Fear of Sex

Caused By a Bent Penis - 2022

fear of sex

“Fear of sex and the impotence it can cause are two
very common conditions caused by

Peyronies Disease.”

Everything Was Going Just Fine,

You had no fear of sex. Your sex life was just fine.

Sure, you are now in mid life and you can’t have as much sex as you did when you were 20 or 30. But, you’ve become a much better lover. A far better lover than you ever were before. Right?

And, things were going along just fine.

Then one day you noticed your erections started bending. That was a real curiosity at first. Wasn’t it? If you were like me, you probably said to yourself, “That's interesting. I never noticed that my penis is a little curved.”

The Nightmare Begins

Then, the curve got worse and worse. You never saw that before. Until it was bending severely. Then the bending got even worse! And, here you are today with a grotesquely bent erection that may not even be very hard anymore.

Is this true?

Am I describing your recent sexual history?

And now:  You have a fear of sex. This fear of sex is ruining whatever erections you were getting. True? Your erections are getting worse and worse. Uselessly weak. Or non-existent.

A fear of sex is something you never had before in your life. Right? Now, it seems to be becoming all consuming. Am I right?

Does this sound like your story?

Welcome To The Club!

Yes, welcome to the club. Club “What Happened To My Wonderful Penis?"

Yeah, a club no man wants to be a member of. Ever.

The erectile dysfunction club. Now here you are. A charter member!

And, it has nothing to do with low testosterone or any other hormonal malfunction. It’s all because you now have a very bent penis.

A Fear Of Sex Can Destroy
Your Love Life

This new fear of sex can completely destroy your sex life. As you may already know.

What used to be your most fun toy as a young fellow has become a source of deep frustration, humiliation, embarrassment, despair and depression.

“What the heck happened to my dick!??”

We all thought that.

We all did. It’s an absolute nightmare.

You are not alone.

But, you can get back to normal.



We all recognize the "phobia" part of these words. "But, what are these things? And, why are they in this article?"

Good questions.

Here's what they mean:


"Erotophobia is a generalized term that encompasses a wide range of specific fears. It's generally understood to include any phobia that is related to sex.... Untreated erotophobia can be devastating and may lead sufferers to avoid not only romantic relationships but also other forms of intimate contact."

reference:  "Understanding Erotophobia or the Fear of Sex",


"Genophobia, also known as coitophobia, is the fear of sexual intercourse. People with this fear may be afraid of all sex acts, or only of intercourse itself. The term genophobia is sometimes used interchangeably with erotophobia or the fear of sex, but the two conditions are actually different. Genophobia specifically describes the fear of the sex act, while erotophobia more generally defines any fear that is related to sexuality."​

reference: "Genophobia or the Fear of Sexual Intercourse",

And guess what? As a man suffering with all the physical and emotional damage a bent penis can bring, you may also get to suffer from BOTH Erotophobia and Genophobia. How lucky can you get?? Right?

Yes, there are also physical factors involved with a bent penis that can cause erectile dysfunction. So, when you put ALL these possible erectile dysfunction factors together, is it any wonder why you have a fear of sexual intercourse? Your cock is a mess and you can't perform. Who needs that kind of humiliation?

Now, this impotence has nothing to do with low testosterone, any other hormonal balance, etc. This ED is purely emotional and mechanical.

For a man with a bent penis, fear of intimacy is more common than not. And, that is normal. The fact is: The estimate of men who suffer from ED after developing a severely bent penis is upward of 80%. Yes, 80%.

Is there any good news here?

Yes! Fortunately. And, the news is very good.

Men who straighten their shaft, with a non-invasive method, usually get normal erections agian. AND, once the erections are hard and decently straight again, the fear of sex, and the erectile dysfunction this fear causes, usually disappear "like magic".

That means, if these things are causing your ED, you don't need any kind of medication to reverse the problem. You just need to straighten your cock out. In a non-invasive way.

Remember This:  99% of the time, surgery is not needed to straighten a bent penis.

When You First Hear
The Bad News

The bending doesn’t really get in the way in the beginning. Right? It's just kind of a curiosity. For many men, that's as far as it will go. And, no treatment of any kind is necessary.

For others of us, seemingly suddenly, nothing is right down there anymore. The bend is hideous and the erections worse and worse.

So, you finally go to your doctor. He tells you you have “Peyronies disease”.

“Oh Great! A disease. In my dick. With an unknown cause.”

Next, he recommends a surgery. Or, some very expensive shots, or drugs.

Surgery sounds horrible. So, maybe you try one of the other options. And, after a few months, you see little or no results.

This is too common a story.

There Are Many Bent Penis Treatments
That Just Don’t Work Effectively

Most peyronies Disease treatments do little or nothing.

How do we know you got no real results with alternative methods?

Because there are only three Peyronies disease treatments that are proven to work: Surgery, XIAFLEX® injections, and correct traction.

"ALL the other methods: different injections, drugs, creams,  etc...
have been clinically proven
to give marginal or no results at all."

You want it straight again. Not 10% or even 30% straighter (if you are one of the lucky ones with these options). You want it decently, comfortably straight.

After you've already used some ineffective treatment(s), the depression really sets in. You start thing about the surgery. The possible horrible side effects. The huge cost.

It’s a downward spiral that gets worse and worse....

And, what if you are one of the really unlucky ones and penis surgery leaves you impotent? Yes. That happens. Even when it works, years later, new problems can develop.

“....over 65% of patients were unhappy with the outcomes of the Peyronie's surgery at 5-year follow-up. Penile length loss and worsening of erectile dysfunction was the most common reason for dissatisfaction.”

reference: Dr. Nelson Bennett,
Five-year follow-up of Peyronie's graft surgery: outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

Surgery Is NOT  The Best Answer
99.99% Of The Time

In the mean time, as your fear of sex increases, your sex life is a disaster and becoming non existent.

Sex is no longer a wonderful place to go. The fear of sex is ingrained now. And, the chances of you getting out of that fear in the near future are almost zero.

So, you begin to contemplate surgery because you believe it is the only possible answer......

It is not.

It is not even the best answer 99.99% of the time.

Waving The Magic Wand

We’re going to play a short game of make believe here. And, yes, this does have a very useful purpose. So, please stay with me here. Just imagine:

"We are going to wave a magic wand.

Suddenly you have a nice straight penis again.

With wonderful strong erections again. You’re a stallion now."

If this were possible, and just for a moment please pretend it is, do you think your entire fear of sex would vanish?

Do you think you'd be sexually confident again?

I think absolutely. You’re a stallion now! Everything works perfectly. What is there to fear?... Nothing!

Am I right?

You bet I am.

Well, you can’t do that with a magic wand.

And, it won’t happen overnight.


if you are like 99.9% of men with a bent penis,
you can straighten yourself out

without surgery, injections, or drugs.

And, it doesn’t have to cost you over $300.

That is NOT make believe. That is not magic or a miracle. It is just a simple, proven, scientifically sound method of applied stretching. The method is medically endorsed and recommended.

No, it’s not a magic wand. And, it doesn’t work overnight. But: It seems like magic once you witness it working. The method is called Penis Traction Therapy.

Penis Traction Therapy (PTT) is done with a very simple device that was developed in 1994 by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

Yes, simple correct penis traction is now medically endorsed and recommended.

And: It can work for most men with a bent penis.

Does Penis Traction Work So Well?

How is this possible?

This is possible because you don’t have a disease with Peyronies. That is an extremely important point to understand.

“99.99% of the time,
expensive, risky, old style Peyronies disease treatments
are just not necessary at all.”

With Peyronies disease, what you have is a very simple scar/plaque formation inside your shaft that simply needs to be lengthened. Nothing more.


And, this lengthening is Most Effectively and Safely done with a high quality traction device. Some of the very best devices in the world cost under $300.

That’s right:

  • No Surgical Risks

  • No Big Expense (under $300)

  • Real Results

And, for those of you who think this may be some scam, or too good to be true, it is not.

Correct traction is:

Medically Endorsed and Recommended in 29 countries world wide. Including:  USA • Canada • United Kingdom • France • Italy • Holland • Germany • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • Switzerland • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

You have a simple condition. As hideous as that bent penis may look to you right now, and as horrible as it may seem to you right now, it’s simple to fix 99.99% of the time.

Psychological Impotence
A Very Real Thing

I’m guessing you never heard of psychological impotence. Especially not related to a grossly bent penis. Am I right?

Well, Psychological Impotence is a very real thing. It comes to every man with a fear of sex.

You are not alone. As you already learned, over 80% of men who develop severe penile bending will also develop erectile dysfunction from the bending.

If your fear of sex was caused by the horrible mental state your bent penis caused, straightening your erections will, without a doubt, make that fear disappear like magic.

And, as you have already learned, that straightening is possible and very simple 99.99% of the time, using only correct penis traction. No surgery.

You Can Avoid
ALL The Surgical Risks

The possible surgical side effects can be horrible and disastrous.

Here's a partial list:

  • Impotence

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection

  • Infection

  • Weaker erections as time goes on

Do these things happen to everyone?

No. Of course not. But, do you want to gamble on being one of the unlucky ones? And, do you want to spend $7,000 - $16,000 on that surgery when you could only spend $300 for a high quality medically approved traction device and avoid ALL those risks?

Let’s Also Talk About
All The Peyronies Disease Treatments
Don’t Work

Don’t let a bent penis continue to ruin your life and your happiness. And, don't let peyronies disease treatments that don't work frustrate you.

Most Peyronies disease treatments are just attempts to try to avoid a penis surgery. And, they just don't work effectively.

If penis surgery was the only way to straighten a bent penis, I think a few of them would be worth a try.

And, before 1994, surgery was the only medically recommended method proven to work effectively..

However, since the invention of the penis traction device, in 1994, there is now a safer better way to straighten a bent penis 99% of the time.

The Safest and Most Effective method is correct penis traction.


Because with correct traction you avoid ALL the possible surgical risks.

Don’t Let A Bent Penis
Ruin Your Life

Do you agree that the fear of sex you developed from your penile bending would disappear if your erections suddenly became straight again? If you had a nice straight cock again and all your sexual power and ability back again?

Well, the results won’t be sudden with correct traction. But, you have a 99.99% chance of success if you have some patience and a little discipline.

It is so easy to straighten that bending 99.99% of the time. If you do it right.

Why waste your time and money on expensive Peyronies disease treatments that don’t give significant or satisfactory results?

As you learned, only a penile surgery, $30,000 XIAFLEX® injections, and correct traction have proven successful.

However:  Correct traction has none of the possible horrible surgical or injectable side effects. Moreover, traction, with one of the best devices in the world, will cost you under $300.

A Fear Of Sex
Very Real For Many Men With A Bent Penis

A fear of sex is very real when we have a bent weak erection. And, it probably won’t get much better until your straighten yourself out.

Straightening is so easy these these days. And, 99.99% of the time, a risky expensive surgery, or $30,000 of injections, are just not necessary. The future possible side effects from those two methods can be a further nightmare.

For under $300, doesn’t it make sense to try correct medically endorsed and recommended Penis Traction first?

Fear of sex? You now know you can easily make that a thing of the past.

Here's What
Penis Straightening Success
Looks Like

overcoming a fear of sex
overcoming a fear of sex #2
overcoming a fear of sex #3

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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