Is a Penis Pump
Correct Traction Therapy?

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penis pump with safety pressure gaugepump with safety pressure gauge


The penis pump (also called “vacuum erectile device”) has been tested against penis traction therapy (PTT) in a number of clinical trials and the results always come back about the same:

The pump
is only about half as effective
as traction therapy.

“Both the PTT (penis traction therapy) and VED (vacuum erectile device/penis pump) groups had reduced penile curvature at 8 weeks compared with measurements at week 4 and control group at week 8. Penile curvature was reduced by 65% in the PTT group and by 33% in the VED group.”

reference: Renal and Urological News
“Nonsurgical Peyronie’s Treatments Compared”

What is a
Penis Pump
Good For?

The penis pump was designed to create an erection. It can do that fairly well.

The penis pump has two main uses:

 1)  It’s a sex toy

 2)  It can help create an erection for men with certain types of erectile dysfunction. Such as men with diabetes. With the addition of a cock ring, the erection can be maintained long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Penis Pumps Work

The way a penis pump works is quite simple:

A penis pump decreases the normal atmospheric pressure around your shaft by pumping the air out of the cylinder surrounding your shaft.

how penis pumps work

Your own internal blood pressure then forces blood into the shaft. This creates an erection. No sexual stimulation is needed.

For those of you who may have forgotten your high school science lesson: At sea level, there is 14.7 pounds per square in of air pressure on our bodies at all times. The pressure is caused by the atmosphere (air) that gravity pulls toward the earth.

Yes almost 15 pounds of pressure on every square in of our bodies! At all times. But, we never feel this.


Because our bodies are producing an equal pressure from the inside. So, the pressures balance each other out.

That’s why astronauts wear those big space suits. They create air pressure inside. If the astronauts did not wear these special pressure filled suits when they left the ship out in space (or on the moon), they would literally explode!

Penis Pumps
Can Create an Erection

What does this have to do with a penis pump?

Well, the penis pump, also medically known as a “vacuum erectile device”, sucks the air out of the cylinder around your shaft.

This reduces the pressure on your shaft. When that happens, the natural pressure inside your body forces more blood into your shaft and it creates an erection!

That’s why you always want to use a penis pump with a pressure gauge on it. It you reduce the pressure too much, your blood vessels will start to explode. You could potentially destroy your penis and it would have to be amputated.

So, please use a high quality pump with a good pressure gauge and use the pump very carefully.

How Does This Help
Straighten a Bent Penis?

Getting an erection pulls on the short tissue in a bent penis.

Yes, even your natural erections are pulling that hard scar tissue and helping it to straighten. For those who have pain during erection, you already know this.

Unfortunately, erections alone, rarely straighten a Peyronies bending.

And, who is going to get an erection twice every day? Morning and night?

That is where a penis pump is helpful in straightening. You create 2 erections every day for about 10 minutes.

But, as you read in the medical reference at the top of the page (in red), penis pumps are only about half as effective as traction therapy.

Penis Traction Therapy
Works Better Than Pumps

penis traction therapy is two times more effective than pumps for straightening

When there is a bend in the shaft it means part of the shaft is shorter than the rest.

Because traction therapy will be pulling the entire shaft in a straight line, it will pull on the shorter parts before it pulls the longer parts.

This enables your shaft to become even and eventually form straight erections. It’s that simple.

With correct traction therapy, you are literally pulling your shaft straight out. And, you are doing it for a longer period of time each day than you are able to with a pump, because extended times with a pump will cause penile damage.

Yes, a penis pump has a stretching effect on the shorter tissue. But, as the clinical trials all show, it give results that are only about half as effective as traction.

a Penis Pump

A penis pump is really an erectile device. And, it comes with a lot of potential dangers.

The first danger is blood vessels popping because too much vacuum was created (over pumping, it’s why a gauge is necessary). The blood vessels are not strong enough to stand this pressure and they pop.

You can also develop urethral bleeding. And, corporal fibrosis (basically fibrous hardening inside the erectile chambers).

Corporal fibrosis that continues developing will eventually cause
erectile dysfunction
and the need for erectile drugs such as Viagra.

reference: Dr. Ahmed El Sakka, Journal of Andrology, Vol. 31, No. 4, July/August 2010
“Amelioration of Penile Fibrosis:Myth or Reality”

Used properly and carefully, a penis pump has been shown to be a safe device for creating an erection and for strengthening a weak erection.


  • Although the penis pump has been clinically tested for straightening, it is not very effective, and, it comes with too many potential hazards.

  • A penis pump can be an erectile aid for men with certain types of impotence. Such as men with diabetes ED.

  • Penis Traction Therapy, has proven twice as effective as the penis pump for straightening a bent erection.

  • Traction Therapy has none of the possible serious side effects that come with using a penis pump.

penis pump or traction to straighten a bent penis?

Be Well.....

~ William

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