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What is the absolute Best Male Enhancement Product?

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I hate when I search a topic like this and I find about 2,000 words of copy (and advertising) leading up to answering my question. If it even gets answered. Don’t you?

So, here’s the answer now, the explanations will follow right behind:

The Best Male Enhancement Product is Correct Penis Traction.

best male enhancement product for permanent resultswearing a penis traction device

First, we’re going to take a look at all the nonsense and hype you’ll see when you’re searching the internet for the best male enhancement product. As well as the risky surgeries you may read about.

And, we’ll talk about why most of these things prove worthless. Or, are just unnecessarily dangerous.

Misleading and False Advertising

Every male enhancement product claims to be "The Best Male Enhancement Product". Right?

You’ve seen it. Stuff that looks just too good to be true. And, sadly, that is the reality. Most of it is not true. Or, it is deceptively misleading.

There are so many products out there telling us how we can enlarge our shaft by 3” in 3 months. Right? You’ve seen those ads. Or, they say you can have a porn start penis with just a few bottles of pills (that they are selling, of course).

There are so many penis pills out there that it is mind boggling.

No pills, patches, creams, herbs, drugs, etc...
are going to make your cock grow
even 1/4 of an inch.

It’s a nice dream for many, but, not a reality.

Then how can they advertise this way?

Well, here’s one way, that’s legal, but totally misleading:

Suppose you can’t get a boner. And, suppose you also have an abnormally large piece of equipment by genetics. Horse size. And, you try some of the sexual stimulant penis pills you see advertised on line or elsewhere.

You get a boner from these pills. A raging hard on. The first one in a long time. And, it’s 3” longer than your flaccid cock was.

Well, there you have it. 3” in new length in less than 3 months.

Did your dick actually grow from these pills? No.

The Products
That Don’t Work

You can spend/waste a lot of money on these items. So, let’s see what these male enhancement products really do, and, how they can even be seriously harmful.

Penis Surgery - There is no surgery that can make any man’s erection noticeably longer. Ask any penile surgeon about this. The surgeries can only make your erections wider. NOT LONGER.

Yes, there is a penis surgery that can make your flaccid shaft appear longer. But, all this surgery does is release (cut) the suspensory ligament that holds your cock up. That ligament causes your erection to point upward for easy penetration. But, the surgery does NOT make your erection longer. Just you flaccid (soft) cock appears longer. The surgery will, however, cause your erection to hang down. Weird looking. And, very embarrassing when a woman sees it and cringes.

Penis Pills - These pills are the #1 rip off of all male enhancement products. They are all sexual stimulants.

We all know about the little blue pills. BUT: NONE of these stimulants, pharmaceutical or herbal, will make your cock grow even 1/4 of an inch.

You see these pills all over the place when searching for “male enhancement”. Why? Because they are inexpensive and a lot, yes a LOT of guys, think, “No big expense. I’ll try them.” And, that’s all the manufacturer wants. Your hard earned cash for a “trial”. These are a HUGE money maker. Unfortunately, sexual stimulants can be very dangerous to use.

Some of the strongest ones (that you may find at the local convenience store) are actually illegal and may contain huge amounts of prescription drugs. Amount of drugs that can very serious health issues, and, even possible death. Yes, death.

Here’s the story of the famous athlete Lamar Oden, who got a real near death health scare with these things.

Patches - These do the same things pills do. You just use a patch instead of a pill. The same chemicals are transported through your skin into your blood stream.

Creams - This one is almost too amusing. And, one of the greatest misrepresentations ever told.


Let me ask you a very common sense question and then you decide: If a wonder cream could really make your penis bigger, why doesn’t the hand you spread it on with get bigger too? Right? Or, what if you got it on your nose? Would it grow? Or, a ladies breasts? NONSENSE.

Injections - Yes, there are injections that will give you an immediate hard on. BUT, your shaft will not grow from these injections.

Penis Exercises - Sometimes called "jelqing". These are not actual “exercises” because there are no muscles in your shaft. They are stretches. You are pulling on your shaft. They take a lot of discipline (about 45 minutes a day for 1 - 2 years) and dedication. You can hurt yourself seriously if you start over pulling to “get faster results”. But, they do work. If you have a lot of control and patience.

Penis Pumps - These pumps can manufacture an erection. They are a fun sex toy for some men. For some men with erectile dysfunction, they can create a usable erection. But, will they make your shaft grow? No.

Jelqing Devices - Really no different than “penis exercises”. But, now you have to buy a device to do the stretching with. They can be as inexpensive as $29. And, go upward to about $200. The low price makes many men try them. Great for the seller. A bad risk for the buyer.

What Does Work?
What Really Is: The Best Male Enhancement Product?

Penis Stretching with a High Quality Traction Device  - Yes, the best male enhancement product is: Safe, Effective, Medically Endorsed and Doctor Recommended penis traction with a high quality device.

The exact same traction method used to straighten a curved or bent penis can add permanent length and width to a shaft.

The fact is: Penis Stretching is the ONLY method that can actually increase penile length with new tissue growth. Correctly applied traction is the Safest stretching method in the world, and, the only medically recommended penis stretching method.

“Noninvasive extenders (penis traction devices) are better than surgery for men who want a longer penis”
reference: Dr. Marco Oderda, Dr. Paolo Gontero,

"A new survey by a group of Italian researchers published in the British Journal of Urology International final sheds some scientific light on this issue.

They found that penis extenders or penile traction devices are more effective at increasing penis length than other methods.

According to co-author Paolo Gontero, Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Turin “penile extenders are an effective and durable method of penile extension […] with minimal side effects” that are much less invasive than surgery and 'should be the first-line treatment for men seeking a penile lengthening procedure'."

".....penile traction devices should be proposed as the first‐line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure."
reference:  British Journal of Urology International

How Does Penis Traction Work?

Correct Penis Traction is very simple.

You wear a traction device, under your clothes, while you go about your normal daily activities. No one even knows you’re wearing one.

Once you attach the device you don’t have to do anything else with it until you take it off about 6 hours later.

wearing a penis traction deviceCan you tell who is wearing a traction device?

What happens is this:

The traction device places a gentle but effective constant pull on the entire length of your shaft. It is basically stretching the shaft for about 6 hours a day.

It’s not something you have to pay attention to for 6 hours. You simply apply the device, wear it while you go about your day, then take it off. It’s that easy and that simple.

Have you ever seen a classical ballet and wonder how those ballerinas can extend their legs so high and straight? Stretching.

What happens in the penis is: The constant stretching will actually cause some tiny microscopic painless tears in the tissues. These will heal very quickly.

The healing and repair of these painless microscopic tears is done very quickly with a small amount of new cells.

But, day after day, week after week, these cells add up. And, they create new measurable permanent penile length.

If you have a bent penis caused by Peyronie’s disease, this stretching and new cell growth can straighten your shaft as well.

A Real Life Example
You Can Relate To

You’ve seen many brick houses. Right?

Those bricks were put up by hand one by one. And, we all know that, but never give it much thought. We expect to be able to build large wonderful houses with these small bricks.

The process in your penis is similar. The individual cells being the “bricks”.

During the first weeks of brick house building, the results are not very impressive. Some rows of bricks.... No big deal.... But, after a few months, you see walls. Then soon a house! A strong durable beautiful structure.

male enhancement with penis tractionBuilt one brick at a time.

Well, the new cells in your shaft will be added the same way. Little by little. Day by day. Until you can actually see your longer erection. And, those results are permanent!

There is nothing else that will create this kind of penile growth. Both length and width.

And, a high quality traction device also gives you more Safety than any other stretching method. This is why a high quality penis traction device is the best male enhancement product.

Getting the Best Male Enhancement Product
That Will Actually Give You a Bigger Penis

There are just too many different male enhancement products that don’t really enhance anything except the sellers bank account.

Surgery can give you more girth. But, no more length. And, there are some serious possible side effects that come with penile surgeries. One of them being impotence.

Great! Right? You now have a fatter cock for $8,000+, BUT, you can’t get an erection. How exciting and wonderful does that sound? And, what about the ones that become lumpy and distorted 6 months later? Worth the risk?

All the odds and ends:  pills, patches, creams, lotions, “formulas”, are simply sexual stimulants. If you have weak erections, these may please you. BUT, your cock will not grow any bigger.

Only regular systematic penis stretching will cause penile lengthening.

Penis stretching actually dates back over 2,000 years (really) when men used to sit on the side on a mountain side, gaze out at the horizon, and hang stones from their shaft for half the day. Day after day. Month after month.

These people never knew about microscopic tearing, cell division, protein reformation, new cellular growth, etc. They just knew regular stretching with stones (traction) works.

penis lengthening with stonespenis lengthening with stones

But, who has the time or desire to hang stones from their shaft these days??

Penis traction devices use the exact same principle. Constant gentle stretching. But, it is done with a simple, inexpensive, inconspicuous device that you wear while you go about your normal activities.

It works.

It is medically proven. Doctor endorsed and recommended.

"Based on current evidence,
we suggest that penile extenders (penis traction devices),
not surgery,
should be the first-line treatment....

Surgery is characterized by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why
a non-invasive technique is preferable." 

reference: Dr. Paolo Gontero, 
Medical News Today
"Want A Longer Penis? Traction Beats Surgery, Say Researchers"

The only thing you need to be careful of is which device you buy.

Which is
The Best Penis Traction Device?

best male enhancement product, medically endorsed and doctor recommendeed

By our last count there 22 different ones available today. We found only two manufacturers that met all of our requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These are the Pro Extender and the Quick Extender Pro devices.

In order to keep this one article from getting too long, we put together an entire special article where you can read all about them. You will find it here:

“The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in The World - 2020”

Whether you are trying to straighten a curved or bent penis, or, just trying to find the very best male enhancement product, correct traction has proven to be Safest and Most Effective method.

Be in Good Health....

~ William (editor)

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