Peyronies Disease Symptoms
don’t let a bent penis scare you!

Peyronies disease symptoms are very definite. And, as horrible as they may now seem to you, a bent penis and the associated problems are usually quite simple to correct.

This condition is almost never as serious as it seems.

So, I want you to take a nice deep breath and relax right now. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised with what you are about to learn.

Peyronies is Not A “Disease”


Yes, really.

Peyronies is just a simple condition that can be easily corrected 99.99% of the time.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

What Are
Peyronies Disease Symptoms

There are only three Peyronies disease symptoms that will make any difference to you:

  • Your erections are bending terribly

  • Your bending erections are painful

  • You have developed some degree of erectile dysfunction

If any of that is what has happened to you in the last year or two, you most likely have Peyronies disease. It doesn't take an expert to diagnose this.

There are also two other common symptoms. Neither really bother any man as far as sexual performance goes. But, they may help you identify the condition.

These are:

You may be able to feel a small lump, like a pea, under your skin where your erection is bending.

*  You can only feel this when your cock is flaccid (soft, limp). That would be the scar/plaque formation that is causing the bend. You may or may not be able to feel this. It’s not important if you do or do not.

You may have Dupuytren’s Contracture, an autoimmune disease, or a side effect of some medication.

*  If you have Dupuytren’s Contracture, it may or may not be the cause of your bending. But, it can be. And, men with Dupuytren’s have a higher chance of developing a bent penis. This also is not significant because straightening can be done exactly the same way as with any other bent penis.

OK. Now, let’s take a look at those first three Peyronies Disease symptoms one by one. Those are the ones that affect you sex life.

The #1 Symptom
All Peyronies Disease Symptoms:

Your Erections Are Bending

You now have a bent penis that was not bent before. Your erections can bend up, down, sideways, or in more than one direction.

This is the main symptom. Of all the Peyronies disease symptoms, this is the trouble maker. The one that messes up our sex lives and drives most of us to start searching the internet. The extreme bend.

Peyronies disease symptoms #2Extreme Peyronies Disease

Am I right? Is that what got you here?

Of course. Because that is the one that is causing your sexual problems.

“Sadly, there is just so much misinformation
about what causes the bending.


There are so many ‘remedies’ and ‘peyronies disease treatments’
that just don’t really work.”

Some are medically prescribed. Some are home remedies.

All those things do for you is this: They make you more fearful and more worried than you were when you started your search.

Is that true for you?

You’re not alone. Most of us felt the same way.

From this article, I want you to learn exactly what is happening and why it is so easy to straighten a bent penis.

Then you will stop worrying and know that the nightmare you are currently experiencing is really no big deal 99.99% of the time. No matter how horrible it appears to you right now.

Let me tell you this first:

99.99% of the time:
It is very easy to straighten a bent penis,
no matter how horrible it seems,

without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Now:  How do you feel knowing that?

It made me feel great when I learned that!

I’ll direct you to a detailed explanation on the #1 method for Safety and Effectiveness later. The method is outstanding! It is medically endorsed and recommended. And, will cost you under $300.

Right now, we are just going to continue discussing Peyronies disease symptoms. So, you won’t worry about them anymore.

Peyronies Disease Symptoms - #2
Your Bending Erections Are Painful

Maybe so painful that you can’t even get a decent erection anymore. Right?

Don’t worry about that one at all right now.

Men that use correct traction as their Peyronies disease treatment of choice, find the pain to be the first of their Peyronies disease symptoms to disappear.

Good news! Right?

Again, you’ll soon learn why that happens.

Soon you’ll learn why it is usually the first symptom to disappear.

Peyronies Disease Symptoms - #3
Erection Dysfunction

peyronies disease symptoms, erectile dysfunction

It just keeps getting worse... Right?

Like those first two Peyronies disease symptoms weren’t bad enough.

Are you now getting soft erections or no erections at all?

Nightmare on top of nightmare! Right?

I know. Personally. It’s horrible! Your entire sex like seems to have gone completely bad in about a year or two.

I want you to know this:

“If your erectile dysfunction was caused by your bent penis,
as you straighten your erections back out,
your ED
will most likely disappear also."

We Want to Give You
One Big Warning:

Stay Away From Erectile Drugs And Herbs

Yes, this is our one serious warning for men with a bent penis who also develop erectile dysfunction at the same time:

If your erectile dysfunction was caused by your bending penis,

PLEASE:  Don’t even consider an erectile dysfunction drug or “herbal formula”. Those things can be a LOT more dangerous than you may think.

Yes, they can cause: Death, Heart Attacks, and Blindness. Even the herbal ones can kill you.

Do they hurt every man? No.

Do you want to take the risk and see if you are one of the ones they do seriously harm?

“If your bending penis is the cause
of your erectile dysfunction,
it will almost always disappear
once you have straightened yourself out again.”

And, the pain?

It’s just the extreme bending that is pulling your tissues too hard that is causing you pain. Reduce that pulling enough and the pain stops.

So, please don’t start taking some possibly very dangerous “remedy” you don’t really want or need or, that may cause you harm.

Straighten yourself out. Then see what happens.

I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

99.99% of the Time
You Can Have Straight Erections Again
without surgery

The bending is caused by a simple hardened patch (or patches) of tissue inside your shaft. Usually a small scar where you never even realized you had an injury.

This scarring is no more of a disease than the scars you have on your hands, face, feet, lips, etc...

It’s just a scar.

straighten a bent penis

It was misnamed a “disease” way back in 1743. Yes, that long ago. And, the name stuck. Unfortunately.

That name scares all of us who ever get the condition because we are also so often told: “The cause is a mystery.”


The causes are very definite
and it is not a disease.

As soon as you fully grasp those two points as reality, you will understand why it is so easy to straighten a bent penis. And you will understand why you don’t need surgery, injections, or drugs for straightening 99.99% of the time.

Are You Feeling Better Now?

I hope so.

Peyronies disease symptoms can be really scary. Frightening, embarrassing, humiliating, and depressing. Am I right?

The bending can be very severe, painful, and even cause erectile dysfunction. So, of course they’re scary!

When you have people telling you it’s a disease and no one knows where it come from, that makes it even worse.


No man is going to say, “Oh, my penis is bent now. My erections hurt terribly. And, I can’t even get a decent erection now. But, that’s OK....”

It’s not OK at all for any of us.

Peyronies disease symptoms are horrifying! We feel humiliated. And, we all get depressed. You’re not alone.

Just Remember:

Peyronies is NOT a “disease",
It’s Easy to correct 99.99% of the time

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

99.99% Of The Time
This Is A Simple Condition To Fix

Remember I told you I would explain how simple it is to correct all of those non-disease problems?

In order to keep this page on Peyronies disease symptoms from getting too long, I have written a separate complete detailed article for you with all that information: “Straighten a Bent Penis Without Surgery”

On that page you will learn this:

If you’re like 99.99% of other men who developed Peyronies disease symptoms, you can fix a bent penis easily, by yourself, using the best of all Peyronies disease treatments. A simple medically endorsed and recommended method.

peyronies disease symptoms cure #1
peyronies disease symptoms cure #2
peyronies disease symptoms cure #3
curing peyronies disease

Be In Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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