Natural Treatment
Erectile Dysfunction

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction with a peyronies disease bent penis

Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is always the best answer when possible.


Simply because any other kind of treatment always comes with some kind of possible side effects.

And, a number of those side effects can be serious. On rare occasion, the side effect is even death. Yes, death. Possible blindness and hearing loss are two other disastrous ones.

So, why take the risk, if the risk is not necessary, and natural treatment for erectile dysfunction will do the job nicely?

The Causes
Erectile Dysfunction

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction: age, health issues, psychological issues, certain medications, diseases such as diabetes..... and, a bent penis.

Yes, penile bending can, all by itself, cause serious erectile issues.

Different causes can require different treatment.

And, when a bent penis is the cause, the best treatment can often be surprisingly easy.

A Bent Penis
Can Be The Cause

A bent penis caused by Peyronies disease CAN cause serious ED. In fact severe bending will usually cause ED to a greater or lesser extent.

Is there a completely natural treatment for erectile dysfunction of this type?

YES. And, it’s usually quite simple.

All it involves is straightening the erection
in a non-invasive way.

That’s correct.

If the bending is what caused the erectile dysfunction, removing the cause, that is: straightening the erections, will usually resolve the ED problem.

How great is that?

Really. How many unfortunate physical circumstances resolve that easily?

Correct Straightening

This is the key here. Because, some types of straightening can cause ED or make the current ED even worse.

Yes, how the straightening is done is extremely important. The straightening must be done naturally, non-invasively, without surgery.


Because this type of surgery can cause ED. So, why risk a treatment that can be a new source of  erectile dysfunction when ED is what we are trying to get rid of in the first place?

What is Non-Invasive
Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Penis stretching.

Yes, it’s that simple. Really. We put that up as link for you so that you can learn all about the different types of stretching:

  • Which types of stretching are safe?

  • Which are effective?

  • Which are medically endorsed and recommended?

Penis stretching is not as childish as it sounds. But, that’s what it is in plain English. Stretching. Stretch out the sort tissue so that it is as long as the normal tissue.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction with peyronies disease, penis stretching

And then: straight erections again.

It’s that simple.

You will hear penis stretching called penis traction therapy, penile exercises, jelqing, etc.... A lot of fancy names that all sound very “professional” and expensive.

They’re all different forms of stretching.

And, it does not have to be expensive.

The Safest and Most Effective
Penis Stretching
the medically endorsed method

The very best type of natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, using penis stretching technique, is called: Penis Traction Therapy (PTT).

We know. This one sounds expensive. It is not. Not at all.

PTT is a very controlled type of stretch that is medically endorsed and doctor recommended. Because it is controlled, you face none of the possible disasters and penile damage that come with jelqing, “penis exercises”, or any other type of random pulling.

PTT utilizes a simple device that was developed in 1994 by a penis surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction with penis stretching, PTT

This simple device is usually the very best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies disease. Yes, the very best. And, the Safest. So often, PTT is the only treatment needed, for both straightening out the erection and for the ED that a bent penis causes.

Does it Always Work?

Will PTT work for everybody?

No. Nothing does. This is no exception.

However, if the ED was caused by the bending, straightening by stretching out the hard tissue, will almost always resolve the erectile problem.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis #1
natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis #2
natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis #3
natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis #4

Doesn’t it make sense to try traction
ingesting all kinds of potentially dangerous chemical substances?

Is PTT Expensive?


In fact PTT is the least expensive of ALL the medically endorsed and recommended penis straightening methods.

Any man can afford to use the best here.

A high quality PTT traction device can be purchased for as little as $200. One of the best in the world can be had for about $300.

Now, compare that to a $9,000 surgery, which, as you already learned, may make the ED worse.

Or, $30,000 of injections.

You’ll also find that many of the traction device manufacturers give a money back guarantee with their products.

If only all our problems could be solved so easily and inexpensively....

Poorly Made Devices

Here’s where you must be very careful. Choosing your traction device.

Here's why:

Traction devices can also make a penis bigger. Yes, longer and wider. Permanently.

In fact, penis traction is the ONLY method that can enlarge a cock with new actual tissue. Permanently. No pills or creams or potions can do this.

As you probably realize, there are a LOT of young men who feel they need a bigger cock.

So, how many men do you think buy these devices for “male enhancement” (a bigger cock) vs penis straightening?

20 to 1.

Yes. 20 to 1.

So, doesn’t it make sense that the ads you see for penis traction devices are aimed mostly toward “male enhancement”? Not straightening and the natural treatment for erectile dysfunction associated with a bent penis?

There are a LOT of companies willing to make a quick dollar. At your expense and detriment.

So, you’ll see a LOT of cheap imitation devices being sold on the internet for $89 and even less.

The problem with cheaply made devices is that they are made with inferior materials and poor workmanship.

What does this mean to you?

It means they malfunction easily. If one beaks on your cock and causes a puncture of your shaft, or other serious penile injury, you’ll wish you never used it.

penile injury

Only Use
High Quality Penis Traction Device

high quality penis traction device to straighten a bent penis

We can not stress this enough. Only use a very high quality penis traction device.

The high quality traction devices are:

  • Class 1 medical devices

  • Made with medical grade materials

  • Guaranteed to work for you

There are so few of these. We researched all the available devices. And, we found only two manufacturers making devices that met ALL of our requirement for Safety and Effectiveness.

So, we  put together an entire report on these manufacturers and their penis traction devices.

You can read that report here:

“The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in The World”

Before You Risk
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The very best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, when a man has a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease, is usually PTT. Penis traction therapy.

If you’d like to know more about PTT, pease take a look at this page we have put together for you: “How To Fix A Bent Penis Without Surgery”.

If you’d like to go directly to our review of the best penis traction devices available, here’s the link: “The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in The World”.

REMEMBER:  If your ED developed shortly after the bending became a problem, the bending itself may very well be the cause of the erectile dysfunction/impotence.

In this case, the very best and safest natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is usually just to straighten the shaft out again, naturally, without a surgery.

Be in Good Health,

~ William (editor)

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