Can Vitamin E Fix a Bent Penis
Caused by Peyronies Disease?

Can Vitamin E fix a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease?

There Is No “Cure”

Will using Vitamin E alone “cure” your bent penis if you have Peyronies disease?


That’s because you first must understand that this is a condition, not a disease. Then it will be easy to understand why there is no “cure”.

But, don’t despair, the condition is easy to fix 99% of the time.

Peyronies Disease is a Condition,
NOT a “Disease”

Peyronies disease is not really a “disease” at all.

“Disease” is a real misnomer here. And, it scares most of us terribly because our penis looks, and possible feels, horrible!

But, there is nothing to cure here. Just some scarring to stretch and lengthen.

You have a scar and/or plaque formation inside your shaft that is not stretching enough during erection and this is making your erection bend.

That’s all there is to it!

Really...  That’s it. Nothing more.

Is A Scar A Disease?

Now, if you have a scar on your hand,.. or your face,... or your leg,....  do you then have a “disease”?

Of course not!

The same applies to the scar inside your shaft.

Does that make sense?

So there can be no “cure” here.

It is simply a condition that is easily correctable. Once you know how.

You stretch the scar/plaque formation so that it can elongate like the rest of the internal penile tissue does during erection, and your “disease” problem is gone! Vanished!

Although Vitamin E may help with your penis straightening, all the studies and clinical trials have shown that using it as your only treatment will usually not be successful.

You Don't Have A "Disease"

This is such an important point to understand on both a physical and mental level.

Because, on the physical level, you won’t try treating yourself with all kinds of drugs  return link also (that have proven minimally effective anyway) that you don’t need. Or, jump into a very risky surgery return link also (that is rarely required).

On the mental level, you’ll feel much better about yourself and your future because you know you don’t have a disease.  You have a simple internal scar (or scars) that you don’t even need to remove to correct your problem.

If you stretch the scar/plaque out enough you will still have the scar/plaque in there. It just won’t be causing you a bending problem anymore.

And, knowing this condition is easily correctable 99% of the time should make your current situation feel not so monumental as it did a few minutes ago.

Are you with me so far?

This Is A Very Easy Problem To Solve

I know. When it’s our own penis bending at a 90 degree angle, it can be very disturbing and be very depressing. Right?

None of us were told we had Peyronies and then said, “Wow, check out this great bend in my dick!!”

No!  It’s frightening. Embarrassing. And, we often feel humiliated and emasculated. True for you? It was for me.

HOWEVER: Now that you are getting a good understanding of what’s actually happening down there, it doesn’t seem so tragic. Does it?

It’s not.

And, yes, I’m going to say it again: It is not a big deal. As bad as it looks, and maybe feels, this is a very easy condition to correct 99% of the time.

Can Vitamin E Help?

You hear me say this a lot on this website. And, that’s because it’s true:

“99% of the time,
Peyronies disease is actually one of the
simplest conditions to correct.”

Vitamin E may assist your progress.

But, taking this substance, or enzymes, or whatever  drugs are currently used, will not do the trick. This has been proven in clinical trials over and over again.

To straighten your penis, you are going to need to stretch that scar out manually. Or, get surgery.

And, surgery for this condition, in my opinion, is just plain insane for 99% of us.

Why? Because there are a lot of possible hideous and horrible side effects associated with this type of surgery that are not necessary to risk.

Stretching Out The Scar

The nice thing about Vitamin E here is that it can help soften your tissues. And, that may make your stretching program work more quickly.
Many doctors recommend trying it all by itself for this condition as a first try. But, as I said, it has proven not very useful all by itself.

Penis straightening is one of those situations in life where we need some good old fashioned real hands on work. This means manually stretching the scar tissue. And, correct penis traction has proven to be the Safest, Quickest, and Most Effective way to do this.

Results You Can Expect

Here’s a good comparison that's easy for most of us men to understand:

Straightening a bent penis is much like getting a nice muscular healthy body.

You can eat all the best foods. Take all the most potent supplements. Rest well and lead a clean life.

BUT: You need to exercise your muscles if you want them to be strong and toned. It won’t happen without some exercise.

The same holds true for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease. You have to stretch that scar out or cut it out.

Clinically Proven Results

Clinically proven, correct penis traction is the safest and most effective way to actually straighten out a bent penis 99% of the time. Any bent penis.

Correct penis traction has proven to stretch the short hard internal tissue inside a penis effectively and evenly.

That’s why we use a high quality penis traction device instead of just pulling on our shaft with our hands. Used correctly, the device gives a nice even controlled action that will not cause damage.

Just pulling your shaft randomly can cause it to bend in other directions and may cause damage as well.

Which Vitamin E Is Best?

Vitamin E is a good safe nutritional aid when taken in the proper amounts. And, when the natural form of E is used. Usually about 600iu (international units) a day is recommended. Ask your doctor what is the right amount for you.

The most common form of this supplement is alpha tocopherol.


Vitamin E is sold in 2 forms: Natural and synthetic. And, yes, the synthetic version is cheaper.

Be sure to use a natural one!

The natural form is labeled d-alpha.

The synthetic is labeled dl-alpha.

Did you see the sneaky little “l” next to the d in the synthetic version? That tells you it’s the impostor.

The dl is an un-natural chemical that will even remove nail polish and it has been found to be toxic. Spend a few dollars more and get the real stuff.

Single Or Mixed Tocopherols?

OK. Now, what about "mixed tocopherols" ?

You’re going to find different kinds of natural Vitamin E available.

In nature nothing nutritional occurs singly. That is: Everything is a great complex of “ingredients”.

We may eat meat for protein. But, meat also contains fat, vitamins, minerals, etc....

We may drink orange or fruit juice for Vitamin C. But fruit juice contains sugars, Vitamin A, other vitamins and minerals, etc.

And, for this tocopherol supplement, we usually hear about alpha tocopherol. But, there is also beta, delta, gamma tocopherol. Since they all work together, I personally prefer to get the mixed tocopherols.

Don't We Get This Nutrient In Our Food?

This is a natural nutrient. We just don’t usually get very much in our modern food supply. It is estimated that over 85% of the world population is deficient in Vitamin E.

And, for therapeutic uses, a larger amount is needed.

Do we get enough Vitamin E from our food?

Good natural sources of natural Vitamin E include:

Nuts, seeds, whole grains, egg yolks, avocados, asparagus, green leafy vegetable, corn, tomatoes, chestnuts, carrots, peanuts, goat's milk. Wild meats even contain healthy amounts of the natural E vitamin (but, most of us just don’t get wild meat these days).

Unfortunately, a lot of it can be lost when cooking and in food processing.

Therapeutic Dosages
Vitamin E

If we eat really well and buy organically grown foods, we can be nourished properly.

However, when using Vitamin E as an assist to soften tissues and help stretch the scar(s) in your penis, a “therapeutic” amount is usually consumed.

That therapeutic amount is usually in the 600iu range (a really great diet may give you 3 - 10 iu). And, like I said before, ask your doctor what is the right amount for you.

Vitamin E

Deficiency of this nutrient can cause certain health problems. One is: It can make the soft tissues more rigid, brittle and more prone to hardening.

As you already learned, it is a hardening internal scar/plaque formation that causes your penis to bend here. So doesn’t getting enough Vitamin E seem like a wise thing to do?

Because the common modern diet is usually deficient in this nutrient, a supplement is usually not a bad idea.

Although Vitamin E deficiency can actually be a causative factor in Peyronies disease, the main cause is trauma (injury).

Remember, the nutrient Vitamin E, among it’s other benefits, gives the tissues more elasticity and suppleness.

Using a Vitamin E supplement will not make the tissues weaker. It makes them more stretchable.

A potent Vitamin E supplement may make the scar(s) more pliable and, therefore, easier to stretch and elongate more quickly.


From the studies: Vitamin E alone will probably not straighten a bent penis due to Peyronies disease or any other cause. But, it's scar softening ability, however, it may very well reduce or eliminate the pain of Peyronies Disease.

Oral Vitamin E may also help speed up the progress of your straightening when using a high quality penis traction device like you see right below due to the scar softening ability of the vitamin.

Vitamin E or Penis Traction? Which works better?

Be Well.....

~ William

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