Penis Curvature

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penis curvature straightening without surgery

Yes. Penis curvature is actually more common than a completely straight penis.

True. Over 50% of men have some degree of curvature in their penis/erection.

It only makes sense, doesn’t it.

Take a mirror and look at your nostrils in your nose. Are they both the exact same size? What about your eyebrows? Exactly the same? Even your hands. Is one a little bigger than the other?

These are congenital. (You’re born that way.)

What Causes
The Congenital Bend?

Inside your shaft you have 2 major erectile chambers called the corpus cavernosum.

penis curvature from the erectile chambers and tunica albuginea

These are the two chambers that fill with blood to create your erection. There is also a third smaller chamber, the corpus spongiosum. This chamber protects your urethra (the tube your pee and semen come through) so that your semen can come out easily when you ejaculate.

penis curvature from the corpus spongiosum

Now, the two main chambers that form your erection can be just like the nostrils in your nose. Slightly different from each other. If they are, when you get an erection it will not be perfectly straight. Make sense?

Also, the tunica albuginea (the tough case that surrounds the erectile chambers and makes your erections feel hard) may not be perfectly even all the way around. So, that too can cause a small penis curvature.

You see?

There is nothing wrong with you if this is the situation and your erection is a little bent. You’re perfectly normal.

And, as you just learned, more men have a small penis curvature than there are men with a perfectly straight erection.

What About
Severe Curve?

severe penis curvature
severe penis curvature, downward curved

Now,  if you have developed a major curve over the last couple of years, you probably have what is called “Peyronies Disease”.  A bent penis.

Peyronies is actually not a true disease. It is a condition. Like grey hair.

It is not caused by a pathology 99.999% of the time. There is no virus, bacteria, etc. associated with it.

And, as horrible as it may look and feel right now, it is very easy to fix 99% of the time. Without surgery.

Why is Peyronies Called

That’s a very good question. And, here is the answer:

penis curvature and Peyronie's disease

It got it’s name back in 1743 from the man who discovered what was causing this type of penis curvature. His name was Francois Gigot De La Peyronie. So they called his discovery: Peyronie’s disease. Later the apostrophe was dropped.

Unfortunately the inappropriate name stuck. That unfortunate misnomer has traumatized hundreds of thousands of men since.


You know why. Your penis is bending radically and you’re told it’s a “disease”. Then you might have been told that no one knows the cause of it. Holy Moly!! That’s scary. Especially if the bend is severe:

severe penis curvature

Why It’s Simple to Fix
Penis Curvature
99.99% of the time

The reason Peyronies penis curvature is so simple to correct is this:

All you have to do to straighten this bend is stretch out the hard tissue enough so that is stretches as far as the normal tissue during erection.

traction therapy for penis curvature

And, if the bend is not severe, you may be done in a matter of a few months.


Yes, you can cut the hard tissue out and graft in a piece of new tissue or synthetic tissue with a surgery.

Yes, you can sew the longer side down inside with a surgery (you newly straightened penis will be shorter).

Yes, you can inject all kinds of chemicals into the hard tissue to soften it up a bit. And, possibly cause corporal rupture

Or, you can simply stretch the hard tissue out and get the same results.

What sounds best to you?

Straightening a Penis Curvature
PTT (penis traction therapy)

Penis traction therapy usually sounds too good to be true.

I mean, how many medically recommended treatments that correct a problem can you buy for under $300?

This statement is what makes many men think PTT is a joke. No. It's no joke. It's just a real blessing for almost every man who wants to fix a penis that is horribly bent and disfigured, Safely and Easily.

“Conclusions: Penis traction therapy seems an effective treatment for the acute phase of Peyronies disease in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.”

ref: Dr. Juan I. Martinez-Salamanca, MD,
Bent Penis Traction Therapy,

Yes, for under $300 you can do the same job as an $8,000 surgery. Or, $30,000 of injections.

No, not as quickly.

But, yes, much more safely.

PTT to straighten a penis curvature comes with none of the possible surgical or injectable side effects. To me, that was the single most important consideration when I decided to straighten my own severe penis curvature with traction.

Be Well.....

~ William

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