Is The Penis a Muscle?

is the penis a muscle? No.

Is the penis a muscle? No.

Here's what it is:

The penis is very unique item. The construction is a marvel to behold.

is the penis a muscle? No.

Yes, it gets hard just like a flexed muscle. It gets so hard many men think there is a bone in their “boner”.

Then we hear about “penis exercises”. Right? To make a bigger penis. So it must be a muscle. Right?

Is the penis a muscle? No. There is no muscle at all in there. So, penile “exercises” don’t really exist.

Let’s take a look at what’s really going on inside of our shafts.

What’s Inside
Your Penis?

is the penis a muscle?

What you see there is the main contents of your shaft. Is the penis a muscle? Is there any muscle in there? No.

What you have inside there, that create your erections and make them hard, are called erectile chambers.

what's inside a penis?

There are two of them in there. And, a third much smaller one (that protects the urethra from being squeezed shut during erection. This enables the urethra to remain open during erection for ejaculation. This third erectile chamber is called the corpus spongiosum.).

These erectile chambers are very unique to the penile shaft. They exist nowhere else in the human body.

They fill with blood to create your erections. In a health young male they can become so filled with blood that they literally feel hard as a bone. Hence the name “boner”.

Is The Penis
A Muscle?

The entire function of our shafts is to penetrate a vagina and deliver sperm into the female.

That’s it!

The hardness the shaft develops during erection is entirely for the purpose of easy entry into the vagina. Nothing else.

Now, a muscle serves the purpose of movement. Some move the body in a direction. The heart muscles moves the blood. There are muscles that create your breathing.

Muscles are there to create movement.

Your penis, on the other hand, just has to be hard enough to enter a vagina and deliver a load of semen. That’s the entire function.

Is the penis a muscle? No. Does it function as a muscle? No.

Our Favorite Toy

As boy, our favorite toy, once we reach sexual puberty, is usually our penis. Right? It’s so amazing!

It’s fun. No doubt about it. And, we fixate on it often. As we grow older, into young men, about all we really want to do most of the time is get it inside some lovely young woman and come like crazy. Right?

That’s Mother Nature’s plan.

We spend a bunch of time every day in the pursuit of sex, or the thought of it. Unfortunately, most of us were made to feel guilty about it.

Huge sexual desire is the natural order of things. It’s part of our survival mechanism. Just like a hunger for food. And, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, if you don’t have this desire, and you are a healthy young male, there is something wrong with your health.

Of course, as we get older, the desire for sex diminishes. This is also natural.

We’re supposed to be desiring sexual intercourse because nature wants us to procreate. That’s why she made it so exciting, so irresistible, and so much fun.

How many babies do you think there would be if sex was not so much fun??? What would happen to us as a species?

Society, however, has frowned on this joy for hundreds of years and this screws up so many young men and women in the process with guilt that we don’t deserve.

Enjoy your sexuality. At any age. It’s a gift from Nature to us.

Now, What About
“Penis Exercises”

Many men, especially young men, want a bigger dick. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Some men just want their dick to look bigger in their pants. Some want a bigger erection. Both these things are called “male enhancement” in the politically correct terminology. Still, in reality, it’s just wanting a bigger dick. And, again, there is nothing wrong with that either.

When men go searching for how to do this (almost ALWAYS on the internet) they see advertisements for courses that contain penile “exercises”. We all know a muscle gets bigger with proper exercise. So, why not our dicks? If the penis is a muscle.

Is the penis a muscle? No. So there really is no “exercise” for a cock.

What Are
Penis Exercises?

These “exercises” are not really exercises at all. They are just different kinds of penile stretching techniques.

jelqing and penis exercises

As you now know, there is no muscle to grow down there. But, it is possible to stretch your shaft out over time and make it larger. Permanently.

Yes. You can have a bigger dick. If you are willing to take the time and necessary action.

Men have actually been effectively lengthening their shafts for over 2,000 years with various techniques. The first techniques recorded were hanging stones from the penile tip and sitting that way for many hours each day.

If you have endless free time and don’t mind doing this, it still works. Try this in your office, get caught, and you will become famous within the company for many years to come.

Yes, correct penis stretching techniques can make your shaft grow. Both longer and wider. And, the results will be permanent.

But, how do we do this in our busy lives? And, how do we do it Safely?

Safely and Effectively

We get back to our question: Is the penis a muscle? No. So, there are no exercise that can make it bigger.

However: Regular stretching for an adequate length of time can make it bigger. Permanently.

Caution: Random pulling, using too much weight, pulling too hard can severely injure your shaft. These things can cause serious, possibly permanent, damage.

Safe, effective, controlled stretching can be done with a high quality penis traction device.

This is what a penis traction device looks like:

penis stretching

wearing a penis traction device

This device was invented in 1994 by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

This device is medically endorsed and doctor recommended in 29 countries around the world. Including the USA, Canada, France, England, Italy....

This traction “male enhancement” device can create permanent penile growth. Both length and width.

They can be found easily on the internet. UNFORTUNATELY, there are a lot a dangerous devices out there, as well as some extremely good ones.

Since the dangerous ones look just like the good ones in the advertisements we researched them all. At least the ones available at the time of this writing.

There’s a lot of important information to learn about them and their differences. The details would be too much for this one article, so, we put together an entire article in our penis straightening section just on this subject. Here is the link:

“The Very Best Penis Traction Devices in The World”

Whether you are creating a bigger cock or just straightening a bent one, the best device to use is the same.


1)  Is the penis a muscle?


2)  Can you make your penis grow longer and wider?


And, that’s what you came here to find out. Right?

3)  With correct regular stretching you can grow a larger and longer erection.

4)  The Safest stretching method is called Penis Traction Therapy (PTT). PTT is both medically endorsed and recommended in the USA and 28 other countries worldwide.

If a bigger cock is your goal, you now know PTT is the Safest and Most Effective way to get one.

getting a bigger cock

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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