Peyronies Disease Diagnosis

last updated September 14, 2021
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Peyronies disease diagnosis

A Peyronies Disease diagnosis doesn’t require a genius. 

It’s nice and comforting to have your doctor tell you that you have this “disease” when you see your cock bending at a 90 degree angle every time you get an erection these days. At least he knows what it is.

Well, maybe “nice and comforting” isn’t the right wording here. Especially when it's not really a "disease" at all. Peyronies is a condition. A disorder. Something simple and easy to fix. This bent penis won't kill you. It's not an illness. You didn't catch it from someone. You can't spread it. It's a simple condition. Like grey hair. Yes, a condition that's just that simple and harmless. Only it's personally mortifying and ruining your sex life.

And, it's making you miserable now. Right? Don't worry. It is easy to fix 99% of the time. Without surgery. Really.

Now, is that more comforting?

OK. Let's learn how to fix this problem starting right now.

It’s Not A “Disease”

But, getting a Peyronies disease diagnosis from your doctor, and knowing why something is happening, is much better than having it be a mystery. Right?

“The problem is,

most professionals still think Peyronies is a mystery.

It is not.”

The fact is Peyronies is not really a, “disease” at all. It is just a simple condition caused by scar and/or plaque formation on one or more of your erectile chambers.

I know. That’s a mouthful.

What it means is this: You have a scar and/or plaque formation on one or more of your erectile chambers (the sacks that fill with blood to give you an erection).

peyronies disease diagnosis #2

The hardened scar tissue doesn’t stretch normally during erection. So, it pulls your erection up, or down, or to the side, or in more than one direction when you get your erection.

That’s ALL there is to it. Nothing more.

And, that's all a Peyronies disease diagnosis means. You are NOT sick. You do Not have a "disease". You have a bit of hardened tissue on one or more of your erectile chambers, or, your tunica albuginea, that is causing your penis to bend when erect. That's all.

Don't be frightened into thinking this is anything more than that. It is not.

More important:

It's a simple, easily correctable condition 99% of the time. And, it rarely requires a surgery.

A Peyronies Disease Diagnosis
Personally Horrifying

Yes, it's horrifying. Especially if you are told no one knows the reason for it.

Yes, a severely bent penis is scary, embarrassing, humiliating and depressing. At least it was for most of us who got it before you did. So, don't feel like you're a freak of nature. This happens to 5% - 9% of men. Yes, that's hundreds of thousands of men. BUT: Nobody ever talks about it. So we feel alone. Like we are the only one. You are not. It's actually pretty common.

The Good News is:

99.99% of the time, it's easy to straighten a bent penis
surgery, injections, or drugs!

Your Own
Peyronies Disease Diagnosis

98% of the time a man can do his own Peyronies disease diagnosis.

Doing your own Peyronies disease diagnosis is very simple.

It’s almost a no brainer. You’re in your mid life. And, your erections have started bending radically in the last year or so. They were just fine before that. Right?

Your flaccid cock looks normal. But, every time you get an erection it bends terribly. Horribly for some men! And, maybe it is even painful now to get an erection.

And, these bending erections you get now are usually not good solid ones like they used to be either. Is that true too?

Does all this sound like you?

If you rub the spot on your flaccid penis right under where it bends, do you feel a small lump? That's most common. You may. Or, you may not feel a bump, if the thickening was caused by an autoimmune disease or a medication side effect.

At the end of the day: Your erections have a terrible bend that you never had before. And, maybe now they are painful and you developed ED (erectile dysfunction) also. As long as you don't have cancer there (extremely rare, less than 1 man in 100,000 each year) does it really matter why it bends? It bends. Right? And, that is what we want to fix. We want it straight again. Now. Hopefully without a surgery. Isn't that right?

Here's The Good News: The Simplest, Safest, Medically Recommended, FDA Approved method for straightening a bent penis works for all these bends (outside of penile cancer). Safely and Easily. The method is called correct penis traction therapy. It require no surgery, no injections, no drugs. And, that is what you are going to learn about right here. If you keep reading.

So much for doing your own Peyronies disease diagnosis. Easy. Right?

And, the fix is easy 99% of the time.

Go See Your Urologist

Yes, go see your Urologist anyway.


Even with a simple, easy, usually correct Peyronies disease diagnosis you can do by yourself, it’s always good to be sure. Then you can proceed with your Peyronies disease treatments with confidence. On rare occasion, something else causes the bend. (Very rare. Almost not worth mentioning.)

Getting a Peyronies disease diagnosis from a good Urologist is a smart thing to do.

If he says, “Yes. You have Peyronies disease.”, you know where you stand for sure. Then you can start to make a very educated decision on how you will straighten yourself out and which of the Peyronies disease treatments you will choose.

As you now know, 99.99% of the time, effective straightening can be done without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Yes, 99.99% of the time.

And, it can be done for under $300.

The whole situation doesn’t sound so radically terrible now, does it?

Then Depression Sets Back In

peyronies disease

It will. We're all human and we all have emotional ups and downs.

Immediately after hearing the good news you feel a lot better. Right? Then later in the day, often before we go to sleep, or, first thing in the morning, we remember how bent our erections are and the depression and hopeless feeling sets right back in. Am I right?

Don’t worry.

Always Remember: If you are like 99.99% of us men who got a Peyronies disease diagnosis, and then used correct penis traction to get straight again, you can straighten yourself out too. Safely and Easily.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

OK. Let's keep going:

Will You Be
100% Straight Again?

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Probably not.

Now don't get all upset here.

Over 50% of men are not perfectly straight anyway. That's right. More than half of us have some small curved or bent happening with our erections. You didn't know that. Did you?

And, nobody really cares. Or, notices. Some women even prefer a small bend.

But we want you to know that you can get straight enough so that sex can be normal and natural again. And, straight enough that no one will ever look at your erection in a funny way anymore.

Is that good enough for you?

What is
The Safest, Most Effective
Medically Endorsed and Recommended Method?

99.99% of the time,

correct penis traction therapy is the Safest and Most Effective method
for straightening a bent penis.
Any bent penis. It really doesn’t matter what caused the bending.


Because correct traction equalizes the shorter and longer tissues inside your shaft that cause your erections to bend. Even if you are bending in more than one direction.

peyronies disease diagnosis and penis traction therapy

And, correct traction is so easy to use.

Yes, it takes a bit of time. It will normally take a number of months. The worse the bend, the more time it will take you to get decently straight again.

But, correct penis traction, as slow as it may seem, has been proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method in the world. That is why, after a Peyronies disease diagnosis, more and more men choose it before all the other Peyronies disease treatments.

What About Penis Surgery?

peyronies disease surgery

Usually a very risky and often unwise choice.

Sure, after a Peyronies disease diagnosis you can get a special surgery for bent penis straightening, if you want. For $8,000+ dollars. It's pretty quick and easy. At first.

But, here are some of the possible side effects you risk with this kind of surgery:

  • Lack of Sensation

  • Inability to Achieve an Orgasm

  • Impotence

  • Infection

  • A Shorter Penis (that’s what happens when they equalize the tissues inside your shaft)

  • Damage to your urethra

  • Internal Scarring (which 25% of the time will cause your penis to bend in the future)

With correct penis traction you face
none of those surgical risks.

What's more: You can get one of the best penis traction devices in the world for under $300.

Does that sound good?

What do doctors think about correct penis traction?

"Correct penis traction is so good that it is

medically endorsed and recommended

in 29 countries worldwide.”

This includes:

The USA, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Philippines, ....

Yes, medically endorsed and recommended.

What would your doctor say?

I don’t know.

But, here’s what some of today's top specialists say.

After a Peyronies Disease Diagnosis
What Makes The Most Sense
To Try First?

Why haven’t you heard of correct penis traction before?

Maybe because it has only been around since 1994.

But, now, after your Peyronies disease diagnosis, you have a choice of:

 -   A very risky surgery, $8,000+

 -   Injections that can cost you $30,000 (yes thirty thousand dollars) and have proven only about 35% effective at best (if you are one of the “lucky” ones)

 -   Oral drugs that have proven relatively useless, cost: $3,500+


 -   Correct penis traction,The Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and recommend method

Which do you think you should try first?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

Where Genius
May Be Required

It was sounding too easy. Right?

“The place where the decision becomes not so easy

is in picking out a high quality penis traction device.”

After a Peyronies disease diagnosis, more and more men are now opting for correct penis traction. Why? Because of all the spectacular results it is getting. In the Safest Possible Way.

But, which devices are best?

There are 23 different devices out there by my last count. You can find them all on line.

They all look pretty much alike in the advertisements. The price range is about $100 - $300.

HOWEVER:  And, this is a HUGE however. They are not all alike.

Which Penis Traction Devises

Here’s what we have found:

  • A couple manufacturers make top notch devices. Excellent ones! We have found them to be the Safest and Most Effective penis traction devices available.

  • A few are OK. But, these cost as much or more than the best ones. So, why bother with these?

  • And then, there are some that are just downright dangerous. We recommend you don't use these.

Those dangerous ones are poorly made. Most often with very inferior materials.

Why? So they can sell them cheaper.

Who’s looking for cheaper? Usually young men who want a bigger penis (yes, correct traction can do that also) and who want to save some money.

Please, no matter what you choose, stay away from the cheap junk.

The Tragedy
The Poorly Made Devices

Here’s what can prove to be the tragic part of penis traction therapy for a bent penis:

  • What if one of those cheap devices breaks on you? While you’re wearing it? And, punctures your penis? You can have permanent damage.

  • What if the attachment to the tip of your shaft strangles the tip? You can break the blood vessels up there.

What does that mean?

It means you may have a permanently purple tip. Lose sensation. And, possibly not be able to orgasm.

dangers of penis traction

What else is possible?

  • What if a cheaply made device cuts off the circulation to the tip of your shaft long enough and it dies? You get gangrene and they amputate the tip of your penis.

How likely is that last one? Not very. But, that’s what you risk for a $100 - $200 “savings” on a poorly made device.

Do these risks sound worth the savings?

Which Penis Traction Devices
Did We Find Best?

the best penis traction devices

There are only two manufacturers that make devices that meet all of our personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness. We want you to know exactly what our findings on this are.

We put together a special penis traction review, in detail, just for this reason.

If penis traction therapy interests you, either one of those two manufacturers' devices will deliver the best possible results.

You don’t need both.

Please, click on that link, take a little time, read all about both of them, and see what you think is best.

If you are like 99.9% of men who have a bent penis, and have gotten a Peyronies Disease diagnosis, you too can straighten yourself out with one of those fine high quality devices very easily.

successful peyronies disease diagnosis
successful peyronies disease treatment without surgery
peyronies disease treatment without surgery

Be Well.....

~ William

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