There Is No
Cure For Peyronies Disease

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"There is no such thing as a cure for Peyronies Disease.


Peyronies is NOT a ‘disease'."

the cure for Peyronies disease
cure for Peyronies disease

Fortunately, it's easy to straighten a bent penis 99% of the time.

Without: Surgery, Injections, or Drugs.

Then, How Did This Bent Penis Condition
Get It’s Name?

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cure for peyronies disease #3
cure for peyronies disease #4

It's not a "disease" BUT, it is a personally horrifying condition that about 5% of men will get in mid-life.

The erection can bend up, to the side, down, in more than one direction.... It’s all the same.

This penile bending is a condition. NOT a disease. 99.999% of the time, there is no virus, bacteria, cancer, or pathology or any kind connected to this bend. That is why there is no "cure for Peyronies Disease". There is nothing to "cure".

What there is, is some small hardened tissue that won't let part of your shaft stretch out enough during erection. So the erection bends in the direction of the hardened tissue.

peyronies disease cure #5

Once you fully understand that this is exactly what causes the bending, you will also easily understand why it is so simple to correct. Without surgery, injections, or drugs. It's a simple matter of stretching out the hard tissue.

It is done with scientifically controlled stretching. The hard tissue is actually lengthened by the continued stretching. Just like a ballet dancer's muscles.

peyronies disease cure #6

Yes, I know. It is officially called Peyronies Disease. But, that is a HUGE misnomer. Here's why:

Is It Called A “Disease”?

Peyronies disease was misnamed a "disease" almost 300 years ago

How did it get labeled a disease?

The condition was named (back in 1743) after the French surgeon, Francois Gigot De La Peyronie. The man who discovered what was actually causing this common penile bending in middle age men.

It Got Mislabeled As A “Disease”

Back in 1743, medicine was just getting formally organized. If you discovered virtually any abnormality back then, you had a really good chance of it being named after you.

Such is the case with this condition.

The first version of the name for this condition was: Peyronie’s Disease. Make sense? The apostrophe was later dropped.

At no time ever, then or now, was this condition related to any germ, bacteria, or virus or malady of any kind.

How Can There Be
A “Cure For Peyronies Disease"
There Is No Disease?

There can be no cure for Peyronies Disease if there is no disease to start with. Right?

However:  Straightening is normally very possible and much easier than you may have been led to believe.

Let’s take a look now at what is really happening:

As you learned just above: The bending is caused by some simple internal scarring.

Here's the reality check: Is there a cure for the scar on your hand? Or, the scar on your leg? Or face? Or lip?

Of course not. There is nothing there to “cure”. Right? It's a scar. Plain and simple.

Yes, you can get some cosmetic surgery to make the scar less visible. Right? But is that a “cure”. No, it’s an adjustment.

The same holds true for a cure for Peyronies disease. You can correct the situation. You can straighten the bending out. Easily 99% of the time. There's no "cure for Peyronies disease". Because there is nothing to "cure". Are you getting it?

Now, let's talk about straightening the darn bend out Safely, Easily, Inexpensively. In a medically endorsed way:

99.99% Of The Time
It’s Easy To Fix A Bent Penis

Yes, easy.

The #1 method is:

  • Simple

  • Easy

  • Inexpensive

  • Medically endorsed and recommended

  • FDA approved

"Penile stretching (penis traction therapy, PTT)
is an effective therapy for PD."

reference: Sexual Medicine Reviews, International Society for Sexual Medicine
Penile Stretching as a Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease: A Review

The method is scientifically controlled penis stretching. Formally called "Penis Traction Therapy".

penis traction therapy, the cure for Peyronies disease

Correct penis traction takes a little time and the right equipment. Some of the very best medical grade Class 1 penis traction devices in the world can be had for under $300.

Compare that to a risky $9,000+ penis surgery. Or, $2,500 - $30,000 for injections. Or, $3,500+ for various drugs.

Sound good?

Not Everything Is Fixed
With A “Cure”

A cure for Peyronies Disease:

Let’s put that on the list with: A cure for long fingernails. A cure for dirty feet. A cure for flat tires. A cure for dirty windows.... All easily fixable over 99% of the time.

I don’t mean to be making a joke of the condition itself. We know it's a personally horrifying situation.

Developing a severely bent penis is a nightmare!

Especially when you know absolutely nothing about what is happening inside of your body.


It’s scary, humiliating, depressing and just plain horrible. Very physically painful for many men too.

But, fixing a bent penis has nothing to do with a "cure for Peyronies Disease". And, for 99.99% of men, the straightening process can be painless, easy, and inexpensive.

What Happens:
When A Bent Penis

Erectile Dysfunction

A bent penis may cause erectile dysfunction. Either because the normal control of penile blood flow is compromised, or, because of the strong emotional upheaval we can experience. That is called  psychological impotence. And, it is every bit as real as any physical cause.

Have you been wondering why your erections are not so good since you got the bend?

You’re not alone.

The statistics say: “ 57% of men with a bent penis suffer from erectile dysfunction to a greater or lesser degree.”

It's often an awful consequence of Peyronies disease. And, it scares most of us who ever developed ED along with our bend.

"What next?" Right?

So, of course we then look for a cure for Peyronies. Right?

"Scientists aren’t sure exactly some men with Peyronie’s disease also have ED, but the following factors might be involved:

• The plaques may weaken the smooth muscle tissue in the penis, making it more difficult for an erection to occur.

• The plaques may impair blood flow into the penis. As a result, there isn’t enough blood for a firm erection.

• The plaques may cause blood to leave the penis too quickly, making the man lose the erection.

• Men with Peyronie’s disease often feel depressed about their situation and anxious about sexual activity. These psychological issues can lead to erection problems."

reference: International Society for Sexual Medicine
"How Might Peyronie’s Disease Cause Erectile Dysfunction?"

The Safest And Most Effective
"Cure for Peyronies Disease"

Well, obviously there is no "cure" because there is no pathology. No disease. It's a scar.

So, for our purposes here, we will redefine the word "cure" here. In this article, for us, it will simply mean: "fix".

You can fix a broken leg. You don't "cure" it. Right? You can fix poor eyesight with glasses. You can fix a broken chair. And, you can fix a bent penis, Safely and Effectively, 99% of the time, without risking a surgery, injections, or drugs.

So, let's get to the method:

Penis traction therapy.

How the scar(s) got in there doesn’t really matter. (However, we tell you all about that in another article if it is of interest to you.)

Here’s what is important:

"Stretch that hardened tissue out enough,
your erections will become normal again."

cure for peyronies disease #7

Yes. That’s all there really is to it.

That’s ALL.

If you want to call that a cure for Peyronies Disease, that is up to you.

But, there is no cure for Peyronies Disease going on at all. It's a simple mechanical adjustment.

You are simply stretching out the tissue that is not currently stretching enough. You are not getting rid of the scar (unless you chose certain types of penis surgery).

You are simply enabling that hard tight tissue to stretch enough to form normal erections again.

Do you see how simple it is?

Yes, you can make it a lot more difficult if you want to. And, you can make it a LOT more expensive.

But, 99% of the time, penis traction therapy can do the trick.

has made all other Peyronies Disease treatments
obsolete for 99.99% of men."

Correct Penis Traction
Medically Endorsed and Recommended

Yes, correct penis traction is not some alternative gimmick. It looks so simple, and, it is so inexpensive, that many men doubt it's credibility. Unfortunate for them.

Correct penis traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries world wide. This includes:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Venezuela • Italy• Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • NorwayBelgium • Holland • Germany • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • United Kingdom • Switzerland • Portugal • Japan

Correct traction is recognized as

the Safest and Most Effective
of all

Peyronies Disease treatments.


It only came into being in 1994 with the penis traction device invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana (a penis surgery specialist).

One of the best devices in the entire world will cost you less than $300.

cure for peyronies disease #8

What Are
The Alternatives?

Yes. Of course.

But, there are only three medically recommended treatments to straighten a bent penis that have proven reliably effective.

1)  Surgery:  You can opt for that risky surgery. $9,000+. It's the quickest method. You'll be all set to go in about 8 weeks. If all goes well. But, this type of surgery comes with quite a few serious possible risks that include impotence, lack of sensation, inability to orgasm...

2)  Xiaflex® Injections:  You can try the only FDA approved injections for Peyronies disease treatments. About $30,000 for a full set. And, these come with their own serious possible side effects which include corporal rupture. A medical emergency. You can get all the information on their official website

3)  Penis Traction Therapy:  The Safest and Most Effective medically recommended method. Cost: under $300. Comes with NONE of the possible surgical or injectable side effects. It does have one drawback. It usually takes about 6 - 9 months to complete the process.

Other injection therapies, drugs, enzyme therapy, “exercises”, etc... have all proven less than optimum or totally ineffective.

One Caution
Penis Traction Therapy

Now that we have you all excited about penis traction, we have to give you one very important caution:

Once you start looking for a traction device on line, you will see a couple dozen different devices advertised.

They all look alike in the ads.

They are not all the same.

Please:  Don’t buy an inferior cheaply made piece of junk. Study them carefully.

improper penis traction therapy

A poorly manufactured device can break while you use it and cause you some serious penile damage. It can also strangle the tip of your shaft and break the blood vessels there. You can have a purple tip with little or no sensation....

The savings is $100-$150. Is that worth the risk?

Be safe. Be smart. Only get one of the best high quality units. You will never regret it.

What Have We
Found Best?

In our comprehensive research,

there are only two companies that make devices
which meet ALL of our requirements


Safety AND Effectiveness.

Our focus was to find:

 >  The Most Dependable

 >  Safest

 >  Most Effective Devices

You can read our entire review here:

"The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in The World"

is there
A Cure For Peyronies Disease?

cure for peyronies disease #9

There is no such thing as a "cure for Peyronies Disease". Because: this is not really a "disease".

But, it's easy to fix a bent penis, straighten it out nicely, 99% of the time, without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Be Well.....

~ William

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