch out.

The more you stretch it, within reason, the faster you will get results.

But, remember this: If you keep stretching until you have pain, you have gone too far. Back off a bit. When you reach the point of pain you can injure yourself. Possibly seriously.

Even if an hour is all you can do in the beginning, it will have an effect. So, don’t be in a rush. Work safely and get the results you want. Even if it takes a little longer than it takes other men.

What the ads say:

Some ads say to wear a penis traction device 6 - 9 hours a day (I never went over 6). Some ads say as little as 2 hours a day (I had some days like that).

It’s not like prescription medicine. You don’t need a very specific amount of time each day. So, some days you may have longer sessions. Some days shorter. But, I think a man really does need a good 4 hours each day, on an average, to make reasonable progress.

Of course, we’d all like to get away with just 2 hours a day for a month or two and be all straightened out.

That’s not real likely. So be prepared to use it. And remember, it's easy and painless when done correctly. So it won't be a big ordeal.

4 - 6 hours seems to work for most men. 6 hours being preferable.

Another important thing to remember is this: ,Even if you can only do one hour a day comfortably in the beginning, do just one hour. You’ll be able to do longer sessions as time goes on.

And, yes, you can still take a day off each week. Go have some fun all day. It will actually help you to keep going to your desired result if you can forget about the whole thing one day each week.

Is There Any
Pain or Discomfort?

In the beginning you may experience some soreness at the end of the day. This actually means something was accomplished. Like the feelings you get after your good first workouts on a new exercise program, only not as extreme. This new soreness just means there was a good stretch. It will disappear shortly.

Remember: Each day's progress is not visible on a day to day basis because each day the progress is microscopic. It’s like building a brick house. 200 bricks will really do nothing. You won’t see a house. 100 days of 200 bricks a day will be 20,000 bricks. That will create quite a structure. You’ll see some real shape and form.

In the beginning, if you feel absolutely nothing at all after 6 hours of penis traction, you’re not using the device properly. You’ll most likely need to make it longer. They are easily adjustable just for this reason. Here's a video to show you just how easy it is:

However, if you experience pain, you’re also not using the device correctly, or, the springs are much too strong (pulling too hard). If you ever feel pain, take the device off immediately. You can cause injury to yourself.

I personally would take my device off for 5 -15 minutes, two or three times a day during my sessions, and give my cock a little massage and rest. Then, I’d put it right back on until my stretching for the day was complete.

For me, this worked out to be the most comfortable way to use penis traction. I could do more hours comfortably each day with this method and achieve faster results.

That was just my own personal preference. You can experiment yourself with rest periods. I think they’re very helpful.

I accidentally developed that formula for myself one day when I needed to pee. I took the device off, and after peeing, I rubbed my cock a bit to give it some extra blood circulation. It got the circulation going and gave my shaft a feeling of refreshment and strength.

I noticed when I put the traction device back on, my cock was not as sore and it was much easier to wear the device for a longer period of time each day.

Like I said, I never went over 6 hours. Only because I didn’t want to feel married to the thing.

Listen to You Body

I can not stress this point enough.

For the most part, using a penis traction device is easy and painless. But, sometimes it is possible to overdo. This is not comfortable. It makes men quit before they get good results. And, it can be dangerous.

You can tell when you’ve had enough. So pay attention if you get unreasonable discomfort. I don’t mean a little sore. I mean it starts to hurt.

Your body knows when it’s been too long. If you’re getting a “take this thing off” message from your body, take it off. Right away. Be done for the day. Resume the next day.

That is an extremely important point. You need to listen to your body. If it is telling you to take the traction device off, be smart. Listen to your body. You’ll actually make faster progress that way because your body is able to heal more quickly. Even if it has only been 30 minutes. Listen to your body.

And, some days you just won't be able to wear it as long as other days. That's OK too.

We all have different abilities to sustain physical exercise. Right? Some men are much stronger than others. More physically fit than others. That means we have different ability to stretch ourselves out also.

Maybe it will take you two or even three weeks to work up to 4 hours a days. So what? Eventually, if you’re in normal health, you can get there. Listen to your body. It’s the safest thing you can do.

Is It Easy
Put On and Take Off?

Yes! Extremely easy. It only takes about a minute or less to put on. And, less than 15 seconds to take off.

So, if you need to pee at any time, you’re not in for an ordeal. Slip it off. Slip it back on. You’re ready to go.

Do I Need
Use Anything Else?

When you remove the penis traction device for the day, you’re done.

We suggest giving yourself a little time to massage your penis when you take the device off. A single full minute is plenty long enough. And, it can make you feel so much more comfortable.

The massage will also stimulate the blood flow in your shaft and accelerate the healing/straightening process.

I liked to use some non irritating oil like castor oil or coconut oil.

Castor Oil is supposed to help dissolve the fibers in scars and make them soften more quickly. Stretch out more easily.

I personally don’t know if that was responsible for any of my progress. But, I used castor oil regularly for that reason. It’s very soothing and it never irritated the opening in the tip of my penis as some lotions and creams can. And, lotions can hurt a lot. Stay away from those. I used only these natural oils.

Just one more thing: After you massage with any kind of oil, wipe your shaft dry. The oil, especially castor oil, can get into your clothes and can be very hard (or impossible) to get out.

Other Products

As we said early on, there are a lot of penis traction devices out there. There’s no point in trying to save $100 and buy something that can hurt you or disappoint you. Do yourself a favor and get a high quality device.

penis strangulation from a traction deviceblood vessels burst from poor quality attachments

Penis Stretching Methods

Stretching out the hardened tissue that is causing the bend is the goal with penis traction. Any type of regular penis stretching can do this.

Yes, there are other methods penis stretching that have been used: Jelqing, penis “exercises”, certain massage techniques, weights, stones, etc...

Anything that will stretch that hardened tissue out can be effective. But, stretching your penis randomly and uncontrolled can cause serious injury to it.

Using a high quality penis traction device is the only stretching method that gives you full control of your pulling. And, it is our goal here to help you find the best possible device so that you get the best results in the safest possible way.

If you pull too hard, by any method, you can cause severe and possibly permanent damage to your shaft. You can also cause erectile problems. And, nerve damage.

Correct traction, with a high quality device, has proven to be the safest method of effective penis stretching in the world. And, as you learned, it is medically endorsed and doctor recommended in 29 countries worldwide. Including the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany...

Why is Penis Traction
Superior to Other Penis Stretching Methods?

There are two main reasons penile damage occurs with penis stretching:

Pulling too hard on the shaft
is the number one reason for injury from incorrect penis stretching.

As a point in fact, most men who don't use a penis traction device, but choose random pulling methods alone (like jelqing and "exercises"), will eventually start pulling their shaft much too hard when they don’t see some major results in a few weeks. After a few months, the chances of pulling too hard and causing damage increase dramatically.


Two reasons:

First: We are anxious for results and we get more and more aggressive. Also, you’ll get used to the feeling of pulling harder and harder. Eventually it is easy to be unaware of when you have caused damage. Until after the damage is done.

With correct traction, you will always have an adequate pull and it is very difficult to pull too hard. The pulling (tension) is controlled by the device.

Second: The second major problem is strangling the tip of the penis with a poor attachment. This is usually done with a single noose system on inferior devices and the noose used with weights and stones.

You saw that purple tip penis in the photo above? That’s strangulation. That color almost never goes away. And, with that you also may have nerve damage. That means: Loss of sensation. Possible inability to orgasm.

Please, don’t play around with risky penis stretching methods. It’s easy to get hurt. Your cock is more delicate than you may imagine. And, you need to take care of it properly. You are worth it.

Remember: It’s not like a penis traction device costs thousands of dollars and you need to save money. Any man can afford one. And, any man can afford one of the best. Under $300.

Do yourself a favor, get only a high quality device. Use it correctly. You’ll never regret it!

Is Penis Traction
Doctor Recommended?

Yes. Definitely. Yes.

Here are just a few of the prominent medical doctors who endorse penis traction for straightening a bent or curved penis. They have confirmed that clinical study performed on traction extenders works, and how it helps men gain back their sexual confidence.

Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, MD

Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, MD   Member of American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ASAPS), School of Medicine, Founding member of International Association of Male Sexual Surgery, MD from University of Copenhagen

Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen, MD

Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen, MD  Member of the Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Member of the Swedish and Danish Medical Association, Member of the Danish Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS)

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, MD

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, MD  Dr. Petrovich is one of the leading urologists in Europe with over 20 years of surgical, and clinical experience. As a certified urologist for the National Medical Surgical Center of Russia, Dr. Petrovich is involved in the technological development of urological medicine. Dr. Petrovich is a strong supporter of the penis stretcher as an alternative to penis surgery.

Dr. Stephen Giunta, MD

Dr. Stephen Giunta, MD  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International, Medical School:
Georgetown University, Practice: Alexandria, VA


  • Penis stretching can elongate the scar that makes a penis bend or curve, causing the erections to straighten.

  • Correct stretching with a high quality penis traction device is the safest form of effective penis stretching

  •  The penis traction device was invented by a penis surgery specialist and is now medically endorsed and doctor recommended for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

  • Correct penis traction is medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide

The Safest, Most Effective, and Most Comfortable penis traction devicee we found are made by Quick Extender Pro.

Be in Good Health!

~ William

You can be a great inspiration to other men. If you will be kind enough to share your personal success story, please send it to us Here.


Mark, Huston, TX

June 1, 2019

Dear William,

  I just wanted to say thanks for the help. It worked exactly as you said. Exactly. I saved $9,700 on the bent penis surgery and I have no loss of sensation or any kind of erectile problems. One question. Why doesn't everyone use this method?

Thanks again, Mark

Harold, Canoga Park, CA.

April 2, 2019

Dear William,

After wasting $89 on one of the cheap devices I saw on the internet that fell apart in week four, I bought one of the penis traction devices you reviewed as best. I bought the one for $189. It worked flawlessly for the 8 months that I used it. And now my erections are fine and they are much more solid. I really doubted that when I read it. But it's true. I should have listened to you in the first place.

Best Regards, Harold

Thomas, Shreveport, LA

February 11, 2019

William,...... this was some of the best advice I ever got in my life. I'm almost perfectly straight. My ED is gone. Everything is back to normal.


Beth, Scranton, PA

December 26, 2018

Dear William,

Last Christmas I bought my husband one of the penis traction devices you showed us. The best Peyronies one. He had been very miserable and wasn't quite willing to take the step all by himself. But I told him we should at least give it a try. He didn't exactly light up with pleasure when he unwrapped it that Christmas morning (I also got him other things). And it took him a couple of weeks to give it a serious try. By that I mean wear it all day.

He didn't use it all the time. Every day. But, I kept encouraging him. We hadn't had any real sex in over a year. So, little by little I kept encouraging him and eventually got him to wear it to work each day and he took weekends off. He was getting even more upset with it and with me I think until one day he got an erection and it was noticeably straighter. We both stared at it. Not good enough for sex yet, but better. The next time he got one it was still better. He actually broke into a small smile. I started to cry. He started wearing it six days a week. For a long time each day. About six hours.

To make a long story short, last Thanksgiving we had a real special Thanksgiving. I mean we really celebrated. He put the traction device back in the box for the last time and we drank champagne and..... you know.

I forgot to send you a message then. So I am sending it now. Thank you William. For helping us find a way out of this problem without spending a fortune. And, for giving us our sex life back. And, especially for the smile that is back on my husband's face. God bless you.


Neville, Houston, TX

November 1, 2018

Hey William,

Penis traction seems really weird when you first put that device on. But it really worked for me. In just under 6 months I became reasonably straight and had no more erectile problems. I was really wondering if I was going to need Viagra or something. I’m only 40 and I was feeling very old. Now I feel renewed.  Thanks! A lot.


Alan, NY, NY

October 12, 2018

Thank you for helping me find a good and reliable penis traction device. It was really confusing at first like you said. There were so many different ones and at first I almost bought a very cheap one. Why not save a buck? It seemed as good as any other. Then I read the comments on this website and I decided to get the X4 Labs traction. It worked flawlessly the entire time. I did wear out a couple of the attaching straps, but there were plenty in the package. It was very comfortable and I didn’t mind wearing it for many hours each day. It was easy. Fun? Not really. But not bad. And it worked well.


Robert, Cleveland, OH

September 16, 2018

It works. Had no problems. It took a while longer than I hoped. I haven’t used it now for 6 months and the bend has not returned.

Thanks, Robert

Richard, Long Island, NY

September 3, 2018

Dear William,

Here’s my review. I hated the thing. But, I hated my bend even worse. At first a penis traction device sounded like a torture device from the dark ages. Strap on a thing that will pull your cock all day? BDSM?? Nooo thank you!

The fact is, it was easy to use and it never hurt. It just looked menacing. And, the good part, it worked! Pretty fast for me. I was expecting 6 months to a year like you said. It took me under the 6 months. The best part is when you get that first hard on that isn’t quite as bent as before. I mean the first really noticeable one. After that, all down hill. Easy street. Now I’m done. I can’t believe I got my cock fixed for under $200. My doctor visit cost me more than that. The second visit was free. He wanted to see the results. He was amazed.

I hope I’m done with the thing. I wanted to throw it out. Instead, I put it in the closet. Just in case.

Thank you and Have a Great Day Man!


Jerry, Portsmouth, NH

August 11, 2018

It works. Surprisingly well. What else is there to say?


Tom, Lafayette, IN

July 29, 2018

Dear Sirs:

Thank you for the help with my Peyronies disease problem. It had been going on for almost 2 years. I really enjoyed reading the information on your website. They made sense to me and were easy to understand. Plus I liked that so many doctors were recommending the penis traction therapy. I’d read a lot about it in the articles and advertisements on the web. But, it makes you really wonder when your penis is bent like crazy and someone says it can get all fixed up for $100. Especially when all they seem to emphasize is a giant cock in 3 months. That sounds like a lot of hooey. The articles on this website made sense. And, I didn’t feel like you were trying to sell me something with a lot of fantasy claims. In fact, I didn’t think you were trying to sell anything other than the concept. And, good reliable products. I wound up getting one of the ones you showed. The Quick Extender Pro. It was on sale for $159 plus shipping. One of the best investments I ever made. It got the job done. It was not uncomfortable. And, no one except my wife ever knew I was using it. Thanks for making the process so easy. And, for saving me a lot of dollars.

Best Regards, Tom

Liam, Rapid City, SD

July 3, 2018

BentPenis Org

Thanks for the clear easy to understand information with no nonsense. You helped fix my bending without spending a small fortune. Great information and easy to understand. The doctor reviews made me confident. Good job! And thanks.


Mason, Athens, GA

June 20, 2018

Dear William,

I’m an older guy. 63. Got my penis bend at 61. Like I didn’t have enough problems down there already. What with peeing 3 times a night and all.

Anyway, as a senior, cash is on the short side and I’m not about to waste what I do have. I wasn’t really going to do anything about it. But for $199, guaranteed, I decided to give it a try. Son of gun worked. Real good. Now what can you tell me about peeing?


Bobby, San Francisco, CA

May 6, 2018

Just to let you know, the thing worked. Just like you said. I’m only 48 and my cock went crazy. At first I thought it was a bit odd. Then it just kept getting worse. My doctor told me to wait a year to see if it would go away by itself. He said it sometimes does. Mine did not. It just got painful. Then I wasn’t even getting erections. Not hard ones. I’m gay. Life’s hard enough with that. Can you understand. Even in SF. Then a bent dick. Not a cute curve. A big old bent dick. What next?

You guys saved the day. I bought the penis traction device you said you liked best almost a year ago. When it got here I was mortified. I left it in the box for the first two months. Then my partner was playing with it and I tried it on. Not too bad. He said to give it a try. He even said he’d get one to wear with me. He’s funny. With his encouragement I used it almost every day. When I first noticed I could get an almost decent erection I was mesmerized. I just started at the thing and tears came to my eyes. Can you imagine? After that I wore it a lot each day and my progress was fast from there on.

So, thank you William and all the rest of you there at Bent Penis Organization. It’s a fantastic website you have. A real help. And, I’m sorry, my name isn’t really Bobby. This has to remain a secret. No one here needs to know.  ;)

Bagwis, Makati, Philippines

April 5, 2018


I want to tell you dat the penis traction work for me. Very good. I could not afford a surgeries. I try the penis traction. Thank you. I hope my letter will help other mens.

Paalam Ingat Ka, Bagwis

Jurgen, Hanover, Germany

March 19, 2018

Hello Sir,

  Thank you. Good results!


Tommy, Brooklyn, NY

Hey William, Thanks man. You saved the day. I’m only 40 years old. My johnson was a sorry sight. My wife pretended not to mind. But, sex was not bringing a smile to either of our faces. Now everything is OK. It took a while. About six months. But, it’s worth it if anyone wants my opinion. Thanks again!


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