Bent Penis Disease

You Are Wondering About

bent penis disease

There is no penis disease that makes your erections bend.

Your erection may bend as the result of some rare disease or autoimmune malfunction. That’s not too common. But, it happens. There is, however, no specific penis bending disease.

Even Peyronies disease is not actually a “penis disease”. It is just a simple condition that is easily correctable. I’ll be explaining that in detail in this article.

If you are like 99.99% of us

whose erections started bending terribly,
do not have a “disease”.

Here’s something I want you to know right now, before we get started: It’s easy to fix a curved or bent penis 99% of time. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

What About
Peyronies Disease?

That’s always the first question I hear after I say there is no bent penis disease.

And, the answer is: No. Peyronies is not actually a “disease”. It is a condition like grey hair, not a disease like tuberculosis.

There is no virus, bacteria, or pathology at work here. It is merely some hardening/thickening tissue that won’t stretch enough during erection. See the difference?

Let me explain this a little further:

Peyronies is a condition much the same as a bruise, a broken bone, dry skin, brittle finger nails, gray hair, etc.... are conditions.

 Not a penis disease.

You’re not infected with anything. You didn’t get a virus or bacterial infection. You didn’t catch anything.  Nobody can catch this from you.

What you do have is a scar or scars, (hidden inside your shaft) on one or more of your erectile chambers (the chambers that fill with blood to make your shaft hard). The scar(s) may also be on your tunica albuginea (the thin small sack that surrounds these chambers and causes your erections to feel hard).

curved bent penis disease

Everything is Not a “Disease”

Why do we so often think everything that happens to us these days is a disease? And, then we think we are going to die from it. Right?

Well, that thinking is what we have been taught all too often. And, the way we now think all too often. Am I right? We’re so often going crazy over nothing.

It must be the advertising. Or, the TV shows....

In this case, that thinking is wrong.

Very wrong.

As horrible as your erections may look and feel right now, this curving and bending is an easy condition to reverse 99% of the time. If you do it correctly. There is no "penis disease" to "cure".

Peyronies Disease


Not a "Mystery"

You may have heard the cause of Peyronies is a mystery. Not known. Not understood.... Nonsense. There is always a cause.

Most of the time, what we have is the result of a former injury. Even if that injury was 20 or 30 years ago.

And, most men don’t even remember the injury happening. Usually because it was during some intense or rough sex.

That’s why this condition is usually thought of as a “mystery”.

But, it is no mystery at all.

Here’s What Happened

At some point in your life you were having very enthusiastic sex. Even rough sex. Am I right? We all did. It’s fun and normal.

Here’s an example of what the cause may be:

Possibly, during some of that very passionate/rough sex you slipped out of your partner’s vagina. Then, tried to ram it right back in.... and....missed! But, you hit another part of her anatomy and you felt a sharp “ouch”!

That sharp "ouch" was a small tear in your tunica albuginea (the thin strong sack that surrounds your erectile chambers), or, one or more of your erectile chambers.

bent penis disease #2

If the tear wasn’t too bad, you probably had a small laugh with your partner and went right back to your pleasure.

If the tear was severe, and you broke your penis, you knew that right away, because it hurt like crazy, kept hurting, and it turned colors.

broken penis

Why You Started Bending

Well, that little tear, that “ouch”, healed up real nicely and you probably never thought about it again, unless you were having fun exchanging sex stories with your friends later on. Right?

Now, years later (maybe even 20 or 30 years later) you see your erections bending terribly and you don’t know why.

Well, now you know why.

Any incident that bends a strong hard erection,

even a tiny bit,

is going to injure it.

Now, only about 5% - 9% of us men will have this scar harden later in life. The hardening will make our erections bend. Sometimes bend hideously.

The other 95% of men with the same internal scarring will continue on like nothing ever happened to them. I know. It’s not fair. But, that’s the way it is.

the cause of bent penis disease
severe bent penis disease

And, that’s ALL there is to it.

That’s all.

What Else
Can Cause the Bending?

No, there is no Bent Penis Disease. But, certain other not so common things can cause a penis/erection to curve or even bend severely. Things like:

  • An autoimmune disease can cause thickening of some of the internal tissue and cause the bend

  • A disease like Dupuytren’s Contracture may be responsible for the bending

  • Penis cancer may cause a curve or bend

  • Some medications can play havoc with your immune system and cause a curved or bent penis also

There is, however, NO specific bent penis disease. None at all. I hope that sets your mind at least a little more at ease.

Can I Straighten a Curved or Bent Penis
Without Surgery?

YES. 99% of the time.

penis disease #3

A small number of men have very complex bends. Or, hourglass problems, where an entire ring around the erection occurs. These will most likely need a surgery to correct.

The rest of us with a bent or curved penis have it easy. If we handle it correctly.

The good news is:

It’s easy to fix a bent or curved penis 99.99% of the time.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

What Caused
The Scar?

Erections are not designed to bend. At all.

So, even if you bent it just a little during some intense or rough sex, years ago, you could have torn something inside. When that tear healed, it formed a small scar.

That little devil, all by itself, is what is causing our bending 99.99% of the time.

“Why Are My Erections Are ‘Suddenly’ Bending

This is a great question. And, the question most men wind up asking.

Here’s the answer:

As we aged, the scars have grown harder. And, when those scars reach the point where they can not stretch as much as the surrounding tissues, they are “suddenly” making our erections bend.

That’s all that is happening.

Now, let me ask you this: Does that sound like a “disease”?

Of course not! It’s just a scar.

It is a simple condition of your body changing as you age. The thing is: this hardening only happens to about 5% of men.

Some have it, most don’t.

It’s like being a redhead with freckled skin. It’s unusual. But, not all that uncommon. Is being a redhead a “disease”? Of course not.

With this type of scar hardening, we’re a little unusual too. But, we are not ill. Just different than most.

When your scars harden anywhere else on or in your body, you are usually unaware. Because, there is no inconvenience.

This is because nothing else in your body needs to stretch the way your shaft does during erection.

Are you with me so far?

A Huge And Unfortunate

“Why is this called a ‘disease’ if it is not one?”

That’s a good question.

This condition was originally labeled “Peyronie’s Disease” (notice the apostrope that designates possession) back in the year 1743.

This is when the medical community was first trying to categorize every ailment under the sun for easy reference.

It was a French surgeon named Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, who in that year, discovered what was causing this bending. So, the condition was named after him. As an honor for the discovery.

This so called bending penis disease, named after Francois Gigot de LaPeyroine, is a misnomer. Improperly named. Because: it is just a simple condition. Not a “disease”.

Unfortunately, the name stuck. And, this unfortunate misnomer has traumatized hundreds of thousands of men since then.

It Scare Us

Back then, as a sign of respect, a huge amount of problems were named after the person who figured out what they were.

But, today, it scares us when we first hear the name because we were never taught anything about this condition in sex ed when we were kids, or, at any other time in our lives.

So now, when we see this extreme bending, and know nothing about it, and we hear: “Penis Disease”, we get scared!


Of course. That’s only normal. There are so many hideous diseases out there now that we hear about and read about. So, our mutated erection being called a “disease” is horrifying to most of us.

But, is this a "disease"? Hardly. No more than a scar on your hand or foot or anywhere else on your body is. This internal penis scarring is the same thing. Only the bending it causes is mortifying to most of us.

I mean, no one ever says, “Hey, my cock bends so much it’s painful, scary to look at, and I can’t even have sex. Isn’t that cool?” No one.

"Is There Any Penis Disease

That Makes My Erections Bend?"

This is a very common, real, and completely natural question.

The answer is: No.

None that we’ve ever seen, heard of, or read about in our 12 years of study and research here at

In a rare case, a man’s erection might bend from a disease of some sort. Like Dupuytren’s Contracture. But, these cases are rare.

Over 99.99% of the time, a man’s “penis disease” is simply a hardened scar condition.

A Bent Penis Condition


Very Easy To Fix!

Finally: The really Good News!:

A curved or bent penis,

as absolutely hideous and horrible as it may look

to you right now,

is very easy to fix 99.99% of the time.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

So, stop worrying about this “mysterious” penis disease called Peyronies. No matter how bad or grotesque your bending might look to you right now.

Remember:  A bent penis is just a simple condition that is easy to correct 99.99% of the time. Yes, it is easy to correct Safely and Easily 99.99% of the time with simple penis traction.

fix bent penis disease

Be Well.....

~ William

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