Erectile Dysfunction Pills
for ED Caused by a Bent Penis

erectile dysfunction pills when you have ED from a bent penis

Erectile dysfunction pills are NOT for the man with a bent penis. Yes, that means you too.

I know. Your erections are bending. They are also getting weak, or, maybe non existent now. Right?

But, these pills are not the right answer for men who have ED caused by a bent penis.

Let me tell you why.

The Bent Penis
May Be
The Entire Cause Of Your ED

Penile bending can cause weak erections. And, even cause complete erectile dysfunction.

"....the curve in the penis can make having sex difficult, painful or even impossible. Peyronie's disease may also lead to erectile dysfunction."
reference:  "Is It Normal to Have a Curved Penis", National Health Service (NHS), UK

Yes, the bending may be the entire cause of the ED. Most men never realize this. Nor, are they usually told this.

If your ED was caused by the severe bending, then straightening out your erections will most likely reverse the problem.

Pills will never straighten bending erections. It doesn't matter which ones you take, how many of them you take, or how long you continue to take them.

Yes, correct noninvasive straightening can reverse most erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis . It’s that simple sometimes. It really is.

Just because you developed Peyronies disease does not mean you have anything wrong with your testosterone level or that you have any other sexual malfunction of any kind.

Severe penile bending can, all by itself, destroy your sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills
Are Supposed To Do

Of course. We all know what these are supposed to do. Right? They are supposed to make you hard as a rock any time you want. A sexual rock-star! Even if you're 60 or older.

It sounds great! Of course it does.

Unless you have a bent penis.


Well, let me ask you this:

What good is a hard cock that’s bending at a ninety degree angle?

Is There Any Reason
Not To Try Them?

Oh yes!

First: Erectile dysfunction pills will not straighten your erections no matter how long you use them.

Second: This is most important. For some men, there are HUGE risks. And, most men who are at risk don’t even realize it.

What we rarely hear about is all the serious problems that may happen to you if you use them.

Will erectile dysfunction pills hurt every man? Of course not. But do you really want to take the risks? Especially if they are totally unnecessary?

There Are Some
Very Serious Possible Side Effects
Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Let me tell you a little about some of the potential dangers of these things.

Prescription or herbal, these pills are not the answer when your bent penis is the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

And, these pills may cause you much more serious problems than you already have.

"Erectile dysfunction pills will NOT make your erections straighter."

Here are a number of possible serious side effects that come with their use: 

  • Heart attack

  • Stroke

  • Blindness

  • Death

Did you realize that?

There are many others as well.

How Do You Know
If the Bending is the Cause
Your Erectile Problems?

"ED is a very common condition
for men who have developed a bent penis."

As you already learned, there are a number of reasons why a bent penis (Peyronies Disease) can cause erectile dysfunction. The reasons can be physical and/or psychological. There is no pill that will cure these problems.

Now, how do you know if the bending is the cause of your ED?

It’s very simple:

Straighten yourself out first. Then you’ll know.

If the bending caused the ED, when you straighten yourself out, almost invariably, 99% of the time, you will notice your penis functioning normally again. This is provided the straightening was done noninvasively. No surgery. No injections.

Most men don’t realize that noninvasive straightening is easy and safe if you do it correctly. It takes a little while. But, the results are totally worth it. 

Peyronies Is NOT A “Disease”

This is something that is very important to remember:

If you were told you have Peyronies disease, you don’t really have a “disease” at all. It’s a misnomer. Falsely named. You are not sick, ill, infected, or cursed.

All you have is some hardened tissue inside your shaft that won’t stretch normally during erection. Stretch that tissue out enough, and, your erections will be straight again.

Effective Peyronies disease treatment, and reversing the erectile dysfunction it caused, is truly that plain and simple 99% of the time.


Be smart. Be safe. Have a great sex life again.

Don’t play around with risky, unnecessary erectile dysfunction pills. These pills are unnecessary and have the potential to injure you seriously. And, if you have erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis these pills not the right answer to your problem.

As you now know:  If you were having a normally healthy sex life with good solid erections before the bending became severe, you’ll undoubtedly have a normally healthy sex life with good solid erections again once your straighten yourself out. And, there will be no need to risk your health and safety with dangerous erectile dysfunction pills.

Be In Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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