Penis Captivus
A Bent Penis

penis captivus is not a reality

Penis Captivus (getting stuck in your partner’s vagina) is nothing you will ever have to worry about. Even if you have a bent penis.

Some articles are especially entertaining to write. This is one of them.

Human Penis Captivus
A Myth

Penis captivus is one of those wonderful horror tales some men worry about. Especially if they are having sex with someone they have no business being with. Right? It makes a great story and something to have fun scaring your friends with.

But, it is not a reality.

There’s real humor in it.

I mean the thought of being caught in there is mortifying. Right? Especially if it lasts hours. Or, is permanent!

And, if you give it a minute to sink in, without doubt, it makes you start laughing. Right again?

Here’s some info from Medical News Today:

“Penis captivus allegedly occurs when a penis becomes stuck in a vagina during sexual intercourse. Reports of this happening are incredibly rare.

Very few reports have documented the existence of penis captivus. What reports there are have led many people to question whether it really happens.....

There have been so few credible reports of penis captivus that some people, including some doctors, question its existence.

Reported cases are few and far between, and well-documented cases are even more rare....

Penis captivus seems to be extremely rare, to the extent that many people consider it to be a myth.”

reference: "Myths and Facts About Penis Captivus",

Let’s Use
Some Common Sense

Before any of you become concerned about penis captivus, let’s use some common sense:

First: The vagina can pass a baby. Is your cock anywhere near that big?

Second: The vagina won’t even accept a penis unless it is lubricated. Either naturally or with some lube. That lubrication makes for easy entry AND exit.

Third: Try having your partner hold your erect lubed cock in her hand. As hard as she can. Can you pull out? Of course. The vagina is no stronger.

So, why would we think our cocks could get held with a death grip by a vagina during intercourse?

I’m even laughing now as I write this.

Are Different

Yes, there are a few reported cases of penis captivus. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. But, a doctor has yet to actually see on happening. Hmmmmm. Suspicious?

But, what about dogs? We see that regularly. Right? They get stuck together during sex.

penis captivus in dogs, not humans

Yes, they do. But, the canine penis and vagina are designed a bit differently than the human counterparts. In the canine, they are designed to hold together to make sure the semen gets where it needs to go and the penis does not come out too soon. A dog's penis has a bulb like formation at the base of the penis which fills with blood after intercourse has begun, effectively locking the male in place.

penis captivus is not a reality for humans

And, in dogs, once all the semen has been delivered (a 3 stage process in dogs), the penis goes soft and comes right out with no effort.

Is Penis Captivus
Even Possible?

The fear of penis captivus is very real for some men. So, when you get the opportunity, make up a good story and scare these guys like crazy.... It’s really fun.

Some men will even say they have experienced it.


What CAN happen is a woman may experience vaginismus during intercourse. Here vaginal muscles can tighten to a great degree. The man may feel so much tension that he thinks he may be stuck. If he just pulls out a little bit harder, he’ll come right out.

What You Need to Know About

Vaginismus is a condition involving muscle spasm in the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Vaginismus is serious for a woman because it can cause a great amount of pain. It can occur at any age. And, a number of things can trigger it. Including the fear of intercourse.

Vaginismus is very treatable
and can usually be easily overcome with some proper psychological therapy.

What if You Have

Bent Penis?

penis captivus and a bent penis

Even with a severe bend like you see above, you’re not going to get stuck inside her vagina if it spasms up on you.

Yes, it may be painful for her to pull out if the spasm is extensive and very tight. But, will your cock be stuck in there? No.

The Rare Exception

There’s always an exception to every rule. Right?
So, here’s the exception to the rule that humans can’t really have penis captivus:

There is a type Peyronies disease bent penis that is called an hourglass “penis”. It is quite rare. It looks like this:

hourglass penis, and, penis captivus

Notice how the indentation on the shaft goes all the way around.

This is a rare form of Peyronies disease where the hardened tissue surrounds a portion of the shaft, as opposed to common Peyronie’s disease, where only a small spot is hardened and causing a sideways bend.

It you have an hourglass penis (erection), and, you are pulling out of a woman who is suddenly spasming with vaginismus, the muscles at the entry of her vagina may grip the indentation and make it feel like you can not get the rest of your cock out. You are pulling and it may become painful.

Even if you are pulling and it feels stuck, you can get out. Rather quickly. Especially if you both will just relax for a moment, maybe 15 seconds, to relieve the tension and soften the erection.

If you panic, and she gets even more tense, you can still slide out. You will not be hopelessly stuck.

Believe me, if you get stuck like this, your erection is probably going to fade very fast just due to fear. As soon as it does, you’ll slip right out without even trying.


This topic is actually comical. And, every young guy has discussed it with their friends in awe and wonder. Some young men will even fearfully fantasize about it. It’s normal for young men to be captivated by the topic.

The fact of the matter is: You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in your partner’s vagina during intercourse. Ever.

Yes, if your partner suddenly has sever vaginismus you may feel a real hold on your cock rather suddenly (as painful as it is for a woman, it can be quite a turn on for the man), but, you can always pull out with just a little more effort. It will never be a battle of will.

Also, the fear you experience if this is suddenly happening will almost always deflate your erection very quickly.

But, for some men, the horrific fantasy of penis captivus remains.... And, for those of us with a slightly perverse sense of humor, it’s fun to tease our friends with shocking make believe stories.

Be in Good Health....

~ William (editor)

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