Can You
Straighten a Penis
Without Surgery or Injections?

Yes! You can straighten a penis effectively 99.99% of the time.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs of any kind.

  • “Even if that penis is bent in a painful right angle when you get an erection?”

straighten a penis

  • “Even if it is bending in more than one direction?”

  • “Even if an erection becomes so painful that you can’t even get a decent erection anymore?”

Yes, yes, and yes again!

It’s Super Easy to Straighten a Penis
if you just know how

The best way to straighten a penis (clinically proven) is with correct penis traction therapy.

Nothing else compares for Effectiveness AND Safety.


"Based on current evidence,
we suggest that penile extenders, not surgery,
should be the first-line treatment....

Surgery is characterised by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes
and lack of consensus among the medical profession
on the indications for surgery and the techniques used.
That is why
a non-invasive technique is preferable."

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

The Very Serious Risks
of a
Penile Surgery

Let’s talk a little about how to straighten a penis with surgery and the major risks that come with this kind of surgery.

peyronies disease surgery risks and possible complications

A penile surgery to straighten a penis that is bent comes with some serious possible risks. These include and are not limited to:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

  • Inability to achieve an orgasm

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection

  • Shorter erection

  • Scarring

  • Infection

"Facing all those surgical risks

is completely unnecessary

99.99% of the time.”

Yes, there are certain individuals who may require a surgery to get straight again.

However, in the 12 years that we have been researching how to straighten a penis in the Safest and Most Effective way, we have seen just four penises that only a surgery could fix.

Depression, Humiliation, Embarrassment
Erectile Dysfunction?
Is This What You Are Feeling?

I know. You’re looking at yourself these days and are terribly disheartened. OK. Yes, it’s worse than that. You’re probably terribly embarrassed, humiliated, and now depressed.

You tried pulling on that bend. Didn’t you? It feels like it is made out of steel. Doesn’t it? It’s such an awful realization.

It’s there and it seems like nothing will stretch it out again. Am I right?

You’ve done a little research and surgery to straighten a penis that is bent is not at all appealing. Is it?

And, those ads for traction devices to straighten a penis all seem to be almost a joke. Concentrating on making a cock bigger. Huge in 3 months. Right?

Does it seem like that kind of device is just too inexpensive and simple to correctly, safely and effectively straighten a penis that is bending severely?

Do they sometimes seem like a scam?

They do to us. We hate most of those ads. Because they misinform so man men who could benefit from the device.

A high quality traction device has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective route to straighten a penis that is caused by Peyronies disease or any other reason.

"The chances are 99.99%

that you can straighten yourself out satisfactorily.

Safely AND Easily.

Without surgery, injections or drugs of any kind."

Welcome To The Club!
It's a Big One!

If you are going through any of those things I just mentioned, you’re one us now. There were, and there are, a LOT of us. You're in good company!

We ALL felt those things that you are feeling right now.

Of course we did! It’s your dick. And, now it’s a hideous bent mess. The bend feels strong as iron, and, the options are generally confusing and not that appealing. Am I right?

The idea of going through an expensive surgery and being one of the men that come out impotent is also terrible scary.

As is the idea that you’ll never be straight or able to get a decent erection again.

We all faced the same horrible situation you are in right now.

And, if you are like most of us, it disrupts your entire life. You can’t stop thinking about it. Right?

You’re forced to think about it every time you get or want an erection.


Once you straighten yourself out,

in fact, once you see the straightening really happening,

those horrible emotions and fears all disappear.

Each day you wake up, instead of worrying and being depressed, you'll find yourself eager to get to your traction device, knowing you're on your way back.

Psychological Impotence

A radically bending poor quality erection is such a difficult thing for a man to face day after day, that many of us wind up developing what is called: psychological impotence.

That’s erectile dysfunction from fear. Just fear. Not from any hormonal or glandular problem.

Your mind is so afraid of the erection that it just doesn’t let you get one. This is very much a reality.

Yes, that kind of impotence is a very real thing for a lot of men with a severely bent penis. A lot of men.

So, now, not only does your erection bend terribly, now you can’t even get a decently hard one. Or, maybe you can’t even get one at all.

I want you to know:  here were tens of thousands of men before you, who were searching for the most effective and safest way to straighten a penis, who safely reached their goal with simple correct penis traction.

And, for thousands of those men, their psychological impotence disappeared at the same time.

“After straightening with correct traction,

their sex life 
usually returns

to normal."

Will Correct Traction
Straighten A Penis 100%?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, if you are like most men, you can get straight enough to function normally again. And, no one will see your erection and be wondering about the shape.

Would that be straight enough for you?

What About
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?

Yes, it's mortifying. Not only are all your erections now bent, they are weaker. Softer. Harder to maintain. Is it time for erectile dysfunction drugs too?

No. These are a disaster just waiting to happen. Let’s take a moment to discuss the terrible erections you are probably getting now too.

Am I right? Have your erections become weak and kind of soft?

This is very common with a severely bent penis.

PLEASE:  Don’t go trying some male erectile dysfunction drug at this point. Not yet.

If you were getting decently hard erections before the bending, you’ll probably get them again once you straighten yourself out.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are dangerous. They can give you a heart attack, cause blindness and even death. Yes, death. You can read all about the possible dangers on the enclosure that comes with the products.

Herbal formulas are no different. They are just normally not as strong as the prescription medications. The exception to that is the imported "herbal" sexual that don't list they fact that they have added a whopping dose of the pharmaceutical chemicals to their mix. Yes, that is a reality.

HERE'S THE REALLY GOOD NEWS: Once you are straightened out, you’ll probably find everything works just as well as it did before you developed your bending.

So, give yourself a chance to straighten out before you get crazy with dangerous sexual stimulants.

99.99% Of The Time
You Can Straighten A Penis
without surgery, injections, or drugs

Yes. 99.99% of the time, you can straighten a penis Easily. The method is called penis traction therapy.

This is real, medically recommended, FDA approved penis straightening. Without a risky surgery, injections, or drugs.

This safe, effective, medically endorsed and recommended method takes a bit of time. And, that is where a few men give up.

But, the process is so simple. So very effective. And, so safe when you do it correctly.

This remarkable method is now considered #1 by many specialists because of it's safety.

Correct traction is

medically endorsed and recommended

in 29 countries worldwide.

To straighten a penis, high quality penis traction devices are very effective. And, they are very inexpensive.

You can get one of the best traction devices in the entire world for under $300.

Yes, under three hundred dollars.

Now:  Compare that to a risky surgery that will cost you $8,000+. And, possibly leave you unable to get a decent erection. Or, unable to have an orgasm.

Or, a $30,000 set of the latest injections that “boast” a 35% improvement. (yes, $30,000) The previous injection therapies (about $4,000 - $6,000) proved almost useless.

$4,000 - $6,000;  $8,000+;  $30,000;  or less than $300?

Now, which method looks most interesting to you?

Let us now tell you how correct penis traction therapy (PTT) works. Then you decide for yourself what makes the most sense to try first.

The Miracle
Simple Penis Traction Therapy

We call correct traction a “miracle” because it fixes a problem that seemed almost insurmountable.

And, it does this:

  • Safely

  • Easily

  • Effectively

for 99.99% of men whose erections have become severely bent by Peyronies Disease.

Yes, even the severely bending ones. We are talking about the ones that most men feel are hopelessly bending.

straighten a penis without surgerysevere Peyronies disease

The fact of the matter is the “miracle” lies in the healing power of your own body. Like breathing. We take it for granted every day.

The actual process you use is no big deal at all. It’s super simple. Super easy.

Correct traction is simply: Continued stretching, over a period of time, in a properly controlled and effective way. That's all it is. And, it can work wonderfully well.

This Is How Easy It Will Be:

To straighten a penis, the modern traction device is without question, the most effective way to do that stretching day by day with almost no effort on your part.

straighten a penis with traction therapy

To straighten a penis with a traction device:  You put it on. You take it off. That's all.

Those two things will require less than 2 minutes of your time each day.

The hours in between, the device does all the work for you. Painlessly (when you do it correctly).

penis traction therapy to straighten a penis

The device is so small that you wear it under your clothes, go about your normal day’s work, and no one even knows that you’re using one.


Once you see your bent penis begin to straighten, you’ll have all the enthusiasm you need to continue the program until you are successful.

Yes, it takes a while to straighten a penis that is severely bent.


“There is no better, safer and more effective method

available anywhere in the world.”


There is just one very important warning we want to give you when purchasing a traction device: Be sure to use only a very high quality traction device.

We can not stress that point enough to men who want to straighten a penis Safely.

penis traction therapy (PTT) to straighten a penis

Most of what you see are advertisements that prey on the sexual insecurities of young men who want to make their cock bigger.


There are 20 times, yes twenty times, as many young men who want a bigger cock than there are older men with Peyronies disease who are trying to straighten themselves out.

So, most of the advertising is aimed at where the biggest market is. "Male Enhancement" (the politically correct term for: creating a bigger cock).

However, many of those devices are made as cheaply as possible so they will sell quickly. And, they sell a lot of them.

The fact is the cheapest ones are about $90. The best in the world are under $300.

If you buy a poorly made device and it breaks while you wear it and punctures your shaft, or breaks the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft, are you really going to think you were wise to save $100 or $150 on that piece of junk?

Be smart. Spend the little extra money. Use one of the best. You are worth it. And, you’ll never regret it.

Which Penis Traction Devices
Did We Find Best?

We've done extensive research and testing on penis traction devices. And, here is what we found:

There are 23 different units out there, by our last count, which are being sold to straighten a penis. And, they all look about the same in the advertising.

The bad news is:  There are only two manufacturers that meet all of our requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

The good news is:  We found these two manufacturers to be excellent. We feel these are the best devices available in the world today.

Both companies better models are made with medical grade materials and come with a full guarantee of your success.

You only need one good one. You don’t need both.

Yes, we found there are there are a few other companies making devices to straighten a bent penis that are almost as good. But, they cost just as much as the best ones. So, why pay the same for second best?

Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers that make traction devices which we found to be just downright dangerous junk. We hope you will avoid those completely.

Use Only The Best
You Are Worth It!

straighten a penis successfully without surgery

So, please, take proper care of yourself. You are worth it!

Remember: You ARE worth getting the best for. If you ruin your one and only penis, you don’t get another one. And, you may not be able to easily fix the damage caused.

Our one piece of advice: Be safe. Use only a high quality device, and, use it correctly.

If you’re like tens of thousands of us, who once needed to learn how to straighten a penis, we think you too will be extremely pleased and satisfied with the results correct penis traction therapy gives.

successful penis straightening
successful penis straightening #2

  Be In Good and Lasting Health.....

  ~ William (editor)

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