Does Jelqing Work?

Does Jelqing work? Yes. Jelqing does work.

BUT: It is dangerous. Very dangerous.

does jelqing work?

Does Jelqing Work
Fix a Bent Penis?


You can straighten a bent penis with jelqing. You can also cause yourself serious permanent penile damage.

does jelqing work? #2

Jelqing So Dangerous?

The techniques are dangerous because there is no way to know when you are pulling too hard until the damage is already done. You won’t feel it, until it’s too late.

It doesn’t matter if you jelq by hand or with a jelqing device.

jelqing is dangerous
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Even with a jelqing device, there is just no safe control.

Here’s How
Jelqing Damage Usually Happens

It really very simple.

Most men who choose jelqing to fix a bent penis do so because it is free (if you do it by hand), or, very inexpensive with a device. About $49.

So, why not try it?

Almost every man will start out easily. Pull relatively gently. And, be so proud of himself for taking care of his terrible penis problem for free.

After a month or two of spending an hour a day doing this and getting no real results, the pride of saving money becomes replaced with increasing frustration.

And, here is exactly where the trouble starts.

They believe they must pull harder. Then, when results are still not coming fast enough, they pull harder... and harder.

Blood vessels break and the tip of their penis turns purple.

jelqing damage

Most of these men will retain that purple color for many years. Some, forever. It is from the blood vessels that they broke.

There can also be a feeling of numbness when this discoloration begins. Know what that means? It means it become increasingly hard to enjoy sex. And, it becomes harder to orgasm.

The more aggressive men may even break their penis.

jelqing damage, broken penis

A broken penis is a medical emergency. Failure to seek immediate medical attention may cause gangrene and the need to amputate the penis.

Sound good? Do you think these men are happy they saved $200 - $300 on a high quality traction device?

Does Jelqing Work?

When jelqing is done correctly, not too aggressively, it can work just fine. It’s just super slow. It will normally take in excess of a year to get some decent straightening results. Maybe 18 months.

But, it is only really going to work for men who use it correctly and are willing to devote an hour or so every night to pulling on their penis for a year or more.

Sound fun?

If it does, you really need a hobby. Desperately.

Jelqing becomes mind numbingly boring in a very short time, and, most men will either quit before they get the desired results, or, hurt themselves. Often seriously.

The Simple, Easy, Medically Recommended
Straightening That Really Works

Unfortunately, there are only three medically endorsed and doctor recommended methods to straighten a bent penis that have proven to work reliably:

  • Penis Surgery

  • Xiaflex Injections

  • Penis Traction Therapy

To keep this article from getting too long, I’m going too send you to another article to learn about surgery and injections if you are interested in these options:  “How to Fix a Bent Penis”

In this article we are only going to discuss Penis Traction Therapy as an option to jelqing because both work on the same penis stretching principle.

The difference with these two methods is: With jelqing your are courting disaster and minimal to no real results. With Penis Traction Therapy (PTT) you are using a medically endorsed method that is totally controlled and proven effective.

In fact, PTT can be effective for 99% of men with a bent penis. And, it costs under $300.

Penny Wise,
Pound Foolish

Did you ever hear the old expression “Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”?

It’s an old English one. It means you so wisely saved a penny, and, at the same time so foolishly lost a pound (English money, about $2 US).

We see this all the time.

Here’s the typical scenario with men who choose jelqing to fix a bent penis:

The man goes to the doctor. A Urologist. Or Andrologist (a specialist specifically for male problems, and usually a bit more expensive). He may spend $250 - $600 for this visit and examination. That’s a lot for most of us. Hey, medical specialists are expensive. Right?

However, a man usually thinks very little about parting with this kind of money for the visit.

THEN, and this is the part we find almost incomprehensible, that same man tries to save the $200 or $300 he’ll need to spend for one of the best and safest penis traction devices in the world, by using jelqing techniques.

Does jelqing work? It can. So he tries it out.

But, usually it fails because it takes too long, or, because the man damages his shaft and has to stop in order to avoid serious damage and possible sexual malfunction.

Penny wise: Saved the $300 on a high quality proven medical device.

Pound foolish: Got no meaningful results, or, hurt himself. Possibly very seriously.

Why not do it right, right from the start?

The Proven Methods

Briefly, let’s look at what has proven to work, and, is medically recommended.

Penis Surgery:

penis surgery vs jelqing

  • Costs $8,000 to $19,000

  • Is the fastest bent penis “cure”

  • Comes with some very serious possible side effects that include impotence

  • 65% of men were found dissatisfied with it after 5 years

  • May cause or worsen erectile dysfunction

Xiaflex Injections:

xiaflex injections for penis straightening

  • Cost $30,000 - $50,000 for a full set. (Yes... That’s not a typo.)

  • Gives up to 35% improvement, and, only for certain types of cases.

  • Comes with their own set of serious possible side effects that include corporal rupture (internal hemorrhaging). A medical emergency. You can find all the possible side effects listed on their official website,

  • There are a number of injectable drugs tried for penis straightening. Xiaflex are the only FDA approved injections for this purpose.

Penis Traction Therapy (PTT):

penis traction therapy, PTT vs jelqing

  • PTT cost under $300

  • PTT can give good results for 99% of men with a bent penis

  • PTT comes with NONE of the possible surgical or injectable side effects

  • PTT is totally controlled stretching. It has none of the over stretching over pulling risks of jelqing techniques

  • PTT is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. Including:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Belgium • Holland • Germany • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • Switzerland • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Venezuela • Italy• Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

Does Jelqing Work?

Does jelqing work to fix a bent penis?

Yes, it can if you do it safely and have incredible patience and determination. But, the risks of penile damage are far too great to make it worth using.

The Safest and Most Effective medically recommended method of penile stretching is called Penis Traction Therapy.

For $200 - $300 you can use PTT. It is the Safest medically recommended method of penis stretching to fix a bent penis.

PTT is totally non-invasive and comes with NONE of the possible surgical or injectable risks.

Stay away from Jelqing, either by hand or with a device. It is far too dangerous. And, Penis Traction Therapy will give the same amount of straightening in half the time.

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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