Does a Penis Traction Device Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editorial Team

the best penis stretching device
modern penis traction device

What is a penis traction device?

It’s a very simple mechanical device that can:

  •  1)  Straighten and fix a bent penis

  •  2)  Cause new growth in the shaft that will make it permanently longer and wider

They are medically endorsed and recommended for these uses in 29 countries worldwide. Including:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • France • Italy • Holland • Germany • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • Switzerland • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

links to: Common Questions and Answers:

1) What does a penis traction device look like?

2) How do I use one?

3) What is the most comfortable attachment mechanism?

4) What is the Bent Penis Org first choice for a penis traction device?

5) What kind of Guarantee can I get?

6) How are the high quality devices different from the others?

7) How much will I have to spend to get one of the very best devices?

What a
Penis Traction Device
Looks Like

The modern penis traction device is not much different than the original one developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana back in 1994.

what is a penis traction device?

The main differences on the modern penis traction devices are:

  •  The strength of the tension spring

  •  The way they can attach to the shaft

Do I Use One?"

The bottom of the device slips on over your shaft and the top then attaches under the glans (penis tip).

how do I use a penis traction device?

The first penis traction devices used a simple “noose” to attach the unit to the tip of the penis.

penis traction device single noose, old style

The noose fits right under the glans and that is where the pull comes from.

single noose penis traction device

It is effective and usually can work decently. Especially with the older devices that had springs that were not too strong.

The Problem With
Single Noose Attachment

As the traction devices became more popular, an effort was made to make them more effective. That is, do the job more quickly.

The only way they can do the job faster is to increase the pull on the shaft. This was accomplished with stronger and stronger tension springs.

A problem soon developed:

In order for the device to stay on with the stronger pulling from the stronger springs, the noose had to be made tighter and tighter.

Many men started pulling the noose too tight and the tight noose combined with the strong spring started causing blood vessel breakage in the glans (penis tip).

poor quality penis traction device

We do not recommend using a single noose. A double noose solves the problem. As does the modern comfort strap.

The Double Noose

To remedy this situation, a double noose was introduced.

penis traction device with double noose system

This helped. But, because of the narrow diameter of the noose straps, problems and blood vessel damage was still happening to some men.

memory foam pads for penis traction device

When the double noose was sufficiently padded, the problem seemed to be conquered. And, the padded double noose is still in use on what we feel is the finest and most comfortable penis traction devices available today. The Quick Extender Pro.

The Most Comfortable
Attachment Mechanism

the best attachment mechanism for a penis traction device

The "Comfort Strap" is much better than the single noose. But, at the end of the day, it is nowhere as comfortable as the memory foam padded double noose.

There are a few companies using this type of wider strap attachment. Some of these companies even give you 64 different variations of attachment with this strap and nooses and paddings.... We found the simple Quick Extender Pro system to be, hands down, the most comfortable.

When used correctly, it also makes the risk of popping the blood vessels in the glans almost impossible.

That is why our #1 choice in penis traction devices is Quick Extender Pro.

Our First Choice
for a
Penis Traction Device

The kit you see above is their Curvature and Peyronie's Edition. Designed especially for penis straightening. It is our #1 choice. We think it is by far, the best of all the available penis traction devices available on the market today.

This kit also comes with a six month money back Guarantee. Another reason we are able to rank it #1.

 * (This exact kit was also my own personal choice. ~ William)

Penis Traction Device

When a man first decides to try traction therapy to fix a bent penis, or, for male enhancement (creating a longer and wider shaft), the first thing he usually does is go “shopping on the internet”. Right? Didn’t you? It makes sense.

And, as you now know, there are a lot of penis traction devices available.

They all claim to be the best. Right? The one you need....

BUT:  Which ones really are the best?

We researched all the available penis traction devices (23 different ones were available during our research). Only two manufacturers met all of our requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

Those are the two companies we mentioned above: Size Genetics and Quick Extender Pro. You can find a detailed review on these devices here and learn all about them:

“How to Fix a Bent Penis Naturally, Without Surgery”

In that article you’ll also find my own personal experience using penis traction devices for fixing my own personal bending problem.

How are the High Quality Devices
Different From the Others?

The answer to this is really very simple and a common sense answer.

1)  Like most mechanical items, a high quality penis traction device has to be made with high quality materials.

You’ll notice that the devices we found to be best are made from medical grade materials.

2)  You also want a high level of craftsmanship. In the photos in the ads, there is no way to see this. Photoshop is a great tool for making poor quality items look good.

You have to see it and hold the devices in your hands. That’s what we did. The differences are immediately obvious.

3)  The products we chose are also guaranteed to work for you or your money back.

Why all the emphasis on a high quality device?

So you don’t get injured.

Penile Injury

This can be a big problem with poorly made penis traction devices.

Unfortunately, any idiot can injure himself with even the best equipment. The same is true for penis traction devices.

But, even the most careful and conscientious man can get seriously injured using a piece of poorly made equipment.

You have only one penis. If you mess it up, you don’t get another.

Poorly made equipment can easily break while you wear it.

What does this mean? It means you can puncture your shaft and cause damage that will affect your sexual ability for the rest of your life. Yes, the rest of your life.

You can also easily pop the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft (the glans). This discoloration may last a lifetime. AND, it may damage the nerve endings so severely that you lose sensation. Possibly lose the ability to orgasm.

You must choose wisely. And, that is not easy with all the fancy advertising you will see.

What is
The Cost
for One of the Very Best Devices?

This is where we get to give some very good news.

Penis traction devices are very inexpensive.

A Penis Straightening Surgery will cost between $8,000 - $19,000.

Penis injections (the only FDA approved ones) will cost between $30,000 - $50,000 (that was not a typo....)

One of the Very Best Penis Traction Devices In The World can be had for under $300.

The difference in cost between some of the most dangerous poorly made devices and some of the very best devices in the world is about $150. That’s it. $150.

If you’re already saving $8,000 - $30,000 0n surgery or injections, is it really worth risking permanent penile damage to save $150?

Of course not.

Any man can afford to use

one of the very best penis traction devices

in the world.

Be smart. Get one of the best devices you can. You’ll never regret it.


Penis traction devices have only been around since 1994.

They can be highly be effective for both straightening a bent shaft (congenital or from Peyronies disease), and for adding new length and width that will be permanent.

There are a lot of devices to choose from. Unfortunately some are cheaply made and dangerous to use. Of the good ones, some are better than others.

You can get one of the best penis traction devices in the world for under $200. Don’t try to save $100 over that and buy a piece of dangerous junk that may injure you seriously and permanently. You’ll never regret getting a good one.

Penis traction therapy, using a high quality device, is medically endorsed and doctor recommended:

“PTT (penis traction therapy)
has been shown to be effective as a primary therapy
penile lengthening and curvature correction.”

reference: Sexual Medicine Reviews, International Society for Sexual Medicine
Penile Stretching as a Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease: A Review

If you have decided to give penis traction therapy a try,

PLEASE:  (we’re going to say it one more time) Use only a high quality penis traction device.

Be in Good Health!

~ William (editor)


Here are some emails from men who have had great success straightening their penis with traction devices. We hope they will be helpful to you. ~ William

Brad, New York, NY

Dear Bent Penis Org,

  You were spot on. I used one of the devices you recommended. It worked flawlessly. After a while it took no more time to attach than putting on my shoes and lacing them up. I thought it was going to be an ordeal. It was not. I was afraid someone would notice it at work. Never happened. I kind of miss it now. Just kidding. I love having a straight cock again. Thanks to you, no surgery. Thanks to you, no injury to my bank account. No side effects.

  I can not recommend your website enough. I hope the men that come here in the future read this and take the time to really learn what you taught me. A bent penis really is easy to fix.

Warmest Regards, Brad

Carl, Pennsylvania


  You are the BEST. Yes, the best. I mean it. I was ready to spring for the surgery. I’m only 30 and I had a penis fracture last year. The thing healed horribly bent. I looked like a real freak. I became afraid to date.

  The only think that kept me from the surgery was seeing a video of it. Geeze! Don’t get near me. I would have done it too. But, I tried one of the traction devices your company talks about. First. Like your people recommend.

  After one month, not much change. After two months. A little. Noticeable. Still not too much. I kept going. I thought I’d give it one more month. I’m glad I did. I went 8 months.

  After six months, so different. After 8 months, I quit. Finished. Looking good. Thank you a thousand times. Really, a thousand times. Why don’t more doctors know about this??


Edward, Roanoke, VA

Dear Sir,

  I’m a 61 year old man. I had a bent penis for over 9 years. I simply wasn’t going to try that surgery. It scared me. The option with injection therapy was too expensive and my insurance would not cover it.

  My penis wasn’t horribly bent like some of those in your photos. Maybe just very severely curved. Definitely bending enough to upset me. And, my erections were a bit weaker than before the bending. I thought that was probably due to my age. Then, as I continued to read, I saw you referenced a medical paper that explained how the bending could weaken them. I was now very curious. I wanted stronger erections. However, I like to avoid unnecessary medications so I was not ready to use Viagra or any of the others.

  I tried the Pro Extender device you reviewed. Quite a contraption. I almost sent it back without using it. Then I decided, what the heck.

  I must tell you, it was a comedy of errors. I couldn’t get it to stay on in the beginning. My wife was in stitches laughing at me trying to get darn thing to stay on.

  Finally she studied the directions and got it to stay put first try. Do you know how awkward the thing feels at first? Of course you do. Sorry.

  I kept using it. After a while I got it on easily. I wore it for just a few hours each day after work. Not too bad. Actually, quite comfortable. Never tried it to the office. Horrors. The thought of it coming off and falling out of the bottom of my pants while in a meeting would be more than I could endure. Could you imagine the questions? I’d rather the Earth split open and suck me under.

  I was curious though. And, with my wife’s support, patient and persistent. We checked every night. Nothing at first (as you said). It took some time and eventually we saw it working. Maybe three months. Low and behold. Definite difference. Still bent. Just not quite as much.

  I’m done with the device now. About nine months total. Enough is enough. The bending has not returned after a year. And, most impressive, I have firmer erections. That’s the best part for me. No drugs. No shots. No medications. Just a straighter penis firmer erections.

As I said, I didn’t have a really terrible bend to begin with. Just enough to be increasingly disturbing. The erectile weakness is what bothered me more. My wife and I are quite impressed. And, quite grateful to you and Bent Penis Org for the wonderful way you explained penis traction and everything else related to straightening. It’s because of your outstanding communication skills that I now have normal (and harder) erections. Thank you sir.

  I hope this note will help other men in the future.

Sincerely, Edward

Roger, Plainfield, NJ

Dear William,

  It’s a weird thing to wear on your dick all day long. I was a bit desperate and did not want a surgery if I didn’t have to have one. I finally went all out and bought the XPro.

  It worked! Just like you said.... No mechanical problems. No injuries. No loss of sensation. Pretty much back to everything normal.

Thanks William! Great website.


Jeff, Nebraska

Dear William,

  It works as you said. I like that it was doctor recommended. I’m OK now.

Sincerely, Jeff

Walter, Portland, OR

Hi William,

  My name is Walter. I’m from Portland, Oregon. Yes, Portland. If you’re not aware, we do a lot of weird stuff up here. We’re famous for it. So, why not wear one of these contraptions on my penis?

  Now, seriously.

  I’m a 46 year old man who runs a substantial business. Just saying. So the people that read this can take a Portland guy and his review seriously. At age 43, my dick started looking curved. Over the next year or so the curvature got worse and worse. Finally, after about a year, it was a real serious bend. My doctor told me a simple surgery could fix me up. He showed me a video. I’m not a doctor and I truly wanted to vomit when I saw it. I asked him if he’d do that. He said if it was necessary, yes. I didn’t like the look of it.

  I work in the tech industry. So, when I got back to my office, I went web searching immediately for any possible alternative. I not only gagged at the surgery pictures, literally, I didn’t like the reports about the high percentage of negative ramifications and changes five years down the road after the surgeries (yes, I read medical papers easily and appreciate the medical references on your website). Loss of size, more bending, erectile dysfunction. A second, or third surgery?

  I sincerely wanted a viable effective option. Your Bent Penis Org website was the first one that really made other reputable options clear. The real options. The medically approved options. Like I said, we do lots of weird things up here. I didn’t want to risk my future sexual health and ability.

  After reading your website, penis traction devices made sense to me. And, I thought if this traction didn’t work, all the other options remained. It sounded worth a try. I tried it out. It’s very easy and I used the device only while working at my desk. About 4 to 5 hours daily. I got comfortable with it quickly.

  Well William. It worked for me. Quite well. Exactly as you said it would.Thanks for making the information easy to understand and digest. And, for helping me avoid a surgery down there. I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up down the road.

Thanks and Best Regards, Walter

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