Why Are Some Penises Bent?

why is my penis bent?

Why are some penises bent? There’s an easy question to answer.

There are generally 4 reasons:

  • Peyronies Disease

  • Genetics

  • Autoimmune disorder

  • Disease and certain medications

“Men who have an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, or vasculitis, for example, may develop a bent penis when their immune system attacks cells in their penis. Results of the attack can include inflammation and scarring, which then leads to a curvature of the penis.”

ref:  https://prostate.net/articles/causes-bent-penis

The rare obscure reasons: cancer, radiation treatment, some other very rare disease or disorder, use of certain medications, such as beta blockers, are known to sometimes cause the penis to bend.

Common Questions and Answers:

1) What are the main reasons penises are bent?

2) Why does it so often happen after the age of 40?

3) VIDEO: Why The Penis Bends

4) Is having sex difficult or painful?

5) What are good sexual positions for bent penises?

6) Is straightening right for you?

7) What is Penis Traction?

8) What are the best penis traction devices?

More Than 99% of The Time
It’s ONLY One of Two Reasons

I know. When asking the question, “Why are some penises bent?”, it sounds like there are a multitude of reasons for the bending.

And, one out of 35,000 chicken eggs will give you salmonella. Do you see where I’m going with this?

A curved or bent penis is usually the result of only two things:

  • Congenital defect

  • Peyronies disease

It is most likely, more than likely, that one of these two situations is what brought your here. 99% of the time. And, of those two reasons, Peyronies is usually the #1. Why? Because a congenital bend is rarely severe. Unless it is chordee. And, that is quite uncommon also.

So, let’s look at both of these common causes. Then we’ll talk about how easy it is to fix a bent penis caused by these conditions. Yes, these are “conditions” not “diseases”.

Congenital Penis Curvature:

Almost 20% of newborns are born with a bent penis.
Really? Yes! And, over 50% of men have some degree of penile bending.

This kind of curvature is normally very harmless. Except maybe to your self esteem.

But, something most men don’t know: many women find that little curve sexier than a straight erection. Yes, really. So, don’t worry about it. OK?

If your shaft looks like this:

why are some penises bent?

bending in any direction: up, down, to one side or the other: Don’t Worry About It. This kind of curve is no big deal. It’s normal. If anyone gives you grief about it, it’s their problem, not your. And, you’re in the company of over half the male population.

This minor bending will not interfere with normal intercourse (in any position),


if you use the bend to stimulate your partner’s G spot, it can actually be a real plus.

Peyronies Disease:

Why are some penises bent? Or, in this case, “Why do some men bend in mid life from penis injuries and not others?”

This is always my favorite topic because so many men have so much misinformation on it. The part that gives me the most pleasure here is the look on a man’s face when he realizes he’s not sick. There actually is NO disease. And, straightening is easy.

That’s correct: Peyronies disease is not actually a “disease”. And, it’s very easy to correct 99% of the time. Without surgery.

There are no germs, viruses, bacteria or any other type of pathogen causing the Peyronies bend 99.999% of the time.

It’s a bend being caused by some hardened scar tissue that may be even 20 or 30 years old. It’s just hardening now and that is what is causing the bending.

fix a bent penis bentpenis.org

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Plain and simple.

Is the scar on your hand, or face, or foot a disease? No. And, neither is this.

Why Are Some Penises Bent
After 40?

Peyronies disease can happen at any time. But, usually it’s after the age of 40. And, it only happens to about 5% of us men.

Our scars actually become harder, more fibrous, (for some genetic reason) at this time.

That’s why a 20 or 30 year old injury can make your erections bend now. And, bend horribly.

And, that’s also why the other 95% of men can have the same type of scar and it’s never a problem for them. Their scars don’t harden.

So, simple. And, as you thoroughly understand the cause of this bending, you’ll also understand why straightening does not need a surgery 99% of the time.

Video: Why The Penis Bends

A visual explanation can be worth many pages of explanation.

Why are some penises bent?

Here’s a great video from Dr. Aaron Spitz that shows us how that hardened tissue is causing the bend:

“I Don’t Remember Have Any Injury There.”

That’s a very common statement. And, that’s where this erroneous information comes from: The cause of Peyronies is “unknown”. Hooey.

There is always a cause. But, most men need a little walk down memory lane to find it.

Here’s the most classic example of where the injury and scars came from:

Can you remember some of those times when you had some Amazing incredible sex? And, what about a time, or maybe two, when you were going at it super hard and you slipped out?

Did you ever try to ram it back in right away and miss? Most of us have.

Ouch! Right? A big ouch! The pain didn’t last long. You and your partner probably had a little laugh. Then you went right back at it. Right? No big deal.

That “ouch” was your erection getting a small bend during impact. And, a small tear. Professionally they like to call that a trauma (an injury).

Erections were never designed to bend. Not even a little. Because of this, when they get even a very small bend, they almost always tear. Usually on the tunica albuginea. The sack that surrounds the erectile chambers and makes you hard.

why is my penis bent?

A Broken Penis
A Medical Emergency

This next piece of information is a little off the main question here, but, it's some important information that you should know.

It’s not usually a giant tear where you rip the tunica albuginea during rough sex. However, when you tear it seriously inside, that’s called a broken penis. Or, a fractured penis. That’s a  serious medical emergency.

It may look like this:

a broken penis is a medical emergency

Your shaft, and possibly the surrounding area, will looked bruised. It will hurt like crazy when it happens.

If this is your case: Get to an emergency room immediately. If you don’t, you could lose your penis.

Now, The Normal Problem Causer

Now, this normal ouch (even a big ouch) when you miss going back in, will heal. Without any treatment. You will probably never even be bothered by it again. Until it causes the bend.

If you don’t see discoloration, there is probably no, or very little, internal bleeding and it will heal itself up quickly and nicely.

In fact, you’ll probably be telling your buddies about the experience at Happy Hour and having a good laugh about it.

BUT, a scar will form there.

why is my penis bent? #2

For 95% of men, this will never be a problem.

Why are some penises bent from this?

Because scars harden significantly and become fibrous and strong for about 5% of us. This hardening usually comes many years later.

This scar hardening is the cause of what we call
Peyronies disease.

The good news is: 99.99% of the time, if this is the cause, surgery is not necessary for straightening.

Is Having Sex Difficult
or Painful?

This is the most important point:

If your curved or bent penis is not causing problems with intercourse, it’s not a problem. Just go on about your life and enjoy sex like every other normal male. Because you are normal.

A small curved or bent penis is not an issue. If it has been disturbing you too much mentally, I hope this article helps you to understand that a small bend or curve, that doesn’t interfere with intercourse, is not a problem for anyone. Unless you make it one. OK?

Sexual Positions For Bent Penises

Again, if you have a small bend or curve, have sex in any position you want that doesn’t bother you or your partner.

If your bend is considerable, what you want to learn is what positions won’t cause your partner pain.

For Example:

With a curved down penis, modified doggie style, or reverse cowgirl style (where she is on top facing your feet) often work quite well.

modified doggie style position for a curved down penismodified doggie style
reverse cowgirl position for a curved down penisreverse cowgirl position

Experiment with a variety of positions. Gently. If your partner is comfortable, and you're comfortable, it’s good.

Is Straightening Right for You?

You know if your cock is bending severely and it is useless for intercourse. If that’s the case, straightening may be a great idea.

If you’re having difficulty with intercourse, or, your partner is just in pain or discomfort from your bend, straightening is also probably a really good idea. At this point, "Why are some penises bent?" no longer really matters to most of us. We just want to have a straight erection and normal sex again.

On the other hand, if your partner is having a great time, saying she’s in sexual heaven, then everything is probably just fine the way it is. Make sense?

Remember, if you feel it’s time for straightening, the process is easy 99.9% of the time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

And, the #1 medically endorsed method for straightening, the method proven Safest and Most Effective, is correct penis traction.

What is Penis Traction?

Penis traction is simply pulling the penis.

Funny. Right?

But, it’s true. It just needs to be done in an effective way that is safe. By safe I mean it won’t injure you.

By pulling the shaft correctly, stretching it, that hard scar that is causing the bend can be lengthened and the erections will then straighten out.

Yep. That’s all that is needed to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time.

It won’t straighten overnight. You have to keep at it for a number of months. Yes, months.

But: It is so darn easy to do with a high quality penis traction device. I want to tell you a bit more about this method right now.

The Advertising is Terrible

There are a large variety of penis traction devices out there. You can find most of them with an internet search.

Unfortunately, most of the ads say you can have a huge monster cock in just 3 months if you use their device. That’s a lot of nonsense.

Yes, the devices can increase penis size. Permanently. And, how many guys would like that? Right?

Now, how many men want a bigger cock compared to how many just want to get straightened out? About 20 to 1. So, where does the advertising go? Exactly....

Was The Penis Traction Device
Invented For Straightening?

penis traction device

Well, the device was invented by a penis surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana back in 1994. He originally designed the device to keep a penis straight after surgery.

He then found he could straighten a bent penis with just the device and no surgery. And, if he continued using it on the patient, he could make the penis bigger. Longer and wider.

Don’t Be Fooled by The Advertising

Here’s the big problem with the advertisements:

A high quality device will cost about $200 - $300. That’s really nothing compared to the surgery for $8,000+ that is supposed to do the same job.

And, make no mistake, a high quality penis traction device is a fine medical grade instrument.

But, what do you think happens with the advertising? And, the ruthless marketers?

That right: A large number of enterprising companies, who want to make a quick buck on young men’s sexual insecurities, manufacture devices as cheaply as they can, with little quality control, and tell men they can have great big porn star cocks in just 3 months for $89.

Is this for real?


Yes, the devices can add maybe an inch to a normal size cock in about 9 - 12 months.

The problem all this presents to the man with Peyronies disease, or men with any kind of bent penises, is this: There are a lot of poorly made device that can cause harm to the user.

It can be difficult to pick out a high quality one on line because in the pictures, they all look alike. Right?

Now, if a poorly made one breaks on your shaft and punctures it, the injury can be serious and possibly permanent.

If the device attaches poorly it can strangle the tip of the penis and burst the blood vessels and cause nerve damage.

burst blood vessels in the tip of a penis

This can mean lack of sensation and possible inability to orgasm. As well as a permanent purple tip on your cock.

So, if safety is a concern for you (and it should be), a high quality device is extremely important.

What Are
The Best Penis Traction Devices?

So which devices are the Safest as well as The Most Effective?

Well, I’ve written an entire article on that topic on this website. You can find it here.

Briefly:  “Out of all the 23 different penis traction devices available at the time of this writing, only two manufacturers met all of my own personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness. Sadly, just two. However, I found those two manufacturers to make excellent pieces of equipment. And, I personally felt confident in using their products. Which I did, with great success.” ~ William, editor

If you click on that link just above you can learn all about both of them.

“Why is My Penis Bent?”

You now know there can be a number of reasons.

But, because most men don’t realize almost all mid life bending is from Peyronies disease, they often get a bit panic stricken and confused about what is happening and what their alternatives are.

Don’t worry. That’s natural too.

If that’s the case, I just want to repeat this: Straightening bent penises is easy 99.99% of the time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

And, the #1 medically endorsed non surgical method is called correct penis traction.

So, why are some penises bent? Now you know. And, you also know how easy it can be to fix them 99% of the time.

fix a bent penis

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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