Penis Lengthening

penis lengthening


Good news. Right?

And, it’s not a surgical process.

“Why Did My Penis
Get Shorter?”

Penis lengthening is often a concern for men who suffered from severe Peyronies disease. They see they now have a shorter penis than they used to.


There are two main reasons:

1)  Peyronies can cause a man’s erection to be shorter. Even after straightening.

2)  Peyronies surgery, particularly the Nesbit procedure (and it’s many variations) will shorten the erection. Shortening the longer side of the erection (the normal tissue) is what straightens the shaft in these procedures.

Surgical Penis Lengthening
Doesn't Exist

Most men presume that lengthening a penis is a surgical procedure. It is not.

The Fact Is:

A penis surgery can only make a penis thicker.

There is no surgery for making an erection longer.

Yes, you can make a flaccid (soft) penis longer by cutting the suspensory ligament. However: This WILL NOT increase the length of the erection.

Here is a Video of how a flaccid penis is surgically made to look longer:

Another thing you may not know is that when the suspensory ligament is cut, your erection will no longer be pointed upward (that is the purpose of this ligament). It will point down. It’s very weird.

cutting the suspensory ligament attached to the penis

An erection that hangs down, instead of naturally pointing upward, will look very strange to your partner (if this is your first sexual event). And, it becomes much more difficult to insert naturally into your partner’s vagina.

Then you have the lovely job of explaining your surgical intervention and the $3,000 - $5,000 cost. Talk about looking insecure with your manhood.....

Safe, Effective, All Natural
Penis Lengthening

So how do we lengthen a penis? Safely? Get a permanently bigger cock?

Stretching is the only method 0f lengthening that works. That actually grows more penile tissue. And, when done correctly, stretching will not have any adverse side effects.

Why is stretching with Penis Traction Therapy (PTT) is the only real choice? All other methods of stretching (jelqing, penile “exercises”, etc.) involve too much risk of serious injury.

PTT controls the amount of pull on the shaft so that you don’t over pull and cause tearing/damage.

PTT is in fact so good that it is actually medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

This includes: USA • Canada • Belgium • Holland • Germany • Denmark • Brazil • Thailand • Sweden • Taiwan • Uruguay • United Kingdom • Switzerland • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Venezuela • Italy• Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

PTT (Penis Traction Therapy using a traction device)..... resulted in statistically significant improvements in penile length.....

reference: Dr. Matthew Ziegelman (et al)
Penis Traction Device

Why Are
Other Stretching Methods
So Dangerous?

Yes, penis “exercises” (manual pulling on the shaft) and jelqing can do the job also.

penis lengthening with exercisespenis "exercises"

penis lengthening with jelqingusing a jelqing device

However:  With these alternative penis lengthening and stretching methods you risk serious possible injury. This is because there is no control on how hard you pull with jelqing, “exercises”, etc.

The slower results of these alternative methods invariably leads to either giving up on the process, or, trying to expedite the process by pulling harder. Eventually, so hard that damage is caused. Sometimes serious permanent damage.

Yes. I know. You won’t do that. You’ll be careful..... Until your are two months down the road and you see no real results for your hour a day of Penile “exercises” or jelqing.

So, we try a little harder... And harder...

See how the damage happens?

Worse, you never feel these injuries as they are happening. Then “suddenly” you have a problem...

This happens to over 90% of men who use penile “exercises” and jelqing.

Are the risks worth the $200 savings on proper equipment?

Traction Therapy
Penis Lengthening

One of the best things about traction therapy is that it is very inexpensive. You can own and use one of the best devices in the world for under $300.

Yes, the “exercises” are free. A jelqing device costs about $39 - $169.

Remember This:  You have just one penis. You don’t get another one if you ruin this one.

So: BE SMART. Buy one of the best devices possible, and, SAFELY get the lengthening results you want in the shortest possible time.

There Are No Pills or Surgeries
that will
Will Lengthen Your Penis

There are no pills, no surgeries, no anything else that will lengthen your shaft. Not with real measurable, permanent lengthening.

Stretching is the only thing that works. It as actually been used for over 2,000 years.

So, if you want to grow a bigger dick, you must stretch it.

penis lengthening with a traction device


The only Safe (and medically endorsed) method of penile stretching is correctly used Penis Traction Therapy (PTT).

  • PTT is proven to work

  • PTT is medically endorsed and recommended

  • The results from PTT will be permanent

penis lengthening is possible

Be in Good Health.....

~ William (editor)

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