How to Enlarge Your Penis
Safely, Easily, and Without Surgery

last updated July 14, 2022
6:14 pm

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how to enlarge your penis without surgery

How to enlarge your penis? Without surgery?

Easy:  Correct traction. Did you know, the very best method of traction that is also medically endorsed and recommended is done with a simple inexpensive high quality penis traction device?

"Based on current evidence, we suggest that penile extenders, not surgery, should be the first-line treatment....

Surgery is characterised by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why
a non-invasive technique is preferable."

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

How to Enlarge Your Penis

When you read the “How to Enlarge Your Penis” ads on the internet, it can be mind boggling. Right?

You see pills, patches, creams, lotions, jelqing devices, weights, straps, rubber bands, and assorted things that look like they came out of the Spanish Inquisition....

Most of them are useless.

You also see traction devices. The good traction devices are the only really safe way to enlarge your penis.

Here’s why:

How to Enlarge Your Penis?
Most Things You See on the Internet
Don’t Work

That’s true. Very. Most of what you see when you are searching "How to Enlarge Your Penis" is misleading advertising designed for one purpose: To get the hard earned dollars from your pocket into theirs.

Mostly you'll see ads for all kinds of "penis pills".

If you think I’m wrong, try some of those things. Go on. Right now. Go try them. And, when your penis doesn’t grow even 1/4th of an inch in a year, come back here. And, learn what really works.

Sure, if you’re impotent, or, getting very weak erections, there are “penis pills” that may give you a nice stiff boner. Wonderful. Right?

And, the company selling them will tell you that these products can increase size by 3” in 6 weeks.

Here are the facts on those pills:

If a man has a horse sized cock, that isn’t getting hard, and these stimulant pills give him an amazing erection, yes, that man got 3” longer after 6 weeks of use. When he finally got a decent erection.

BUT, he didn’t grow even 1/4 of an inch. He just finally got a decent erection. And, he had a giant cock to begin with.

If you want to know how to enlarge your penis for real, with new permanent growth, there is only one way. That is with regular systematic stretching. Done correctly, it does not injure your shaft. And, you get permanent results.

Using a penis traction device is the Safest and only medically endorsed method of penis stretching.

Creating new penile tissue

is the only thing

that will actually make your shaft bigger.

And, the results will be permanent.

"...gradual expansion of tissue by traction, leads to the formation of new collagen tissue by cellular proliferation.”

reference:   National US Library of Medicine,

Penis Stretching
The Only Way to Enlarge Your Penis

Men have been using systemized stretching successful for over 2,000 years to enlarge their penises. Yes, really.

Wanting a bigger penis is nothing new.

The original records of penis enlargement with stretching originate in the mid east and in Africa. Men would suspend stones from the tip of their shaft and sit patiently for many hours each day, gazing out at the distance. In some primitive places they still do this today.

how to enlarge your penis with hanging stones
how to enlarge your penis, hanging stones

Yes, this seems funny, right?

Very primitive.

The process has been modernized and small barbell types weights can now be used.

how to enlarge your penis with weights

Seriously...... Look at that photo.

Is that something you want to do for 6 hours each day for the next 6 - 12 months?

Are you really going to sit behind your desk with your pants down and suspend weights from your shaft all day? Or, the entire evening while you at home? For maybe a year?


Can You Do This Practically?


You can use  get these same proven lengthening results using a high quality penile traction device. A device clinically proven to give the results you want.

With a high quality traction device, you get measured, Safe control of the pulling.

You wear the device underneath your clothing while you go about your normal daily activity.

No one even knows you are wearing it.

how to enlarge your penis #4Can you tell who is wearing the penis traction device?

Controlling The Stretch
The Most Important Thing

I can not stress enough how important it is to control the amount of pull you place on your shaft.

Not enough pull will give little or no results.

Too much pull, and it is possible to seriously injure your shaft. The damage may even cause a penile tear, or “fracture”, that requires surgical treatment. That damage may be permanent.

The only methods of stretching that you can control are with suspended weights, hideous straps,

how to enlarge you penis #5

and traction devices. The Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed method.

how to enlarge your penis safely and permanentlyPenis Traction Device

Not All Traction Devices
Are Safe

Now that you know how to enlarge your penis in the Safest and Most Effective way, there comes a hidden problem: Most penis traction devices look alike. They are not.

Yes, they all look almost exactly alike in the advertisements. And, this is where you can get into some serious trouble with a penile traction device.

Some devices are wonderful medical grade devices. They are the very best equipment for straightening a bent penis and they are some of the best penile enlargers in the world.

The cheaply made dangerous devices look just like the good ones.

These inferior devices break easily. If one malfunctions while wearing it, you can easily puncture your shaft. If the connection is improper, you can burst the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft.

how to enlarge your penis safely

Is There Much Difference
The Cost?

No. And, that’s the important information you need to know.

You can get one of the best devices in the world for under $400. Yes, under four hundred dollars.

You can get one of the cheapest most dangerous devices for about $89.

It’s your choice.

So, let me ask you: Is it really worth saving $200 and risking a very serious penile injury that requires an expensive surgical repair and that may adversely affect your sex life forever?

We don’t think so.

Of course not. And, just by the fact that you are here, searching for the best answer to this problem, we know you don’t think so either.

So, let’s find the best ones.

Which Traction Devices
Are Best?

These are the ones we found best. Safest. And, most effective.

We have researched every traction device available at the time of this writing so that you can know how to enlarge your penis in the Safest and Most Effective way

There were 22 different ones at the time of this writing.

The first thing we found is that when you take the devices out of the box, you can almost immediately feel the difference in quality. For us, at Bent Penis Org, this one examination eliminated most of them.

Then there were some other factors to consider.

A High Quality Traction Device:

  • Is Made from Medical Grade Materials

  • Is a Class One Medical Device

  • Is Well Constructed

  • Has a Strong Effective Spring

  • Operates Smoothly and Easily

  • Is Guaranteed

Unfortunately, at the end of our testing, only two manufacturers made devices that met ALL of our requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

We felt so good about these two companies and found them so far superior to the others, that we have written a special detailed article about them.

Here is a full report on our results:

“The Very Best
 Penis Traction Devices 
in The World”

In that article you will learn everything you need to know to make a very good decision on which penis traction device can do the best and safest job for you.

How to Enlarge Your Penis

1)  Yes, you can have permanent penis enlargement. Without surgery.

2)  You can do it Safely and Easily.

3)  If you want to know how to enlarge you penis in the best possible way, we believe it is with correct penis  traction using a high quality device.

Now you know how to do it. Safely. And, Effectively.

Enjoy your new bigger penis!

how to enlarge your penis, monster cock

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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