Penis Cancer
Peyronies Disease

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Will Peyronies Disease cause penis cancer?

penis cancer and a bent penis
penis cancer and peyronies disease
peyronies disease cause penis cancer?
does peyronies disease cause penis cancer?

No. Not according to the medical literature.

“Peyronie's disease
does not develop into cancer
other serious conditions.”

reference: Harvard Medical School
“Curvature of the Penis (Peyronie's Disease)”

That’s a major relief. Right?

Yes, that bent penis may be severe. Erections may hurt a lot. Or, it may have even caused erectile dysfunction.
And, because the problem is so personally horrifying, where does a man’s mind so often go next? That’s right. Will this cause cancer too?

The answer is no. Sure, there is always the possible exception to any rule. But, that’s the rule here.


Because it’s just a simple scar that’s causing all the bending problems. You’re not in danger from Peyronies disease causing penis cancer.

So, you can relax now.

Here’s what is causing your Peyronies bending:

Easy to Understand
Penis Cancer Reality Check

Yes, it’s scary. And, depressing. And, most of the remedies are not very appealing. Besides being very expensive.

Remember this: The bent penis, the pain, and the erectile dysfunction it can cause are entirely the result of the very small amount of scar tissue that hardened. Not from a disease.

will a peyronies bent penis cause cancer?

Now, for your sanity’s sake, let’s have a little reality check together here also:

Will the scar on your hand cause cancer? Will the one on your foot cause cancer? What about the one you got when you had your appendix removed? Or, when you cut your finger on a fishing trip?

No. They’re just scars. Right?

Well, the one inside your penis has the same chance of causing cancer as any of those others. Because, it is just a scar also. A scar that hardened and won’t stretch properly anymore during erection.

Is a simple scar a cause of cancer?

Of course not.

Remember This:

When you’re beginning to panic (we all do), remember:  It’s only a scar. That's all.

Yes, it’s causing all kinds of hideous problems for you right now. But, it’s just a scar. Plain and simple.

There is no pathology. No virus, no mutation, no other “disease”. It’s just a scar.

And, that is also specifically why Peyronies is not actually a “disease”. It’s a condition. A condition as simple as grey hair. A callus on your foot. Or, any scar you may have anywhere else.

The Great News Is:

The really great news is this: Once you straighten your penis out again (with a non invasive method), all the bending problems will usually disappear “like magic”.

Will It
Go Away by Itself?

Now that penis cancer is not a mind numbing issue for you anymore, we come back to the question of the horrible bend. And, how to get rid of it. Right?

Will it go away by itself?

Probably not. We all hope so. But, it’s not likely. Yes, there are a number of writings that a small percentage of men will have the condition “resolve itself” in a year or two.

Yes, it may improve. But, straighten out nicely again. Not likely.

“In a little more than 10% of men who first notice a bend in their penis, it will get straighter on its own over time. But it’s much more likely that the curve will get worse before the condition levels off, which could take a year or more.”

“Straight Talk About Peyronie's Disease”

penis cancer from peyronies disease bent penis?

Don’t be disheartened by that. A bent penis, even a severely bending one, is very easy to straighten 99.99% of the time without surgery injections or drugs.

And, now that you’re reading this page, you also learned (from the Harvard Medical School reference, above) that Peyronies disease “does not develop into cancer or other serious conditions.”


  • Penis cancer is very rare. Less than one man in 100,000 will develop it.  reference: American Cancer Society,

  • A bent penis caused by Peyronies disease “does not develop into cancer or other serious conditions.”

  • It’s easy to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time, without surgery, injections, or drugs.

Be Well.....

~ William

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