A Curved Down Penis
Easy to Straighten

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editorial Team

straighten a curved down penis

The Curved Down Penis

The curved down penis is actually no different than an upward curved penis, or, one curved to one side or the other. Except that, the downward curve is the most difficult to use comfortably during intercourse.

Fortunately, it is just as easy to straighten.

Almost every curved penis comes from one of two conditions: *

    1)  A congenital curve (most commonly is curved down)

    2)  Peyronies disease

* A small amount of curvatures comes rom tissue fibrosis because of an autoimmune disorder, and a small amount are a side effect of certain medications.

The only real difference with a curved down penis is that it  seems to take less of a downward curve to make intercourse difficult.

The Only Thing
That Really Matters
With a Curved Down Penis

The only thing that really matters with a curved down penis, or, and other penile curvature is this: Does the curve make intercourse painful, difficult, or, impossible?

If you can answer “No” to those three questions, then forget about your curvature all together because it is no problem. Really. It’s fully and normally functional.

OK. If having a curved down penis really disturbs you, that can be a problem. Seriously. If you are embarrassed and your partner is making fun of you and making you feel terrible, yes, that’s a problem.

This kind of embarrassment and humiliation can make you miserable and cause what is called psychological impotence. That is something very real. And, very disconcerting.

But, comfortable successful sexual intercourse is the only real goal with an erection.

So, if it’s your embarrassment/insecurity, or, your partner’s insensitive comments that are the problem, gaining some plain self assurance or a little sincere talk with your partner will fix up the problem.

Don’t let these mental situations ruin your sex life, or, your self esteem for one more minute.

With a small curvature you’re not abnormal (over half of men have some curvature). You have nothing to be ashamed of. So, be proud of and grateful for what you have.

A small curvature
(in any direction)
is more common than a completely straight shaft.

Now, if you have a strongly curved down penis that causes pain during intercourse (for you or your partner), or, makes sex too difficult, it can be straightened easily enough 99% of the time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

How to Straighten
Curved Down Penis

Straightening is usually very easy with correct penis traction therapy. It works equally as well for an upward, sideways, or curved down penis.

straighten a curved down penis

Penis traction therapy is gaining more and more popularity year by year from the medical profession.



  • It works effectively

  • It is totally non-invasive

  • It has none of the possible surgical side effects

  • It has none of the side effects of injections

  • It is affordable by any man (under $300)

“Penile traction therapy (PTT)
is increasingly being recognized as a viable nonsurgical approach to
Peyronie’s disease.”

reference:  Dr. Shaan A. Setia MD & Laurence A Levine MD,
Devices for Penile Traction

Let’s Talk Plain Common Sense

There are only three medically endorsed penis straightening methods that have proven to be reliably effective:

  • Surgery

  • Xiaflex injections

  • Penis Traction Therapy (PTT)

That’s all. So, let's take a look.

Common Sense Item #1:     Cost

What is the cost?

Surgery:  $8,000 - $19,000
Xiaflex injections -  $30,000
Penis Traction Therapy - Under $300

OK. That’s a rather obvious choice.

BUT: Is PTT as safe and effective as the other two methods?

Common Sense Item #2:     Safety and Effectiveness

The fact of the matter is:

Penis Traction Therapy is the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and recommended method in the world.


Because PTT straightens an erection with NONE of the surgical or injectable possible side effects.

Yes, all three methods are effective.

But, surgery and injections come with some serious possible side effects that include:

  • Impotence
  • Lack of sensation
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Inability to maintain an erection
  • Corporal rupture
  • Infection
  • Return of the condition (over 25% of the time)

PTT has NONE of these possible side effects.

Common Sense Item #3:     Guarantee

This one really amazes me.


Because almost no treatments of any kind are guaranteed.

So, why do some penis traction device manufacturers guarantee their products to do what they are supposed to?

My guess is this:

First: The cost. Who, without prior knowledge, is going to believe a $300 item is going to give results equal to an $8,000 item? Or, a $30,000 item?

Does that make sense?

Second: High quality penis traction devices really work. They can be effective for 99% of men with a curved down penis, or, curvature in any direction. If they work, they won't be returned.

Are There Any
Down Sides With PTT?

Yes. There are two.

SIDE NOTE:  I want you to read this section very carefully because I have found only one group of men who fail with PTT. These are the men who won’t use the device as they should, or, they will not use it for the necessary months required.

As easy as traction is to use, not every man has good self discipline. There is no disrespect meant here. But, some men just can’t keep to any kind of regular program very well. They may be great fellows in all other aspects of life. They just have a very weak point with self discipline.

For these men, PTT will NOT be useful or effective. If you are one of these men, save yourself some time and choose another path.

Now, this brings us to the first down side of Penis Traction Therapy:

 1)   PTT takes time. You’re not just going to give your shaft a pull for a week and wind up shooting with a straight arrow again.

PTT is an extremely easy process. But, it usually takes about 6 - 9 months to do a decent job. You can read about this in detail here.

Is Penis Stretching Effective
Straightening a Bent Penis?

The second downside has to do with the equipment used. Not the user.

 2)   There are a lot of poorly made devices available on the internet. Dangerous pieces of junk that are poorly constructed and made with inferior materials. These can cause very serious, and possibly permanent penile injury.

Are All Penis Traction Devices
About The Same?

No. Not even close to the same. Although, they look the same in the advertisements. So, I’ll explain:

The Penis Traction Device was originally developed by a penile surgeon specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, in 1994.

Dr. Siana created the device to keep men’s penises straight after surgery.

Well, he soon found the device alone could straighten a curved penis all by itself. Without the surgery. It was a milestone in Peyronies Disease Treatment Therapy.

Then he found, with continued use, the device could actually enlarge a penis. And, the enlargement was permanent. A bigger cock forever.

Now, how many young men do you think want a bigger penis?

About 20 to 1 for those men who want to straighten a bent penis.

And, this is where the problem with penis traction devices begins.

A Quality Instrument?
A Dangerous Piece of Junk?

Most of the advertising you will see for penile traction devices is all about “male enhancement”. The politically correct phrase for making a cock bigger.

There is a lot of competition. At our last count there were 23 different devices available.
Some of the companies are shrewd and have one concern: make money.

So, some companies skimp on the material quality and workmanship. Unfortunately, in the advertisements, with professional prepared photos, everything looks pretty much alike.

So, why pay $300 for a unit when some are $89 or less?

And, that’s a great question.


The reasons you need a high quality device are: Safety, Effectiveness, and Reliability.

If you buy a cheap device and wind up having to repair it over and over again you saved nothing.

WORSE: If a poorly made device breaks while you are wearing it and punctures your shaft, was it worth the $100 savings? For a possibly permanent injury?

Also, a cheaply made attachment can easily strangle the tip of your shaft, break blood vessels and damage the nerves. Take a look:

penis traction damage

Is that worth saving $100 for?

Of course not.

Which Devices
Did We Find Best?

Unfortunately we found only two manufacturers that make devices that meet all of our own requirements. If you are interested, you can read the full review here.


All three of the methods can straighten a curved down penis:

Surgery is going to give the straightest penis in the quickest time. About 8 weeks.

The problems with surgery are the possible debilitating side effects and the high percentage of penises that curve again later on.

Xiaflex injections avoid the possible surgical complications, but, have their own possible serious side effects.  You can read all about the side effects at their website: Xiaflex.com

Penis Traction Therapy is safest, and the least expensive. If you don’t get results, you can even get your money back. But, it takes a bit of time. Personally, I found it easy and well worth it.

“Conclusions: Penis traction therapy seems an effective treatment for the acute phase of Peyronies disease in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.”

ref: Dr. Juan I. Martinez-Salamanca, MD,
Bent Penis Traction Therapy,

What makes the most sense to you to try first?

Be Well.....

~ William

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