The #1
Erectile Dysfunction Cure
A Bent Penis

erectile dysfunction cure and a bent penis

An erectile dysfunction cure for men with a bent penis is more often than not very simple:

Straighten out your penis.
With a non invasive method.

Did you know that most men who develop Peyronies disease, a bent penis caused by some internal tissue hardening, also wind up with erectile dysfunction?

And, most of you don’t even know that the bending is what may be the only cause of your ED. If this is the case, straightening may be all the ED "cure" you need.

A Bent Penis
Causes ED

There are a number of reasons that explain how a bent penis causes ED:

  • The plaques may weaken the smooth muscle tissue in the penis, making it more difficult for an erection to occur.

  • The plaques may impair blood flow into the penis. As a result, there isn’t enough blood for a firm erection.

  • The plaques may cause blood to leave the penis too quickly, making the man lose the erection.

  • Men with Peyronie’s disease often feel depressed about their situation and anxious about sexual activity. These psychological issues can lead to erection problems.

reference: International Society for Sexual Medicine

This is another reason why straightening should be considered as the first line of treatment for an erectile dysfunction cure.

Penis Surgery
Can Create Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that just by simply straightening, with correct stretching/traction, ALL of these problems can be negated and normal erectile function can return? Without the use of any sexual stimulants or any other erectile dysfunction treatments?

The important thing is, the straightening must be done non invasively.

That means, without surgery. Or, injections.


Because penis surgery comes with many possible horrible side effects that include impotence, erectile dysfunction, and inability to maintain an erection.

In other words, a penis surgery has the potential to create all the erectile dysfunction symptoms that you are right now trying to reverse or “cure”.

“....over 65% of patients were unhappy with the outcomes of the Peyronie's surgery at 5-year follow-up. Penile length loss and worsening of erectile dysfunction was the most common reason for dissatisfaction.”

reference: Dr. Nelson Bennett,
“Five-year follow-up of Peyronie's graft surgery: outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

The Quick “Cure”

As a society, we have been educated to get the quick cure. No matter what the cost or risks. It's no different, and may be even worse, when searching for an erectile dysfunction cure. Why? Because we become desperate when our sexuality is threatened or compromised.

And, why not?

Everybody wants to feel better as fast as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Unless, it causes you more, or, even worse problems than you started with. We just don’t usually talk about that part. Do we?

Well, if you’re looking for an erectile dysfunction cure for ED that was caused by a bent penis, doesn’t it just make sense to get rid of the cause first and see what happens? Cause and effect.

Is this time for a, “Duh???”

Really. I am not making light of your situation. It can be quite emotionally devastating. Frustrating, and, monumentally depressing. It was for most of us. We feel sexually ruined. And, the treatments are generally not very appealing.

What I'm asking you to think about is this: Why do we get so insane so often with health issues? Especially when some are really very easy to take care of. Like ED caused by a bent penis.

Well, this is what we at found to be the reason: Most men don't know what the alternatives are when it comes to an erectile dysfunction cure for a bent penis.

Yes, a bent penis, Peyronies disease, is a real and definite trauma for every man who develops a severe bend. And, the temptation to go with the first and fastest recommendation on straightening is enormous.

We want to be straight and normal again. Now. Right now. That’s a very natural and normal desire.

We want it to happen ASAP. Right? That’s totally normal too.

If you use surgery to straighten your shaft
in hopes that it will also be a be an erectile dysfunction cure,
you are taking a HUGE risk.

“....and patients must be warned
that long-term worsening of the quality of the erection
may occur in up to one-third of cases.”

reference: Asian Journal of Andrology
Long-term results of the surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease with Egydio's technique: a European multicentre study

Yes, for some men, a penis surgery will ultimately be the only effective method of straightening. These men then very often need sexual stimulants like Viagra or Cialis afterward to get decent erections. Or, they may even wind up needing a prosthetic implant for an erectile dysfunction cure.

But, before you start perspiring here and panicking, you need to know this is less than 1 man in 1,000.

Yes, 999 men out of 1,000, who want to fix a bent penis, won’t need these radical measures. Even if the bend is severe.

bent penis erectile dysfunction "cure"
bent penis erectile dysfunction straightening cure

Do Yourself
Big Favor

Do yourself a very big favor here.

Your penis is severely bent. Right? And, you now have developed ED.

bent penis erectile dysfunction cure #1
bent penis erectile dysfunction cure #2
bent penis erectile dysfunction cure #3

The bending may have even caused serious ED. So, now you’re miserable, seriously depressed, and you have no real sex life.

Any kind of erectile dysfunction cure sounds OK at this moment. Right? Again, this is normal. You're not alone. But,please, don't rush into something that could make things worse. Permanently.

Here’s the favor:  Don’t panic and rush into a serious invasive treatment that might make things even worse.

Sure, if you really mess things up, there’s always an inflatable prosthetic penis available.

Here's what happens with that:  They’ll surgically remove your erectile chambers. AND, you testicles. Put a couple plastic tubes in your cock and a squeeze pump where your balls used to be. There you have it. An erection on demand! But, you'll never have a normal spontaneous erection again. Ever. Because you no longer have you natural body parts.

penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction cure

Does that sound good to you?

Not to me.

Are The Options?

Again, some men will need to go the prosthetic implant route as their erectile dysfunction cure. But, not a lot of men. In fact, very few. So, don’t rush there. It’s not reversible.

The prosthesis is usually used in men who have had their prostate removed and can not get an erection at all.

You simply have a bent penis.

If you had decent erections before the severe bending developed, simple non invasive straightening can usually not only straighten a bent penis, it can usually reverse the ED symptoms that a bent penis caused.

Now, doesn’t that sound a whole lot better?

We’re not really talking about a “cure” here. We’re talking about removing the situation that is causing the ED problem. That’s all.

Make sense?

OK. Now, what is non invasive straightening?

Non Invasive
Penis Straightening

Any kind of correct penis stretching can possibly do the trick.

The problem with most kinds of penis stretching like jelqing, penile “exercises”, etc... is the danger of pulling too hard or incorrectly. There is no real control over the motion or the amount of pulling.

jelqing penis exercises for a bent penis
jelqing device for a bent penisUsing a Jelqing Device

If you use those kinds of stretching techniques for straightening, or, in hopes of an erectile dysfunction cure, you open yourself up to all kinds of serious possible disasters.

And, most men will cause themselves a problem with these methods because results are slow. And, what normally happens is, they keep pulling harder and harder to get quicker results. Until the pull is causing damage. Often irreversible damage.

The SAFE, Medically Endorsed
Doctor Recommended Stretching Method

The one and only medically endorsed and doctor recommended method of stretching is called penis traction therapy (PTT).

Penis traction therapy is so good and so effective that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. Including:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Germany Norway France • Switzerland • Italy• Japan • Belgium • Holland • Denmark •  Canada • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • Portugal • Argentina • Philippines

Unlike jelqing, or penis “exercises”, with PTT, both the direction of pull and amount of pull is always under control.

Here’s How
Traction Therapy Works

erectile dysfunction cure for bent penis caused by peyronies disease

What traction (scientifically controlled penis stretching) will do is lengthen the shorter tissue in the shaft that is causing the bend.

Two things happen:

 1)   The short harder tissue is stretched first. Technically it’s called protein reorganization or remodeling of collagen fibers. It sounds complicated. But, in every day terms, it’s just simple stretching. Like when a dancer or athlete stretches their legs for longer lines and greater extensions.

 2)  Tiny tears are created by the pulling. So tiny and microscopic that you never see or feel them. There is no bruising or bleeding. But, these tiny tears heal with new cellular growth. Growth that causes lengthening. And, this growth is permanent.

With Penis Traction Therapy (PTT)
you face:

NONE of the horrible possible surgical side effects.

Is There a Downside

Is there a downside with traction therapy?


The downside it what the panicking man dreads most: It takes time.

PTT will take an average of 6 - 12 months to straighten a penis nicely.

PTT takes a little discipline and persistence.

No, you don’t have to be a fanatic. You can take a day off each week. But, you need to stick with it.

And, fortunately, PTT is so easy and painless to do.

an erectile dysfunction cure for a bent penis

  • PTT will not work as an erectile dysfunction cure for any other type of ED.

  • PTT can straighten almost any bent penis caused by Peyronies disease. And, if the bending is what caused the ED, straightening this way will usually reverse the problem.

the best erectile dysfunction cure with a bent penis
  • Because it is so simple, totally non invasive, and medically recommended for straightening, doesn’t PTT sound like it should be the first line of treatment for straightening a bent penis, as well as the safest possible “cure” for erectile dysfunction caused by penile bending?

If you try it, we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

Be Well....

~ William (editor)

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