Is Penis Stretching Effective
Straightening a Bent Penis?

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editorial Team

penis stretching for peyronies diseasepenis traction device

Is penis stretching effective for straightening?

Yes. Definitely.

Penis stretching (with correct traction therapy), is actually the safest and most effective method to straighten a bent penis if it is done correctly.

“Penile traction therapy (PTT)

is increasingly being recognized as a viable nonsurgical approach
Peyronie’s disease.”

ref:  Dr. Shaan A. Setia MD,
penis traction device,

Common questions and answers:

1. Is penis stretching medically recommended?

2. How much does it cost?

3. Is it easy to do?

4. How does penis stretching straighten a bent penis?

5. Getting past the horrifying name.

6. If it's not really a "disease", why is it called a disease?

7. Do you just pull on it?

8. What is correct penis stretching?

9. VIDEO: Bent Penis - Fix it Easily

10. Does PTT have any downside?

11. Which penis traction devices did we find to be the best?

12. Is penis stretching Safe and Effective?

Traction Therapy
It’s Almost Too Easy

I know. We live in a world today where complex solutions and hard to pronounce names make our hearts pound and make us willing to spend huge amounts of dollars. Right?

Yes. I have been guilty of that too.

And, when we hear the name Peyronies Disease for the first time, and, we look down at our mutated looking hideous erection, we are sure we will need some very expensive treatment. Am I right?

Well, usually that is not true.

99% of the time,
it’s very easy to straighten a bent penis
without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Peyronies Disease Treatments

Well, the fact of the matter is yes, some men will need some very expensive Peyronies disease treatment if they are ever going to be able to use their cock effectively and painlessly again. But, that is rare.

Most men will not need anything more than correct penis traction therapy to become sexually and comfortably functional again. By most I mean about over 90%.

I will repeat that: Most men will not need expensive Peyronies disease treatment to straighten out their erections to an acceptable level. That means straight enough to have good comfortable intercourse without pain to their partner or them self.

Would that satisfy you?

Penis Stretching That
is Safe, Effective,
Medically Endorsed and Recommended

Penis Traction Therapy (scientifically controlled penis stretching) is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

I know, “penis stretching” sounds like some little boy is talking. Not even a little sophisticated or important or credible. True?

But, that’s why I am using the term here. Because the process is so simple and easy. AND, yes, effective.

So, let’s now use the medical terminology: Penis Traction Therapy. Also known as PTT. That sounds sooo much better. Right?

PTT. It’s still penis stretching. The difference is this: With Penis Traction Therapy (PTT) the stretching is done in a scientific, controlled manner with a high quality penis traction device.

Knowing the difference between random pulling and correctly applied traction is very important. I will explain the difference in detail in a few moments.

What is The Cost
Penis Traction Therapy?

This sounds expensive too. Doesn’t it?

How about some very good news: PTT costs under $300 using one of the best traction devices in the whole world.

That’s correct also: For under three hundred dollars, you can use medically endorsed PTT. With no additional costs.

Why Am I Making This Sound
So Unimportant and Simple?

Well, I am not implying in any way that this is unimportant. I know it is VERY important to the men with Peyronies disease. Very important. I know this. I was right where you are today.

Can straightening really be simple?

For 99% of men, the answer is: Yes, it can.

And, the entire point I am trying to make here with all this common language like “penis stretching” is this:

It’s easy to straighten a bent penis 99% of the time with simple stretching that is correctly applied.

“Prolonged daily external penile traction therapy
is a new approach for
the nonsurgical treatment of PD (Peyronies disease)."

"Objective measures demonstrated reduced curvature in all men from 10-45 degrees; average reduction for the group was 33% (51-34 degrees)”

ref: Levine LA, Newell M, Taylor FL.J Sex Med.,

Penile traction therapy for treatment of Peyronie's disease: a single-center pilot study.
2008 Jun;5(6):1468-73. doi: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2008.00814.x. Epub 2008 Mar 26

Straighten Can Be So Easy

First let’s get one point clear and it will help you understand everything in this article so much more easily:

Peyronies Disease is NOT a “disease”.

There is almost never a pathology causing the condition. And, yes, it is a condition. No more serious than the condition of gray hair.

There is rarely a virus, bacteria, or illness causing the penile bending.

What there is, is this: A small section of hardened scar tissue that will no longer stretch out with the rest of the erectile tissue. So, this hard tissue is pulling the erection in it’s direction.

penis stretching to fix a bent penis

That’s ALL there is to this. That’s really all there is that is causing the bending.

Yes, the bending can be horrifyingly severe. That just means the piece of hardened tissue is a bit larger. The condition is the same. As is the correction.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of that hard tissue to make a really hideous bend.

penis stretching for severe bending, peyronies disease

What I want you to know is that as awful as this condition seems to you right now, straightening is usually an easy process 99% of the time. Without surgery, injections or drugs.

Simple correctly applied traction therapy can adequately straighten almost any bending caused by Peyronies “disease”.

Now it’s time to learn how correct penis stretching does this.

How Does Penis Stretching
Straighten A Bent Penis?

There are two things that will happen with regular correct stretching:

 1)   The hard tissue will become more elastic. That means, it will stretch more.

 2)   With traction therapy, microscopic tears will occur in the stretched tissue. The hard scar tissue.

The tears are so small that you will never feel them. And, those tears will heal very quickly with new cells. Yes new cells. Do you know what that means?

It means each time those tiny tears heal, the tissue is becoming longer.

Do that enough times and the tissue will match the surrounding tissue length during erections. AND: Your erections will become straighter and straighter.

how penis traction therapy, PTT, penis stretching works

Getting Past
The Horrifying Name

The name: “Peyronies Disease” is just a nightmare when we first hear it. Am I right? Did you panic a bit the first time you heard it? A horrible disease in your cock??

First we are told we have a “disease”. Then maybe the person told you the cause is unknown? Did they? Then did talk about the.... surgery?

penis stretching or penis surgery?

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

It’s a horrible few minutes of our life.

When you first heard someone give you all this information, did your heart begin to pound? Did you break out into at least a small sweat? Did you mind start racing to all the most horrible possible scenarios?

Don’t be embarrassed. Mine did. Most of us experience this exact same sort of reaction. Almost every man I talked to about it had the same reaction. We feel overwhelmed!

But now, I'm going to ask you to relax.


Because the truth is: 99% of the time, it’s really not as bad as it seems. No matter how horrible it may look to you at this moment.

Is It Called A "Disease"?

Now, this little obscure fact is really interesting: The only reason this condition is called a “disease” is that it was named way back in 1743.

penis stretching to fix a bent penis from peyronies diseaseFrancois Gigot De La Peyronie

The man who discovered what was causing this bending was named Francois Gigot De La Peyronie. A French surgeon.

Way back then, modern medicine was just getting organized and codified. Pretty much anything you discovered had a good chance of being named after you. That was nice for the discoverer. Right?

This developed bending condition was named “Peyronie’s disease”. The discovery belonged to Dr. Peyronie. Make sense? Later the apostrophe was dropped. And then, very unfortunately, the name stuck. A true misnomer if every there was one.

Peyronies is a conditon. Not a “disease”.

It’s no different and no more serious than the scar on your hand, foot, or face. No more serious than gray hair. Are those diseases? Well, neither is this.

Make sense?

The only real difference with this scar is: it makes your erections bend. Sometimes a lot.

Penis Stretching

I know, penis stretching truly sounds like a child’s game. Penis traction therapy is so much more grown up. And, serious sounding. We take it more seriously.

But, I am intentionally calling it penis stretching here just because that has a way of taking some of the fear out of this problem. The problem seems less serious. Am I right? Does it sound less serious that way? Cause less fear? I hope so, because that is good for your mental health and happiness.

The reality is:

99.999% of the time you don’t have a serious illness to worry about here. You have a scar. And, you can stretch that scar out.

“Penis stretching” makes the treatment and remedy seem more simple. Easier. More do-able. And, in reality, the process truly is quite simple more than 99% of the time.

The technique is becoming quite well documented and successful in the medical research reports.

“Conclusions: Penis traction therapy seems an effective treatment for the acute phase of Peyronies disease in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.”

ref: Dr. Juan I. Martinez-Salamanca, MD,
Bent Penis Traction Therapy,

A Simple Analogy

Here’s a simple analogy:

If you call the man on TV a weather man or a meteorologist, they are doing the exact same thing. Right? They report the weather.

But, when we say “meteorologist” it sounds so much more important.

And, so it is with penis stretching and “Penis Traction Therapy”.

The difference with PTT and just plain pulling on your shaft is that PTT is a scientifically controlled stretching process and not just random pulling. There is a huge difference.

You Can’t Just Pull On It

No, this is not random pulling on your shaft. If you take that approach you can cause yourself some serious, and possibly, permanent injury.

Please: Don’t try to save a few dollars on a high quality traction device, use jelqing, penile “exercises” or any other free hand pulling, and risk wrecking the erection that is already having an uncomfortable problem.

jelqing and penis exercises to straighten a bent erection
penis stretching or jelqingjelqing device

These are freehand types of penis stretching that can be employed for straightening. But, they are super risky.

These methods include penile “exercises” or all types and jelqing with or without a jelqing device. Using a jelqing device (like you see on the right) does not make jelqing any safer.

Why are these things so risky? The problem with these methods is: there is no control on the amount of pulling.

Sure, in the beginning you will most likely pull smoothly and gently and easily. Really great.

But, you’ll get really bored doing this every day for more than an hour.

After you see no real results in 2 or 3 months, you’re most likely going to feel the need to see some results quickly. So, we usually start to pull harder and harder until we’re yanking on our shaft pretty darn hard and possibly causing some serious damage.

Correct Penis Stretching

PTT (penis traction therapy) is almost too simple for many men to accept it as valid. But, it is becoming recognized more and more in the medical community as a very valid and effective method of Peyronies disease treatment.

The genius of PTT is that it pulls and stretches the hard tissue before it pulls the softer more elastic normal tissues. So, the hard part stretches out to match the longer normal tissues in length during erection.

The penis stretching is also done with a spring that has a limited amount of tension. You won’t over pull and cause damage when you use a high quality device properly.

When you have stretched that hard tissue enough, the erections straighten. It’s just that simple.

That’s the entire process.

With PTT you face NONE of the possible surgical or injectable side effects. And, you also save a lot of money.

Penis Stretching

I made this video a few years back so that you can see exactly how a traction device works and how easy it is to use:

Does PTT Have
Any Downside?

Yes. Just one really. Nothing is perfect. It takes some time and discipline. Plan on six months to a year of daily penis stretching with a proper device.

“OMG! I’m not spending half a year stretching my cock out.” I hear that a lot from men at first.

The thing is, putting a device on before you go to work is as simple as putting on your shoes. No one can see it under your pants. And, no one knows what you’re doing. You go about your normal day’s work just as you did before.

wearing a penis traction deviceWhich man is wearing the device?"

Are There Any Other Problems
With Using Traction?

Yes. There is also one major problem for men who choose PTT: They buy a poor quality device.

Not All Traction Devices Are

How can there be poor quality devices?

I’ll explain:

Jorn Ege Siana penis traction device

The man who invented the penis traction device is named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. He was a penile surgery specialist. He invented the device to keep a man’s shaft straight after surgery during the healing process.

He soon discovered that the device, all by itself, was capable of straightening. Without the need for surgery. An entirely new era in penile straightening had arrived.


In a short time, Dr. Siana also discovered that his traction device could make a normally straight shaft grow longer and wider. Yes, a man could create a bigger cock for himself. Real actual permanent growth.

Just as the device stretched the hard tissue in a bent penis, it could stretch and actually cause new cellular growth in an already straight shaft. And, the lengthening results are permanent.

How many young men do you think that interested?

Now: That’s where the problem began:

In a very short time some clever marketers caught on to this and started advertising the devices as “Male Enhancement Devices”. And, it is true. They can give permanent Male Enhancement.

Now, how many young men do you think are looking for a bigger cock as compared to middle age men trying to straighten out a bent one? Answer: About 20 to 1.

So, where do you suppose the majority of the advertising goes? That’s correct: Male Enhancement.

And, do you think there are some unscrupulous manufacturers and marketers cutting all kinds of corners on quality to get their prices lower than anyone else?

Yes. There are.

High Quality Instruments
Poorly Made Toys

High quality devices used to be in the $500 range. Now you can some of the best ones in the world for under $300. Still, you can also get some dangerous junk at that price point. You have to be careful.

There are keen marketers who care only about making a fast dollar. They appeal to the insecurity in many young men with their gorgeous advertisements. They want a quick sale. So, they compromise on materials and quality construction and put devices out for $89 or less.

In the advertisements they usually look as good as the ones that actually are good.

Now, what if one of these dangerous pieces of junk breaks while you’re wearing it? Punctures your shaft? Nerves get cut and sensation is lost for years? Strangles the penile crown so blood vessels break and it turns purple because the attachment is poorly made?

penile damage from improper penis stretching

What if the penis loses feeling and never becomes normal again? On and on....

Was it worth saving $100 for that risk?

Those are all very real possibilities. And, there is also some expensive junk out there with these same possibilities.

How do you pick a high quality one?

To start with:

A high quality unit will be made with medical grade materials to the highest standards.

Which Penis Traction Devices
Did We Find Best?

Here at Bent Penis Org we have made an attempt to research every one of the available devices you’ll find on the internet. There are 23 by our last count.

Unfortunately, there were only two manufacturers that met all of our personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness. These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

Both of the companies you will find in that review make superior devices.

They are:

  • Medically Recommended

  • Beautifully crafted with medical grade materials

  • Classified as class 1 medical devices

  • Sold with a money back guarantee of your success

Is Penis Stretching
Safe AND Effective?

Yes. Penis stretching is both Safe and Effective if you do it correctly.

Traction therapy with a high quality traction device is medically endorsed and doctor recommended in 29 countries. This includes:

USA • Canada • Belgium • Holland • Germany • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • United Kingdom • Switzerland • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Venezuela • Italy• Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

“In recent years, penile traction therapy (PTT) has gained considerable interest as a novel (new) nonsurgical treatment option for men with Peyronie’s disease (PD)..... PD may benefit from a conservative approach with PTT, resulting in increased penile length and reduction of penile deformity. It appears to be safe and well tolerated.....

ref: Dr. Eric Chung, Dr. Gerald Brock,
"PenisPenile Traction Therapy and Peyronie's Disease"

Be In Good and Lasting Health.....

~ William (editor)

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